Another dream involving Laura.


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I have been following this thread but I didn't know if I should share this dream I had recently about Laura since it's not that 'shocking'. I didn't want to hijack that thread, so I decided to make a new one.

At first I didn't think it was important to share, but since I'm trying to participate more here on the forum I decided I should share it.

In the dream I lived in the country similar to the setting of where I live now. I think I had just move into this place (couple of months) and there was lots of work to be done as the property had been neglected for a while. In the dream I was woken up by a sound of someone driving an atv. I looked out the window and saw a guy running the atv into a gate within the land, to try and pry it open. The gate was rusty and had been overtaken by foliage and plants. I immediately ran out asking the guy who he was and what he was doing. The guy informed me that he had been hired by my father to clean up the place, and he had to get to the other side of the gate to begin his work, but the gate was stuck. I was kind of annoyed since my father had hired this guy and just left him there as it seemed this guy needed supervision. In a joking manner I let him know what he was doing was the wrong approach, and if he needed to get through he needed to clean the gate properly and then open it. He told me that he thought his way was faster and I just looked at him and told him sometimes faster is not better. And if the goal was to fix things he was going about it in the wrong way. So I began to clean the gate myself, and with his help we eventually got the gate to open. We continued on and began to work together on other things in the land that needed upkeep and cleaning. It seemed that there was an 1950's style garden with stone walkways and gazebos in a multi acre area. In the dream as we continued on cleaning I had to keep giving the guy guidance and help to get things done properly as it seemed the guy was very dense.

We worked all day and eventually got everything nice and clean. By now it was evening and I suddenly remembered that I had invited all my local neighbours for a friendly get together. so I went to prepare food and get ready. The next thing I remember was that I was entertaining a large group of people, serving them food, and chatting with everyone. We were all gathered in the just cleaned area and everyone was very impressed with the work I had done as apparently before I moved in the land the property was very derelict and everyone in the area thought it was an impossible task to clean up. As the conversations continued everyone had some story about how since I had moved to the area, I had somehow helped them with some small thing here and there and generally how nice I had been. I was a little embarrassed as I generally don't like attention and mentioned to everyone that if I did anything it is what a normal person should be doing in the various situations. It was a little weird because as if normal things like helping your neighbour on the road with a flat tire was a very big deal and was something they would never do before. They all agreed that my actions had helped bring a sense of community back to them.

Near the end of the dream, everyone was talking about the food and how interesting it was, since I had been serving foods with buckwheat and things from the general detox diet. As I was listening to everyone I noticed Laura sitting on a chair observing everyone quietly. I was a little stunned because I didn't recognize anybody else as they all were new to me, so Laura stood out. As more and more people were questioning the food and the ingredients, suddenly Laura stood up and started explaining the benefits of the detox diet and its importance. My neighbours were all a little confused as to who she was and someone asked if I knew her. I stood up and told everyone to listen very carefully, that not only she was a close friend, but that I owed everything I am to her as she saved my life once. After that everyone sat quietly and intently as Laura continued her talk about detox and the importance of it.

This dream kind of stood out for me as not only because of Laura, but also it was a very normal dream for me, since my dreams are most of the time really, really, bizarre.


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Thanks for sharing this, neema. I also wanted to share a Laura dream without hijacking that thread you linked.

It's the only one I've had of Laura and it happened 3 or 4 months ago I think. I was standing near an old wooden conference table. To my left, 3 ladies, all about Laura's height and apparent age came filing into the room, closing the door behind them. All 3 ladies took up a standing position at the table. For some strange reason, all 3 ladies looked alike, yet somehow I knew that the one who took a stand nearest me on my right was Laura. I felt an overwhelming urge to reach out and offer her a hug, so I did. My hug was accepted but not returned. I expressed a bit of surprise and was somewhat embarrassed yet I accepted the situation as it was because I felt like there was a lesson there.

Interestingly, the dream ended there. Let me just say that this was during a time when I was feeling my self-importance, or difficulties with the practice of external consideration the way I felt like I should be doing while participating on the forum.

