AN ZÉRO/ YEAR ZERO - the album

We have compiled 21(+1) of DanleMiel's french and english songs under the title AN ZÉRO:
Recent developments indicate that we will be playing LIVE as: BlueToad 'Sextet' during the summer and fall of this year. We wish to thank our followers and collaborators for the sustained support. And if the current 'timeline' sticks (ahaha...) we will play in France in November (fingers crossed).

For, as with the latest session: there have been some very positive twists in our story and beings during April and May 2019... The best is yet to come we believe!
MissRoBee & DanleMiel
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2 new songs....
I will be 60 this year, and for years I was amazed at the capacity of younger poets to freestyle, to let the mind drip into lyrics... Jealous I was...
These are two songs we recorded the same day. We did them on our friends music, and I freestyled it! Some songs take months but the taste of spontaneity does something like karaoke on steroids!
We hope you like them:

Ann/ Daniel
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