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Wainwright House in Rye, New York, since becoming the Laymen's Movement headquarters in 1951, has brought together more than ten thousand men and women in quest of a greater understanding of God.
The Laymen's Movement, an international nonsectarian association, was founded in 1941 by a small group of buesinessmen. Its purpose is to help each member develop his inner resources and thereby contribute meaningfully to the lives of others.
Explore your psychic world is a product of the deeper search as carried on by the Commission for the Study of Healing, one of the many active Wainwright House groups. It is based on a series of six seminars on spiritual healing conducted by Olga and Ambrose Worrall in the fall and winter of 1967-68.
The Commission for the Study of Healing, under the leadership of its chairman, Dr. Robert W. Laidlaw, is continuing its investigations and is currently carrying out an even deeper inquiry into the subject of spiritual healing.
Weyman C. Hyckabee

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Wainwright House in Rye, New York, since becoming the Laymen's Movement headquarters in 1951, has brought together more than ten thousand men and women in quest of a greater understanding of God.
The Laymen's Movement, an international nonsectarian association, was founded in 1941 by a small group of buesinessmen. Its purpose is to help each member develop his inner resources and thereby contribute meaningfully to the lives of others.
Explore your psychic world is a product of the deeper search as carried on by the Commission for the Study of Healing, one of the many active Wainwright House groups. It is based on a series of six seminars on spiritual healing conducted by Olga and Ambrose Worrall in the fall and winter of 1967-68.
The Commission for the Study of Healing, under the leadership of its chairman, Dr. Robert W. Laidlaw, is continuing its investigations and is currently carrying out an even deeper inquiry into the subject of spiritual healing.
Weyman C. Hyckabee

---- p.10 VIBRATIONS

Many would need instruction in laymen's language before they could accept spiritual healing as they would orthodox methods. We are consciously aware of certain vibrations that affect our physical senses. These vibrations must be multiplied more than a million times to encompass the total spectrum of frequencies known to science. Somewhere in that vest realm of unregistered vibration are the radiations or frequecies that restore health through spiritual healing. The task of science is to discover them, control them, and harness them in the service of man.


"We sat in the healing room. I had the photograph in my hand when suddenly the picture started to vibrate. I thought my hand was shaking and I became a little concerned about it; immediately there appeared before me a man who said, "You're worried about the photograph shaking ?" I said, "Yes." He said, "Don't worry about it. I'll explain it to you. My name is Dr. Thornton. I'm a specialist in mental cases, and we have connected this room by means of a psychic tube with the room in the hospital occupied by the girl. This room has very high frequencies... there are much lower frequencies around the girl. Through the tube we are feeding the high frequencies from this room to the hospital room and when the frequency around the girl is brought up to the same level as in this room she will be cured; she is possessed by an entity and this entity will not be able to tolerate the higher frequency and will have to leave the girl."


"Dr. Henry K. Puharich : Earlier you mentioned the silver cord and, at the beginning of the afternoon, reference was made to the electromagnetic field around inanimate objects and memory storage from them as evidenced by psychometry, and again with the whole time situation, two incidents come to mind : One happened a rather long time ago with the famed mystic Edgar Cayce; when he was about to step into an elevator and suddenly saw something strange. It was dark in the elevator and he realized that none of these people had any auras. He stepped back out of the elevator, which fell a few moments later and all these people were killed."


OW : Ambrose says that often in giving spiritual healing he will receive instructions or guidance that could be very helpful to the patient...
Q : Where do you think that comes from ?
AW : It comes from the need of the individual concerned. You see, when a person has a need, he is sending out signals for help into what has been referred to as the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind responds to the signals and if the response can find a channel through which it cas pass it will be transmitted to the one in need. Now this is all theory. I can't prove any of it but it satisfies my type of reasoning.