To me, this was just a processing of feelings related to self-importance and after a moment's reflection, I "got it", and so I could let it go.

But, I just wanted to mention this in case anyone finds it interesting. :)


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Neema and Bud Thanks for share your dreams, I dreamt with Laura too but think it wasnt so important to share but it was stranger for me dream that, so as you both shared your dreams I would like to share mine:

I was in a room with a man ( think it was my actual husband) sitting in a chair without shirt he was back of me I was behind and Laura was in front of me, I had coiled wire circling above my head silver color, the room was old as the service rooms of the castle, (I`ve never been in one or see it ) she left the room and the coiled wire became a wind that goes behind Laura she appear in another door coming in to the room I was stand next to the man and the wind that was behind her came directly to me so I began to move my hands and began to do REiki to the man in the back !!!!!! He told me that he felt hot when I touched him !!!!!

That was my dream it took my attention that I dream about Laura with the wind and coiled wire moving above my head :huh: :huh:.

I can see many of us have dreamt with Laura in different types :huh: :huh:


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Hi Zim,

Thanks for sharing your dream :).

zim said:
... and Laura was in front of me, I had coiled wire circling above my head silver color,... the wind that was behind her came directly to me so I began to move my hands and began to do REiki...

I can see many of us have dreamt with Laura in different types :huh: :huh:

Yes it does appear that a number of us are receiving 'prompts' with Laura as a common symbol doesn't it :rolleyes:?

And your particular dream references to the colour silver, Laura and Reiki, has also encouraged me to share a recent stream of my own.

So, beginning late November (just gone), I began to encounter a number of dream scenario's (3 or 4) dominated by acquaintances (male and female) named Ray / Rae, which all somehow included key symbolism. In consideration of being presented with different people on each occasion. The inference was therefore drawn that attention was to be paid to the 'name', not the individuals' themselves.

Now being a student of dream 'messages' for many years, the lesson was learnt long ago that there's no free lunch and to unravel the messages, one must work and work at it, deploying both sides of the old grey matter and following where they may lead.

Therefore after looking into the etymology of the names Ray / Rae, I settled on the meaning as 'Grace'.

And regarding the Key symbolism, I guessed it was either literal (which would be odd) or more likely-

Ki = the Sumerian Goddess / Mother Earth


Ki = Qi or Chi the universal lifeforce

So following that line of thought I came up with -

Grace is key, Key to Grace, Grace = Mother, Grace = Life force etc.

Which I felt was sort of obvious actually, without really needing to dream about it :huh:
Following a lull of a few days however, a slightly less subtle dream provided another hint.

In this I found myself looking down at my left hand while clicking my forefinger and thumb together. 'Why aren't I using my middle finger' I thought to myself 'That's not how to click fingers!'. At which point I was startled to see a small candle flame ignite from my forefinger!

'Hmmm that's a cool gimmick' I thought to myself, before promptly becoming aware of intense heat now in my right hand.

On panning across I was then even more surprised to find 3 coal embers embedded in a straight line across the meat of the palm. In the centre of which were small diamond-like crystals emitting a veritable firework display of sparks and light.

Staring rather dumbfounded at the display for what seemed like a significant period of time, I then had a Eureka moment- 'Ray-key, Rae-key. The dreams are about Reiki! you idiot....' :-[

At which point I woke up, still berating myself at missing such a prosaic connection.

Now this time I was confident I was on the right track because the next night following something tumultuous (unable to recall- simply recorded 'tumult' in dream diary), I found myself facing a young woman (who I 'knew' to be Laura), who proceeded to deprive me of a veritable armoury of edged weapons!

'Why am I letting this girl disarm me?' I thought to myself '...and where the hell are all these weapons coming from!!' I considered while looking down at myself wearing nought but sweat pants and sandals!

'And why do I keep thinking she's Laura Jadczyk!, she'd be lucky if she's 20 years old?' I wondered to myself.... 'OOhhh..., hang on, I get it, Grace, Amazing Grace!, Grace = Ray, a double entendre! Oh that's a good one....' I smile to myself, just in time to observe 'young' Laura remove my last weapon (which I assume to be a gladius by the look of the pommel). After withdrawal from its scabbard and with her holding it up for my inspection however I'm startled to find that it's actually a large, high permutation type, master key!.

