An Anti Oxidant and Metal Chelator


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This looks like a miracle drug and I don't say that lightly. The chemistry behind it all is very difficult (for me) to understand, but what I got from it was that it is an Anti oxidant as well as a metal chelator.

Initially created as a mercury chelator for treating military personnel with Gulf War Syndrome and autistic children. Dr Boyd Haley Phd has been constantly thwarted by the FDA in his efforts to make this freely available. In fact the FDA's initial approach was to investigate him with a view to putting him in jail. When they couldn't do that, they undertook legal processes to stop him selling this as a 'natural product'. He could have fought that process in court, but it would have been expensive, and they would have just found something else to have a go at him about. He's now doing all the trials to get this accepted as a medicine, but alas it's an up hill battle.

This is the company mentioned at the end of the video.


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And if I heard correctly, it costs $600 for two weeks of treatment. Sounds like the miracle chelator will have to wait for years for most folk.
On his website, I read he can offer some samples to doctors in some countries (not in France :-( )
So if some of you in the US or UK needs it, he can ask his family doctor for this request.
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