Ancient Church Ablaze in Russia's Karelia


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The church was built in 1774 at the end of the wooden architecture period. According to local residents, it is unlikely that the building can be restored.

10.08.2018 - Ancient Church Ablaze in Russia's Karelia
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Published on Aug 10, 2018 (0:13 min.)

In the Russian city of Kondopoga, the ancient Church of the Assumption, the symbol of the city, caught fire.

According to the Russian Emergency Ministry, a fire report was received at 9:33 a.m. local time. The fire consumed sixty square meters, 24 people and six cars were engaged in the fire-fighting operations. Additional units for extinguishing the fire at a historically important structure came from the city of Petrozavodsk.

The first mentioning of a church at this place dates back to 1563. However, the current wooden building appeared later, in 1774.

Published on Sep 7, 2014 (4:57 min.)
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