'Hmmm this is getting interesting' I think and then wake up....

Don't you hate that :mad:

So, by now its the 15th of December and that night among other things I find myself on what appears to be a mid-west farm in the U.S (but reminding me a little of the area surrounding Salinas, California) and while walking towards barns and other structures my attention is drawn to a glistening silver race car (like an American Stock Car) with one large sponsor sticker, in royal blue, emblazoned down the side - 'Cassiopaea'.

'Gee thats subtle' I think to myself :rolleyes:.

Having discovered that cars and their details are a big flag to pay attention, over the years . (Car = KA)
And silver being rather specific to the scenario.

To which I am promptly greeted by a gaggle of witchy / gypsy type women (not a fan of the term 'hag' but was definitely the archetype) that, cackling and giggling, lead me over to a rough hewn table strewn with boxes of old, thin, hard cover books.

'Cool, I love old books' I think to myself, as they watch me rifle through the dust and spiders. After a moment though, I realise that each of the books is a chapter of the Cassiopaea experiment, but identified only by number and also totally out of sequential order!

'What am I going to do with all this?' I wonder to myself, looking at the 12 foot long table of boxes, at which point one of the crones , burbling with glee, reaches into a box (directly in front of me) and hands me number 12.

On thanking her and looking at the spine of the book, I'm then surprised to find that this is the only cover without 'Cassiopaea' emblazoned on it! 'Didn't I just look at this book, how didn't I notice that?' I thought rather confused.

After brushing the dust off the gold filligree, and focussing on the spine, I then find that it simply states 'Don Rueckert'.

'Why is that name familiar I think to myself? Rueckert, Ruerckert....come on brain....' looking up at the car 'Car la, Carla Rueckert!!!!, the RA Material!, Don Elkins! Ha...HA' now very pleased :).

'That's right, weren't they twin flames or something? male/female, positive/negative, light/love. Don Rueckert, one name, that's cool, I guess that means they've finally reunited? But isn't Carla still alive..??' I try to recall, as the dream image fades and moves on.

Upon waking that morning and after scribbling down some dream notes, even before a coffee, I then Google Carla and discover that she passed over on April 1, 2015!

April fools day......and my favourite Tarot card.

And I wasn't even aware :cry:.

So I went and read the 5 books of the RA material back to back.

And I've got a bit of a crush....

But that bloody reference to book number 12 kept me stewing until well after Christmas. :mad:

So I went and found a Reiki practitioner last week- but that's another story for another thread.....

Soon after which the idea of Grace came to me, Amazing Grace, 'Yeah and that'd be the first box of books on the table too!' , my inner voice contributes, me warming to the idea.

So there I headed, Amazing Grace, Chapter 12, 'Dr Jekyll and My Hyde'.

Ahhh....there she is.


Thanks DonCarla :halo:

'Young Laura'


Hope she doesn't lose that key.

And I wonder if I can have my daggers back???

And what happened to my flamin' shirt!!!... :shock:




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gnosisxsophia said:
Now this time I was confident I was on the right track because the next night following something tumultuous (unable to recall- simply recorded 'tumult' in dream diary), I found myself facing a young woman (who I 'knew' to be Laura), who proceeded to deprive me of a veritable armoury of edged weapons!

'Why am I letting this girl disarm me?' I thought to myself '...and where the hell are all these weapons coming from!!' I considered while looking down at myself wearing nought but sweat pants and sandals!

'And why do I keep thinking she's Laura Jadczyk!, she'd be lucky if she's 20 years old?' I wondered to myself.... 'OOhhh..., hang on, I get it, Grace, Amazing Grace!, Grace = Ray, a double entendre! Oh that's a good one....' I smile to myself, just in time to observe 'young' Laura remove my last weapon (which I assume to be a gladius by the look of the pommel). After withdrawal from its scabbard and with her holding it up for my inspection however I'm startled to find that it's actually a large, high permutation type, master key!.