AW : It comes all ways : I get it telepathically -- I have heard voices; I have known when it came from an individual, and also, I have been able to detect if it came from the Universal Mind . In other words, I know when it comes from this strange silence (...)
You might like to know that I hear clairaudiently through the top of my head and I see clarivoyantly through my forehead. (...)
Your doctors might like to know that when I'm in a strong state of clairvoyance I feel dull at the base of my head -- I feel as if everything has been blocked off in that area, but everything is stimulated in the area at the tope of my head... I've wondered ever since I was a child why, when receiving clairvoyance, that I felt numb in this area - yet the tope of my head was unusually stimulated.


"AW : (...) spiritual body and natural body. To me they are both natural but one is in the physical realm and one in the spiritual realm. Now the aura portrays many things and, to me, it tells me first the type of person, whether he is outgoing, generous. It tells me : "I have something that I must give to the world." This is the large aura. Then there is the one that says : "I'm going to get everything I can out of this world." This is the tight aura, drawn in. So you have these two extremes and everything in between, of course. (...)
In a pure state the aura would be just like white light (...)


Dr. Laidlaw (to John Pierrakos) : Is it true, Dr. Pierrakos, that you are able to see the aura in considerable detail yourself ?
Dr. Pierrakos : Yes, but not always in detail. It depends on the conditions. But I see the main characteristics of the aura or the field, and I am able to perceive the pulsatory movement, how many times it pulsates, how many layers there are, the structure of the field, the color in a general overall way, and some of the brightness and interruptions in the field - where there are interruptions in the body.
I am interested in this because I have observed through experience that there is always a relationship between the nature of the field, the aura, and the nature of the person -- the type of character structure and the type of illness. For instance, the schizophrenic person has thekind of field which is not the same as that of a neurotic person. (...)
For instance, one thing that is very obvious to me when I look at the patient's field : the color of the first layer of the aura around the body is light blue, but when that around his head is of a dirty yellow brownish hue, I have from experience the feeling that the patient is cooking up something. He is lying or there is some kind of disturbance between the feeling and the thought -- so during most of the session we discuss these thoughts.
Schizophrenic patients have very many basic interruptions that are there all the time. There are blocks around practically every joint that prevent the flow of movement in the field and there are obstuctions in the back at the neck and shoulders...


Dr. Laidlay : I talked with Phoebe Payne Bendit (author of The Psychic Sense) who has worked extensively in the field. She says that she has watched a number of patients being given electric shock and the instant that the current passes (a tenth of a second) through the brain, the individual's aura is just smashed to smithereens, just like taking a kaleidoscope and shaking it, and then it gradually coalesces and reforms, and she says that this might be in some way an explanation of the therapeutic effects of electric shock.


The basic aura probably is in the nature of pure white light but it is colored by the personality and experiences and desires of the person (...)
I think if you can see the aura of a newborn child, you probably not see the reds and greens and the blues, but they would be blended into one color, which would be the color of light. How much the mother influence would be blended into that aura, I don't know. I think this would be a very interesting study also, to consider the mother's aura and the baby's aura at the same time and as the little child becomes more and more separated from the mother, to see how the aura changes. I've never really seen the aura of a little baby and I've never seen the aura of the child and its mother at the same time.


AW : Dr. F is very interested in cancer research. He tries everything nobody else has tried. He decided to try the effect of magnetic fields upon cancer-prone mice. He had the same Melpar scientist make a magnetic coil, through the heart of which he had a polyethylene tube about three inches in diameter. He had this coild hooked up with what is called a breadboard version of electronic circuitry, which consisted of a number of different modules which could be interconnected in different ways by means of alligator clips so they would provide different frequencies. They hooked the circuits up to an oscilloscope, their purpose being to have Olga state which were the best frequencies to use in treating the cancer-prone mice because, they said, they could go on for fifty years on all the different frequencies before hitting on the right one.
Olga was sitting there and tey said," How is that frequency ?" and she said, "That's no good. It has to be much higher than that." So they kept changing these clips around and moving the rate up to higher and higher frequencies until she said, "Now that is the right frequency." She then gave the number of cycles. This Melpar man looked up and said, "How do you know ?" He read the oscilloscope, checked all of his connections, and he referred to his book and found that the frequency was the number of cycles stated by Olga."


