Angikuni Lake: The Vanished Canadian Village


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That mystery sure sounds like a very strange case, similar to the Dyatlov Pass incident maybe.

Here is a little video about it:

And an article about the case:

Village of the Dead: The Anjikuni Mystery:

Have heard of it years ago, but never digged deeper into it. Apparently all the dead people in the tombs also vanished and all the dogs were bound to trees.

When you look at Maps the Lake is part of a huge lakescape:

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Thanks for posting the video. The story sounds eerie: but quite possible true. It reminded me of the Roanoke colony in 1590, or the present day 411 missing stories, so I did a little searching and found this site _ , which deals with several other cases, largely in the distant past that also fit the pattern of ‘just disappearing.’

I can’t even conclude: Hey don’t wander off and be alone! Because some of these disappearances happen right under the noses of friends or family members. And why take the bones in the tombs—DNA? Too many unknowns to make a conclusion.


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could it have been a revenge raid, to recover one of their own in the grave? and the new kid, not like the others; let go? maybe even a spy


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That mystery sure sounds like a very strange case, similar to the Dyatlov Pass incident maybe.
We get a clue at 04:35 video time. The grave was emptied. We know, how slowly bodies decompose in the lands, where Eskimos live. I think it was our indigenous body-snatchers: they noticed a perfectly re-animatable body, a valuable accessory either in whole or in parts and they fetched it as well, along with the villagers.

July 16, 1994 [1]
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