'Hmmm this is getting interesting' I think and then wake up....

Hi Team,

Following a dream featuring Bob Dylan* in his ‘birthday suit’ and waking to the strains of ‘Amazing Grace’ ringing in my head, I’ve been encouraged to put some thoughts down, so please bear with me and I’ll try and keep it linear.

Don’t hold your breath :rolleyes:

*‘Dylan’ apparently being Welsh for ‘son of The Wave’

Ok, so last month amidst a dream of observing spacecraft fading in and out of visibility in the night sky. While attempting to maintain focus, as it appeared to keep them in sight [preventing them from ‘masking’], I became aware that one of my friend’s daughters had appeared next to me who began speaking knowingly about the whole scenario [her name is ‘Chloe’- she’s 10 years old]. Which was then followed by my receiving oddly shaped golden objects, materialising out of the ether, to which she began patiently explaining that process also.

Followed by her pronouncing sagely that ‘I was 11’?

At which point I was shown a digital watch displaying the time as 11:11 followed simply by ‘seeing’ the number 11.

And although the dream continued with female Angels and other cool stuff, it was the presence of ‘Chloe’ that was noted as the item of interest. Which upon waking led to the discovery that the name derives from the Greek ‘Khloe’, representing, among other things, an aspect of the triple/mother-goddess Demeter.

Khloe/Kore = the Green One.

Also that ‘Chloe’ and the number 11 has an interesting correspondence to St Paul [and I have many Pauline dreams…] via -


Which was also an interesting juxtaposition as on the 20th of January in a dream featuring her Dad [Chloe’s not Demeter’s – his surname means ‘Flood tide’ btw] I was very clearly ‘informed’ that –

“10 is Male and 11 is Female”!

Which was interesting as apart from being male, numerologically I also happen to be a 10.

Now jumping back to mid-July and another dream featuring futuristic airships [in this case flying over cities somewhere in the Northern Mediterranean]. While I was trying to identify the geographic location ‘my’ perspective was suddenly flipped to standing on the ground- where now I was looking up at a spectacular giant ‘Huntress’ figure, poised as though holding a Bow, wearing a ‘Pteryges’ type of skirt and although immobile like a statue, very ‘alive’ and strikingly familiar.

Unfortunately though while analysing the imagery and furiously trying to remember ‘Her’*, the image began to fade and the dream moved on :( yet at this point I also became aware of incessantly hearing the name ‘Agamemnon’.

*Yes an Artemis figure but the reason for the striking familiarity took a while to dawn on me. Eventually recognising that ‘she’ was mirroring the pose of the ‘Orion’ constellation - when seen from here in the Southern Hemisphere.

i.e. A figure standing as though holding a drawn bow.


Oddly enough aimed at Sirius.


Coincidentally Aussies also refer to Orion’s belt and scabbard as ‘The Saucepan’ (Source pan?) with the inverted scabbard now a ‘handle’.

And Agamemnon being male combined with the name coming in the ‘middle’ of a dream sequence was interesting because in the last 3 years [since starting to record dreams] I had only ever ‘received’ explicit names succinctly and immediately prior to waking and in each case, barring one [Ovid#], always turning out to be a name of ‘The Goddess’ such as Brigit, Astrid etc. that I had previously been unaware of?

# +1 since starting to write this - will get to ‘Aeneas’ later...

So being a little intrigued by what to make of ‘Agamemnon’ I set about reading a bit about him.

And although the Artemis / Iphigenia / Hecate relationship was initially identified it was the character of ‘Pylades’ that ended up catching my eye as a week earlier the appearance [twice] of a male friend, whose name is Maia, in a dream led me to discover that ‘Maia’ is another aspect of the Goddess [VERY different to ‘Maya’ - which was my first thought!], the eldest sister of the Pleiades and also the Roman ‘Magna Mater’ or ‘Great Mother’.