Now the physical body responds to the spiritual body -- after all that's the matrix on which it was built - and I think the spiritual body is greatly affected by the way a person thinks; I think the orbits of all the electrons, protons, neutrons, and whatever you have in there... all respond to the condition of the spiritual body, which in itself is affected by the way people think and their emotions. This is the source of illness, and we can destroy ourselves by our way of thinking or we can limit ourselves. So I think we can get down to where you can say that practically everything is probably psychosomatic.


I believe that during healing administrations the contact is between the astral bodies of healer and patient. Consciousness of the somatic body is attenuated during this time.


Very often... if I'm in that clairvoyant state -- one is not always clairvoyant -- but sometimes in a clairvoyant state I find that the astral body of the person is not in full coordination with the physical body and there is trouble. You will find that there is quite a dislodgment in the area where there is trouble. And I mentally say, "Come on, get back into your body." I find that when it finally takes full posession of the physical body, the healing manifests in the physical body...


You see, there are so many systems generated. The onion has a lot of skins. We talk about the physical body and etheric body and the mental body. Perhaps you have to divide the thing up in this way in order to make a system like theosophy. Perhaps there ae people who observed all these different levels. It's like the mind. We divide the mind up into the subconscious, the subliminal mind, the conscious mind, and the superconscious. It is still the mind, but in order to examine it you divided it up into these different areas. Now the only things that we know about in our experience are the physical body and the spiritual body, also called the astral body.


Ambrose was asked to give healing to a child. The parents brought the little girl and her sister in our home. While one sister was taken upstairs into the healing room, the other sister stayed downstairs with her daddy and me. The father informed me that the child was an infant prodigy... She was able to play the piano without having had piano lessons. The father asked the child to play something for me. I placed the child on the piano stool, and in the process of so doing I saw an elderly man in her aura. When the little girl placed her hands on the keys of the piano, I pu my hands over them and I felt the hands of an old man... Intuitively I received the message to the effect that when the child reached the age of about eight she would no longer respond to the influence of the controlling spirit, and would lose the ability to play the piano. As diplomatically as possible, I suggested to the father the adivsability of sending the girl to the music conservatory for instructions.

--------- 76 THE SILENCE

The silence of which the psychic speaks is not the merely physical absence of external sound (...) Psychic silence is of the spirit; it is silence in which and through which the individual makes contact with other forces of the universe. (...) Silence of this kind is a listening, a waiting, and a reaching out; it is a telepathic pattern of paths and open lines that can carry the individual close to the knowing, the understanding, the essence. (...) The stillness brings us to another level. (...) Seeking silence is an attempt to return to the point of the beginning and look across the threshold into the anechoic chamber, to be consciously aware of perfection, to view reality, to experience divine order, and to receive wisdom.


We are all aware of the effects of external stimuli upon the mind. Advertising, of course, is a demonstration of the effect of external stimuli upon people. People are impressed to go out and buy things which they don't need, because they had it shown to them in the proper way to stimulate them to go out and make the purchase. So we are all affected by external stimuli which come through the five senses.
Psychosomatic illness, of course, is well demonstrated these days, and much of this comes from external stimuli which affect the level of the mind below the waking consciousness. Well, we humans store a lot of satellites in the subconsious. We are responsible for putting many of them into orbit. Some of them we have a little difficulty in shooting down before we find out we should never have started them in the first place.
This is what they call clutter in outer space -- clutter in the mind. These satellites, which are in orbit in our minds, beam back thoughts to the consious level of mind and, if allowed, can make us slaves...


