"American Pie" - A "Chilling" reveal - STS Long Game in musical montage video with Lyrics and Photos


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I realize this song has previously been posted on the Forum.
This compilation of historical photos as well as the written explanations,during the song, gives the viewer an interesting look at how the "Collective Consciousness/UnConsciousness" of America, and the world in general, was deliberately Shocked, Traumatized and controlled, via music, murders and the media.
Having experienced many of these Historical changes while growing up, I remember seeing and feeling the strange dark changes in people.

The underlying sense of Hope, freedom and excitement for the Future, seemed to morph into sadness, bitterness and confusion....or, so I think.


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Just an example:

What Bad Music Does To Your Health

Music has a measurable physiological effect based on whether you resonate with it or not, and music that resonates with you has the ability to light up all areas of your brain and boost low alpha brainwaves associated with optimum cognitive function.

Listen to two pieces of music, one you love and one that you really hate…

How do you feel after listening to each one? Do you feel contracted or expanded? Do you want to relax and enjoy or run away?

So if you really love mumble rap, then it may actually have a positive physiological effect on your body. However if deep down inside you are just faking it to try and fit in, and you secretly hate it, then be warned, because it will have negative effect on your brain.

Researchers at University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore showed that listening to your favourite music can actually be good for your cardiovascular system. Music personally selected by participants of the study that they loved showed to dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. However music that they perceived as stressful (most participants chose heavy metal or gangster rap), narrowed blood vessels and created an unhealthy response.

Music Is The Language Of The Soul

In a study by Sir Dr David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. ,an internationally renowned psychiatrist, into the effects of different types of music using muscle testing. He says that, “Whereas virtually all classical music and most pop music (including “classic” rock and roll) caused a universally strong response, the “hard” or “heavy metal” rock that first gained acceptance in the late 70’s produced a universally weak response.”

Dr Hawkins says that , “Among our test subjects, punk rock, death rock and gangster rap music made every subject go weak, confirming earlier observations made by Dr. John Diamond.”

This means that just by listening to mumble rap, which is an even cruder form of gangster rap, you become weaker – a side effect of listening to mumble rap that’s not much use for a wannabe gangster!

In a study of students Dr. James Johnson of the University of North Carolina found that listening to rap music increased tolerance for and predisposition to violence. It also promoted materialism and reduced interest in academic studies.

Dr Hawkins concludes that “the music of Bach makes everyone go strong, even if they don’t personally like it, just as heavy metal music makes all subjects go weak, even if they personally prefer it.”

This shows that certain styles of music speak the true language of the soul and resonate with your nervous system in a positive way, regardless of how messed up society has made you and your taste in music.
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