Which was getting rather synchronous seeing as 2 days before the Maia dream I had had another where I was being driven dangerously fast in a Blue sports car, by an unknown woman, in top gear, before overshooting a corner, crashing into deep water and then drowning [after helping her to escape through the sunroof]. Which was followed by a transition in perspective from dying in the car to then assisting in the recovery of ‘my’ body- at which point the scenario rotated to being shown the front of the car – where a ‘Subaru’ emblem was very pronounced.


And then upon looking into the meaning of the badge learning that Subaru means ‘Unite’ [in Japanese] and despite only having 6 stars – is also a representation of the Pleiades!

Which I thought was pretty cool as since this dream -,20371.msg698291.html#msg698291

Rightly or wrongly, Silver, Blue and Car [KA] dream symbols have been interpreted as Cassiopaean / Pleiadian prompts?

Still unsure of where to attribute my Green Car dreams though………… :huh:

And funnily enough, 2 weeks before that I’d also made note of a dream that featured one of my eldest daughter’s friends, who's name is ‘Lucy’.

Which was coincidentally followed [in ‘reality’ not dreamland] by taking my youngest daughter and her friends [one of whom another Lucy] to the Cinema to watch ‘Despicable Me 3’ .

Whose fabulous main female character is also a Lucy. :D

Then returning home to discover big sister, against instructions, had bought one of her friend’s home for a sleepover [yep the Lucy from the dream].

So now there’s 7 girls staying over with 2 named Lucy………

And finding my partner watching the end of a movie called ‘iBoy’ [featuring Maisie Williams for anyone that watches ‘Game of Thrones’] whose character is named Lucy.

Followed later the same night by sitting down to watch the Paul Bettany film ‘Priest’ and finding the female protagonist is named…….Lucy!

So I figured OK, I can take a hint I’m obviously missing something here?

And decided to re-read Barbara Marciniak- having realised that morning that ‘Lucy’ or ‘Light-Bringer’ can also be interpreted as ‘Bringer of the Dawn’.

Which I took to be another reference to the Pleiadians?

And / or Artemis!

Which happened to be continuing a rather long running dream theme of childhood friends whose names, I’ve since learnt, also happen to be goddesses such as ‘Aurora’ - the Roman Goddess of Dawn, ‘Rhiannon’ the Great Queen of the Welsh, ‘Tara’- Great Queen of the Irish, Goddess of the Sea etc.

Ever wondered where the Scottish Goddesses are ?

Yeah me too :huh:

Unfortunately though after again working through ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ [with Goddesses front of mind], I’d ended up none the wiser to what connections I was looking for and a little disappointed at the absence of any spectacular revelations from the exercise.

BUT- at the same time another intriguing thread was again rising, announcing itself neither via classical goddesses nor references to the Pleiades – but instead that of Re/Ra.

This evolving from an abstract dream involving the Australian music artist Sia –


Which upon further investigation had led, among other things, to uncovering that ‘Sia’ was also the Egyptian god of ‘Perception’.

Who happened to interestingly describe Ra as- ‘The Great Cat’!

Which was personally becoming very meaningful and forms the basis for this missive.

So, following the ‘Sia’ dream I decided to reread The Ra Material and also the early Cassiopaean Transcripts [having only read the Post-‘Frank’ material at that point] looking specifically for more Felid references.

By now having found that Aeschylus’s* Greek tragedy ‘Agamemnon’ happens to have a quote including both Artemis and Great Cats -

"O Lovely One [Artemis], you are so gracious to the tender whelps of fierce lions…”

*Connecting Artemis and Agamemnon as in the earlier dream.

The discovery of which happened to be followed by an intimate dream featuring a childhood friend named 'Catherine' [Cat’ to her friends] which involved ‘keys’ and merging.

Therefore prompting a wry smile upon learning that the name ‘Catherine’ may have the meaning ‘each of the two’ and is also derived from the name of the triple-goddess Hecate#.

Who also has as one of her symbols – Keys!

# Which is interesting as the etymology of ‘Demeter’ alludes to ‘the body’ of ‘Mother Earth’ and ‘Hecate’ to the ‘World Soul’?