I look upon that {healing} as a kind of form of creation. (...) Spiritual healers frequently declare that they do not do the healing, God does. Yet some people, like the Worralls, do appear to have a gift for healing, where others do not. Part of the objective of the seminars was to seek deeper understanding of how spiritual healing actually functions, by what psychic-mystical means spiritual intervention occurs. To Ambrose the modus operandi is both mystical and religious in character; it is the acceptance of God as the reality, the Universal Mind. It is the acceptance also of the mystical plane -- including our own physical lives and needs -- as part of the Universal Mind and concern :

The Universal Mind contains... every imaginable problem with the answer to each problem; and man's desire selects one particular idea from the Universal Mind to suit his purpose. He gives it motion by applying his will, and the perfect law governing the direction and extent of the motion brings forth a perceivable manifestation. The principle of mond is important in the understanding of how spiritual healing works"


In this case a change in the father's thinking had a profound effect upon the psychical conditions around his sick dauther, conditions that were important to the success of absent healing treatment. How one prays for the sick is a subject that must be given prime consideration. It can mean the difference between success and failure.


OW : Very often in cases of insanity there will be possession. A negative sensitive person can very easily be possessed by a person who once lived on earth, and earthbound entity who wants to continue earth experiences in a physical body. The earthbound spirits obtains possession of a person and controls the mind, then the unfortunate person is influenced to do things that the possessing entity wants done.
The beneficial spirit does not possess a person but rather gives him ideas. The spirit would not take control. I speak of benevolent spirits and doctors -- from the other life. The would never possess the individual (...)
To the Worrals, the dangers lie not so much in the demonic as in the lack of widespread reliable information on the nature of psychic entities, and on their ability or inability to help or harm an individual.


The Worralls insist that often we open ourselves to entities by sheer carelessness in our thinking and acting. Our moral force is lowered, our own self-esteem, our esteem and love for others. What might be called the spiritual pores are opened to invasion just as the physical body is sometimes open to invading germs when the body is tired and in effect off guard.


In another case, a man and his wife came to the New Life Clinic. The man was an alcoholic. He said, "I don't want to drink, but something makes me drink." I tuned in and discovered a "drunk" in his aura. I told the man : "Why, you're just being a "patsy" for this drunk." I described the situation to him and I said, "Every time you feel a compulsion to drink, you just tell that oaf to go elsewhere, that he's not going to use your body to get a good dunk on." He said, "Well, I'll be G... D... why, what do you know about that..." and he went on this fashion, indignant over the whole situation...
Q: Did he know the person ?
OW : No, before he was possessed he never drank intoxicating beverages. Then suddenly he developed a craving for drink and became an alcoholic. Three months later he came to church and said, "Mrs Worrall, I haven't had a drink since I was here last. I've had the urgings but I've remembered what you told me. Boy, I got good and mad and I told that guy to go elsewhere."
Dr. Laidlaw : He did his own exorcising.
OW : He performed his own exorcism by becoming positive.
Q : Does this often happen with alcoholics ?
OW : Yes, very often. They are possessed by earth-bound spirits who died when drunk and are still craving drink.


OW : There are people in the other world who are experts in dealing with earth-bound spirits, and when we call on them they take over. Sometimes we can tell the earth-bound spirits that we are going to get help for them and that they no longer are to hover around the individual. That of course is when clairvoyance is very useful...
There is so much to this that doesn't appear on the surface, those hidden factors that when understood can ve very, very helpful in spiritual healing. When you get a patient and you suspect someone from the other life is exercising her possessive influence, just like that mother who was so possessive, you can isolate her with your thinking so that she can no longr touch the patient... I like to "box such entities in," you know what I mean, mentally. If a woman comes to the New Life Clinic and says, "I'm having a terible time with my sister," I will say, "Don't hate her. She doesn't understand. If she understood she wouldn't be doing these upsetting things to you. Just forgive her. Just rise above it."
Mentally I enclose the possessing entity in a force field, or whatever you want to call it, and at the same time I'm asking those on the other side to take over and to try to mentally impress that person to change her negative thinking, thus removing the desire to be destructive.
Voice: You put her in quarantine.


In Spain -- I suppose I should say Old Spain -- there were some people called the Salmadores and Ensalmadores and they were healers. They were credited with healing many kinds of diseases. One of the techniques they used was breathing on their patients. Some of these healers only touched their patients with fingertips. Perhaps the most complicated circuitry is that brought about by multiples contacts between healer and patient. (...)
Now the question arises : Would this indicate that the healing power flow is in some way related to the sum of the areas of the points of contacts, and that better resultats could be expected from laying-on-of-body, than in laying-on-of-hands, or the laying-on-of-feet ? Science may answer this question some day.


OW : We had friends visiting us, two Scottish women who had been governesses in India. They told us some of the extraordinary things they witnessed while living there. In one case, they were permitted to observe the practices of a medicine man, a witch doctor I imagine you'd call him. The witch doctor, for a certain price, would destroy the enemies of his patrons. The sheriff of that particular village told our friends, "We are utterly helpless against this witch doctor. He does things we can't combat. We just received word that a young man wants his enemy's hut burned and we're going to see that the witch doctor is going to do. Will you join us ?" They observed the witch doctor as he set fire to sticks... and then using his magic powers he sent them on their journey through the air without any visible means of locomotion, in the direction of the poor victim's house. The lighted sticks arrived and set the hut on fire. This is the story, told by these two intelligent women who were respected for their maturity and keen ability to observe, and not given to superstition.
These women also told about a holy man who lived high in the mountains. While on government business, an English officer and his wife and daughter were stationed in this particular section. Shortly after their arrival, the daughter, about eight or nine years old, died. The child's body was being taken up the hillside for burial when one of the servants came running to the parents and said, "Sir, I know a holy man who could bring your daughter back to life." The officer said, "You bring him here." Almost within minutes, apparently by some psychic means of projection, the holy man appeared from high in the mountains. They said that he looked at the child and announced, "She will come back". He sat beside the child's body and began to chant, and the child stirred... she was alive. (...)
He had moves his physical body within minutes down the mountainside. It is said that these holy men have the ability to transport the physical body by means of psychic powers over long distances at high speed.


Could there be some correlation between planetary aspects and the incidence of success in spiritual healing ?
The effects of magnetism on, and the passage of electric current through, living things have been observed to some extent, and results of these experiments could be helpful in studying the mechanics of spiritual healing. Electrostatic and magnetic force field intensities vary, and these changes could have a significant bearing on the success of spiritual healing therapy. Studies indicate a correlation between the intensity of the earth's magnetic field and psychical disturbance in some individuals. The World Meteorological Organization, a United Nations affiliate concerned with, among other things, the relationships between weather and human biology, observed that births, deaths, and accidents increase in rate of occurenc during high electrical activity in the atmosphere.
The following findings based on one million statistical facts may be of interest. During periods of high electrical atmospherics the number of deaths increased by 20 par cent; the number of births by 11 percent; the number of traffic accidents by 70 per cent; the number of work accidents by 20 per cent; and the number of mine accidents by 12 per cent over the rates on days of low atmospherics. Out of that same study came the following findings with respect to the sick. Brain patients showed a 30 per cent increase in complaints; amputation cases a 50 per cent increase and chronic patients a 100 per cent rise in reports of pain.
Q: What kind of atmospherics ?
AW : Electrical storms.


AW : I took the job of playing the Victrola -- you had to wind them in those days. Between changing the records, my attention centered on a lady sitting on the other side of the room. I saw a black cloud come through the wall and settle over her. She raised her hand to her forehead, and seemed to be in pain, and I thought, "I wonder what that cloud is." I left the Victrola and went around the dancers to her and said, "How do you feel?" She said, "I just got the most violent headache." The cloud was still around her, and looking into the cloud, I was a woman's face.
I said to her, "Do you know a lady... " and I described this woman to her. She said, "Oh yes, that's Mrs. So-and-So." I said, "Why would she be angry with you ?" She said, "I didn't invite her to the party. We have to many people. I couldn't invite everybody. She heard the party and was upset because she wasn't invited." I said, "Well, she is sending you the headache." She said, "She is ?" And immediately the cloud disappeared and with it the headache. She had become positive and was no longer susceptible. But sitting there resting, idly watching the dancers, combined with the effect of the music, had brought her into a subjective condition just right for reception of the distressing thought projected by the disgruntled neighbor.