‘Each of the two’ indeed!

The ‘Cat’/feline aspect then being reinforced shortly after by dream featuring a former sweetheart ‘Paula’ whose surname, I was very surprised to discover, equates to ‘Caithness’- itself derived from -

“…the name of a Pictish tribe known as the Cat or Catt people, or Catti (Kingdom of Cat).”

At which point the Celtic/Pauline/Feline references starkly brought to mind a set of experiences that had occurred 5 days earlier.

Oddly enough beginning with a piece of local street art.


Which, due to its multi-dimensional nature, also happens to be one of my favourite places to sit with a coffee and cigarette and ponder. :)

On this particular occasion however, despite having ruminated on the painting on at least a dozen earlier occasions, my unsatisfactory layman translation of the ‘Spanish’ 'ENTO NOVAJO' was particularly niggling - so I wrote it down correctly and decided to look into it later.

Whereupon I was soon grimacing at the ignorance of only considering Spanish / Mexican for translating, totally failing to consider the Esperanto language and its ‘after the fact’ relevance to the situation [Universal language etc.]

Clever blokes those Polish Jews ;)

Nice Symbolism in the Flag too!


With the phrase now precisely translating as –



Which I thought was pretty cool.

Particularly when a couple of days later, following identifying a song that was playing in a dream [coincidentally ‘Hurricane’ by Bob Dylan], I ‘heard’ the phrase ‘Greno Pauline’, followed by then ‘seeing’ it spelt out as GRENO PORLINE.


So I hit the computer upon waking and after some time settled on the explanation that ‘Porline’ may refer to an Amino acid, a building block of life, but that didn’t seem very satisfying as the ‘Pauline’ interpretation and pronunciation was annoyingly persistent.

Then inspiration arrived -‘Green Language’! – perhaps ‘Greno’ was a hint for Green?

And the Esperanto flag is green.

Perhaps I’m going to start dreaming in Esperanto now?

Just what I need….. :huh:

Well ‘Greno’ turns out to be ‘Grain’ in Esperanto.

And Grainne happens to be another Celtic Goddess

‘She of the grain’ = Demeter also…

And ‘Por’ = for

But the ‘-line’ had me stalled for a while until I considered if the phonetic ‘leen’ was replaced by ‘line’ as in ‘lion’?

Then ‘Greno Porline’ could be interpreted as something along the line of –

Grain for a Lion, ‘Seed’ for a Lion etc.

So, now with Goddesses AND Great Cats burbling away in the back of mind and getting back to the subject of working through the old Cassiopaean Transcripts, upon stumbling across Session 12 July 1997 – Bells started to go off!

Firstly due to the mention of ‘Chloe’.

Then the reference to Magna [as in Magna Mater] –

Laura said:
July 12, 1997
Frank, Laura, Alice

Q: Okay, in this relief painting done by Berenger Sauniere in the church at Rennes le Chateau, Mary Magdalene is depicted as gazing hopefully or reverently at a tree branch formed into a cross, stuck in the ground. What kind of tree is it?

A: The "tree of life."

Q: Well, I had a different idea... some people say it is an acacia tree. Are you saying it is not a genus, horticulturally?

A: Genus is family tree.

Q: And what family is it a family tree for?

A: Check your Magna for lesson.

And then -

Laura said:
Q: Well, yes, but I know what I know, but I don't know if I am getting anywhere!

A: You will when you connect "the dots."

Q: Connect the dots... My God! Swords, daggers.... I GET IT!

A: It is the "destiny!"

Which brought to mind 'my' being stripped of a plethora of daggers and a 'short sword', by Laura, in the opening dream quote?

Plus Orion’s inverted sword scabbard being a handle..

Or perhaps handl?

Then a double whammy –

Laura said:
A: "If one has the will of a Lion, one does not have the fate of a mouse!"

Which really got my attention, firstly by the identifying a ‘Great Cat’ reference but particularly due to the phrase itself, ‘will’ not something usually associated with Lions in my experience?

Courage or Heart [of a Lion] yes, but will?