Then I saw a molecule (I never saw a molecule in my life, but what I saw I knew represented a molecule). It contained dark spots that made it look like the man in the moon. (...) The bubble was also misshaped." (...) Next I saw a molecule. This time it was perfectly spherical in shape. It had a symmetrical dark interior pattern which I illustrated later in a sketch. I said, "I feel good with this." Again she wrote everything down. Sister Justa asked, "Would you like to know what was in those bottles ?" and I said, "If you care to tell me." She said, "Well, that first bottle had damaged enzymes in it. The second bottle contained the pure native enzyme." (...)
The spiritually gifted person can serve the scientific cause as a guide, as a teacher, as a direction finder of the spirit level or plane.


In the gift of clairvoyance we often are shown symbols which must be correctly interpreted to be of value. Practicing the interpretation of dream symbols will be helpful in the future when you develop clairvoyance...

Notes from : Mystic with the healing hands



"And why not ?" laughed Olga. "We've been taught by the best scientists in the spirit world. Did Ambrose tell you what they told me about cancer years ago ?"
"No." John looked at her expectantly.
"Well," Olga began, "years back, in several conversations with some spirit doctors, I was told most definitely that one form of cancer in particular is a viral disease. They said that researchers here were looking in all directions for a knowledge of how to cure cancer, but that they had not yet hit on the correct answer because they had missed the fundamental point. They also told me that the mycin drugs often triggered cancers, too, by disturbing the blood chemistry of the body."

---- 56 LSD

"I've come all the way from Richmond to see Mrs. Worrall. You see, she cured my son in one visit three years ago. I had takin him to some of the biggest men at Hopkins and no one could help him. He had become a psychiatric case after one LSD session in college : depressed, deluded, and acting like one possessed. Well, Mrs. Worrall gave him spiritual treatment and said something to him. When we returned to the pew, he was his old self again and he's been wonderful ever since.


According to Olga, spiritual healing is the channeling of energy into a recipient from the universal field of energy which is common to all creation and which stems from the universal source of all intelligence and power, called God. Emanations surround each individual, apparently caused by electrical currents flowing in the physical body. There are sound waves from the various physical organs and thought waves from the mind as well as vibrations from the spiritual body. Energy from the universal field of energy becomes available to the healer through the act of tuning his personaly energy field to a harmonical relationship with the universal field of energy so that he acts in this way as a conductor between the unviersal field of energy and the patient. (...)
Ambrose, as a scientist, has always made sense of this explanation. He says that spiritual healing is a rearrangement of the microparticles of which all things are composed. The body is not what it seems to be with the naked eye. It is not a solid mass. It is actually a system of little particles or points of energy separated from each other by space and held in place through an electrically balanced field. When these particles are not in their proper place, then disease is manifested in that body. Spiritual healing is one way of bringing the particls back into a harmonious relationship -- which means, into good health."

---- 74

In absent treatments, for example, Olga declared that she now only could feel a cool kind of power flowing from her solar plexus, but often was cognizant of specific instructions and assitance from the spirit world in general or, at times, from one or more of several discarnate physicians in particular."

---- 81

I would say that roughly ninety percent of people we try to help are improved. As for actual complete cures -- that's about fifty or so percent. And I'm making an educated guess."


"That's Ambrose", Olga explained, as she noticed my interest in the picture. "Way back in his youth, a photographer friend of his took that and nearly fainted when the negative was developed and revealed a row of spirit faces too. It was a complete surprise to both of them -- but that does happen sometimes. Ambrose got some like that on his own, also."


"I watched intently as Olga's hands rested on Keith's body, one hand in front and the other on his back. As she stood thus, in absolute silence and with her eyes stood thus, in absolute silence and with her eyes gently closed, I suddenly became aware of an almost colorless, think kind of vapory stuff that floated like smoke from the absolutely nonexistent space between Olga's hand and Keith's body. What on earth could this be ? I blinked my eyes (...)
Olga : "I've seen that many times when Ambrose was doing the laying-on of hands, but of course I've never watched myself. It's an ectoplasmic mist and it can be seen emanating from a healer's hands when he's healing -- sometimes."

----- 106 DURING SLEEP

"During the time when the physical body is unconscious, as in sleep, the spiritual body takes a temporary leave of absence. It can stay in the immediate vicinity of the physical body or it can travel vast distances. It goes where it wants to go, it does what it wants to do, under the direction of the individual. Thus you find the spirit of the miser guarding his treasure while his body sleeps; the spirit of the musician seeks the more nearly perfect interpretation of his favorite composition; the humanitarian finds more effective ways to serve; and the philosopher seeks wisdom that he might satisfy the needs of his students."

----- 118 REST HOMES

"As a matter of fact, many who depart this earth life with such fixed misconceptions are so disturbed that they must be placed in rest homes and treated until they are healed from the effects of their previous doctrines. (...)
"I've visited some of those rest homes in the astral. What's more, both Ambrose and I have been called upon several times to help a newly arrived soul that was having trouble making an adjustment. This happens, incidentally, where there has been a sudden, unexpected passing - like someone killed in a war or in an accident."


"They do take period of rest, when they choose," she replied, "but not because they get tired. They don't sleep regularly, as we do -- if that's what you mean."
"Do they live as we live ?" I asked next. "Do they eat, drink, bathe, et cetera ?"
According to Olga, there is a tendency to follow the habits of earth upon entry into the world of spirit because the mind has been conditioned to the routine of eating, drinking, bathing, sleeping, walking, and other normal activities, none of which is necessary in that other dimension. However, because it is a mental world, all activites that can be conceived in the mind can be indulged in. The new spirit soon learns to adapt to the new conditions. In the spiritual realm there is a cycle of operations which maintains perfection in every manifestation. There is no need for birth, death and decay -- the processes associated with the physical attributes of man."

----- 134

Actually there are many different levels of existence in the spirit world and each level represents a measure or stage of spiritual understanding or development of the souls who dwell there.

----- 135

The sensation experienced in trying to transport the spiritual body across the higher frontier of the normal level is like going into the rarefied area at great altitudes; a sleepiness takes over and consciousness is lost. Upon the return of consciousness the familiar surroundings of the normal level come into view.

----- 136

Visitors from higher levels can be recognized immediately by the unusual brightness of their attire which is conspicuously different from that worn by the regular inhabitants. In fact, if the level of a visitor is much higher than the level to which he has descended, he will mentally have to subdue the brightness of his appearance before he can be observed by those he cas come to reach.


It is a fact that some healers have former doctors and surgeons working through them and I will be shown the way by XYZ and others how to work through Olga. When she lays her hands on those seeking healings, my hands will be there with hers.


"Where is the other world ? Blended in this world the way the astral body is blended in the physical body : separate yet joined together. The atmosphere in the spirit world is finer and not as dense as it is on earth. Yet it is almost a duplicate of the earth world -- except more advanced scientifically and, of course, spiritually. It is so difficult to explain ! (...)
Everything takes place here before it happens there. We are able to see earth's activities if we so choose -- but you cannot see us. Still, this dimension is natural and normal. We absorb energy for your astral bodies; our minds are alert and indestructible and always will be : a spark of the Superior Mind, Intelligence, God -- or call it what you will."


He refers, surprisingly -- at least to me -- in another message, to seances which, he says, are held in the spirit world in a fashion amazingly similar to those held here. His specific words are : "We even hold seances in our dimension in order to communicate with higher, more advanced souls. Our seances are preceded by periods of meditation in which we concentrate on what we need and seek from a higher source. Then we sit toghether in the silence so that we can receive answers to what we have asked."