But then I remembered that the name ‘Hecate’ may be derived from the Greek word for ‘Will’ !

By whose will’ prayers are accomplished and fulfilled

She who works her will

And Hecate is also apparently spelt – Hecat - following Golding’s translation of Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’?

HeCat like a male Lion?


And then a kicker –

Laura said:
Q: ... in my perception of this arrangement on this stone, is it that the two sides need to be united, is that correct?

A: Open for your discovery!

Q: Oh, you guys are BAD to me tonight!

A: No, we be berry berry goood to Lawra!

Which happens to be my surname!

Followed by recognising that if we consider Demeter’s triple aspect, then the peculiar ‘Lawra’ spelling used by the ‘C’s may be interpreted as –

The Law of One + Ra + Bringer’s [plural*] of the Dawn

*Demeter – Mother - possessing the title ‘Law Bringer

And Artemis / Persephone –Maiden- that of ‘Bringer of the Dawn’

All merged into ‘Laura/Lawra’

Which is even cooler than the ‘Carla/Don Rueckert’ book in my ‘Laura’ dream.

With the merging concept again repeated in the ‘C’s comment –

Laura said:
A: Arkadiusz is strong willed. Must be to be seeker of worlds. To paraphrase: "I am become ONE... Creator of worlds." And, on that contemplative note, good night.

End of Session

Which immediately brought to mind my ‘Ark/An-nu-ki’ dream-,15726.msg707095.html#msg707095

gnosisxsophia said:
...As a bit of background, the symbol in question first came to my 'attention' in a dream, coincidentally featuring a character named Ark, in which we discussed the meaning of the lower portion.

And as you may know, the meaning of the name 'Ark' is rather interesting.

Due to ‘Ark’ meaning, among other things, both Vishnu AND Shiva!

And the inversion of Oppenheimers misquote ‘I am become Death destroyer of worlds’ borrowed from Krishna's conversation with Arjuna-

"Thou seest Me as Time who kills, Time who brings all to doom,

The Slayer Time, Ancient of Days, come hither to consume;

Excepting thee, of all these hosts of hostile chiefs arrayed, there shines not one shall leave alive the battlefield!

Dismayed no longer be! Arise! obtain renown! destroy thy foes!

Fight for the kingdom waiting thee when thou hast vanquished those.

By Me they fall—not thee! the stroke of death is dealt them now,

Even as they stand thus gallantly; My instrument art thou!

Strike, strong-armed Prince! at Drona! at Bhishma strike! deal death

To Karna, Jyadratha; stay all this warlike breath!

’Tis I who bid them perish! Thou wilt but slay the slain.

Fight! they must fall, and thou must live, victor upon this plain!"

Reminiscent also of the confrontation between Shiva and 'Narasima' [Vishnu’s 4th incarnation as ‘Great Protector’] following the Man-lion’s slaying of the demon Hiranyakashipu.

Whose escalation led Narasimha to assume the invincible form of ‘Gandaberunda’ [the double headed phoenix] requiring Shiva to release his internal potency [from the Left side] in the form of a Lioness or face defeat', laying waste to the world.

Narasimhi’, [the goddess Shakti / Lakshmi being Vishnu's essence/wife] being the only entity capable of pacifying her 'husbands' now uncontrollable form.

Leading me again to another mother goddess ‘Durga’.

She who rides the lion.


So moving right along, then Session 6, March 1999 -.

Laura said:
March 6, 1999

Ark, Laura, Frank, “Chloe”

Q: I think Chloe had a couple of questions that she wanted to ask this evening. (C) When I was living at the farm I had a dream where I woke up with some words reverberating in my ear. Do you know the dream I am talking about?

A: Speak in precise in present tense.

Q: Is the name and/or the entity ‘Sekenenre’ significant to my life or to the life of the people gathered here?

A: Certainly.

Q: Okay, from what source did this dream and this voice Chloe experienced originate?

A: Sometimes, our fifth density friends play games when they know our vulnerabilities.