He reports in several writings -- apparently in response to Olga's request for more physical manifestations -- that it is very, very difficult to effect materializations. On one occasion, he says : "There are times when I'd love to do a physical manifestation but when I realize how much energy is needed and you do not have physical mediumship, I have to be content to just kiss you even though you are not conscious of this effort on my part."


"I have been doing some experiments with instruments that will sonn be projected into a capable earth mind. The purpose is to produce a way to measure the size of our auric emenations and act as a detector for a person's state of health -- narrow emanations would indicate a physical diminishing of energy and broader ones, going up on a scale, would mean the opposite. I've also attended some conferences recently -- we don't really have your kind of time here -- in which machinery was demonstrated. This machinery would be used to pick up human emanations to heal and bring mental harmony into lives. The main discussion centered on ways and means of sending into earth minds greater knowledge of inventions of a spiritual nature that will benefit all mankind. (...)"


For instance, take his [Ambrose's] statement that every kind of religion practiced on earth is available in the spirit world, except that some of the basic thinking has to be changed. He says that like attracts like; people who wish to follow the same circle of repeated words and motions, even though they find themselves in spirit in an environment contrary to whay they had been taught to believe, find others of a similar nature there and together maintain their status quo untel, sooner or later, a stirring occurs in their souls which makes them break the hypnotic spell of reiteration and start on the path of spiritual progress."

------ 208 TEST ANIMALS

"I'll never forget the time," Olga said, "when a researcher, a medical doctor, brought some bottles to our home in which he had placed the fur of some animals he was worling with. We told him -- in connection with one particular flask -- that we were "getting oats" with that one and that the animals who were supposed to be on a starvation diet were actually absorbing the "essence" of the oats. The shocked doctor declared that he did indeed have a bag of oats right next to the cage and he had been puzzled because the animals were not responding to a starvation diet. We couldn't -- any more than he -- explain how such absorption could take place, but if we can become ill by absorbing chemicals in the air without even knowing what is happening, then who can say that animals can't absorb whatever is given off by oats seeds ?"


In 1967 Dr. Robert Miller directed an experiment to determine if prayer can have beneficial effect on remotely located plants. The growth rate of rye grass was measured to an accuracy of 1.0 mil per hour by means of a mechanical, electrical transducer which was attached to a bled of grass through a lever arm.
On January fourth, 1967, in Atlanta, Georgia, the growth of a new blade of rye grass had been stabilized at six mils per hours. At eight pm, a telephone call had been made to Ambrose and Olga Worrall in Baltimore, Maryland, asking them to pray for the plant, which was the subject of the experiment, during their nine pm silent time. The Worralls agreed to do so, and at nine pm, as per this request, they employed the following method of prayer on behalf of the plant : they visualized it as growing vigorously under ideal conditions.
"The next morning, obserations were made from the trace on the strip-chart recorder. It was found that before the prayer was begun, the trace was a straight line with a slope showing a growth rate of 6,25 mils per hour. At nine pm sharp, the trace began to deviate upwards and by eight am, the following morning, the growth rate was 52,5 mils per hour -- an increase of 830 percent. The plot was then continued for forty-eight hours more, during which time the growth rate decreased but never returned to the original rate. (...)
Very interesting (...) especially when you realize that this experiment was undertaken and completed successfully way before any of the business about loving plants, et cetera, ever became popularized, and it was done at a great distance.

effects of prayer : _


"I was asked to place my hands around a cloud chamber, the energy flow from my hands disturbed the cloud chamber and it became turbulent. There were a least nine persons in the lab who attempted to disturb the cloud chamber without results, yet when I placed my hands around the chamber there was activity. I was asked to enegize more water. It was used on salt crystals. Tap water was used on the control. My crystals changed color from the normal color always observed with ordinary water. The magnetized water was tested and its viscosity was altered, as well as its electrical properties, so the scientist informed me.

------- 231

"Dr. Worrall also said that, both in local and distant healing, the energy acts much as it did in the cloud chamber; it churns up activity and stimulates cell action."

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