Q: (C) Was the name Sekenenre one of her …

A: Your fifth density connections must get creative in order to message, as that old free will edict is a real “bear.”

Firstly on seeing ‘Chloe’ as a participant but then the ‘Sekenere’ reference [reminding me of Sekmet] combined with the context of her first question which vividly brought to mind a near identical experience - from November last year.

Which coincidentally is also around the time I found the Cassiopaean Experiment!

Whereby the name ‘Tefnut’ came very strongly [like being yelled!] into my awareness just prior to waking.

And not being familiar with the name at the time I was rather startled to learn that she was a Leonine Goddess of Water.


Not so much startled by the name of an Egyptian Goddess being blasted into my mind but more so due to her uncanny resemblance to a figure I'd happened to find myself face to face with, the last time I tried to meditate!

Which was early 2016.

And if you can imagine a visage somewhere in between the 2 images below, you'll have the gist of the 'reflection' -



Although there wasn't any real impression of gender?

And surprisingly, for me at the time, the experience is seemingly far more common than one would think!

Which also happens to put an intriguing spin on being introduced to the very beautiful ‘Devin’ - the feminine 'soothsayer'.

gnosisxsophia said:

- Rushing to save a person on railway lines, the fast moving train stops just in time - observe that the locomotive is named 'Soothsayer'.

- Interacting with a female acquaintance named Julii who introduces a beautiful girl with tri-colored hair, who spells her name out as 'DEVIN*'.

*''In Modern French, devyn refers to a man who divines; a soothsayer (a female soothsayer.. a devineresse)''

With our favourite 'Devineresse' also apparently holding the key ?-

Considering this Devin -


Is apparently -

'..a white lion man ... one of the heads of the Galactic Federation.

Devin (Feline) is the reigning patriarch of the 9D Royal House of Avyon, and Anu (Human) is the reigning patriarch of the 5D Royal House of Avyon at this time'

Hooly Dooly :shock:

But then perhaps [belatedly] also discovering where the ‘Pylades / Pleiades prompts were leading earlier?

Having stumbled across this quote from Barbara Marciniak’s ‘Earth

“Some of the animals here are utilized as transmitters. Your cats are direct transmitters of information to a species of consciousness that uses the cats to monitor you. In ancient times upon your planet, it was in vogue in many cultures to have a lion or other large cat next to the ruling entity.

These animals were always there. Look at the ancient statues all over the planet and what do you see? Lions. The cat family represents a biogenetic tooling of a species that looks like you except that it has the visage of a cat. The cat people, or lion people, have come in shifts upon your planet and worked in South America, Mexico, Egypt, and in some island cultures.

Great Scot' !!!

Sorry couldn't help myself................ :P

Ok, so back to ‘Chloe’ and the ‘C’s.

After making the above connections plus this –

Laura said:
June 24, 2000
Ark, Laura, Frank, BT, Johan M

Q: (L) Well, there is a lot of information out there along this line. Billy Meier even makes this claim. This person says "The human race did not originally exist in Lyra; it came from some other galaxy, but first began to evolve in our galaxy in the Lyran system."

A: Closer.

I took up ‘Secret History of the World’ vol 1, looking for what I didn’t know but then, last week [19th Oct], I found it on page 646.

‘The Route of St James is also called the Milky Way

Followed by Laura’s choice of words ‘…so clear and shimmering that it was like fingers of light plucking the strings of some great atmospheric harp.’

Which came right on cue as following a dream, a week earlier, featuring Bee’s, a beautiful ‘female’ Hermaphrodite and my first love [whose full name happens to translate as – ‘Precious Lily/or Rose, Who is like god, She who hunts’!], I found myself led to the great mother-goddess ‘Neith

Ok now we’re getting somewhere I thought :cool:

The first and prime creator.

The Great Cow.

The 'Alpha and Omega' PLUS - A Lioness, Waves in her hieroglyph, male/female components, green symbology and a Huntress to boot!!!


Interesting that she has lizards crawling all over her too......


The Neith dream then followed by a George, St George/El KudderThe Green one’ [via Zoroaster] dream which ended in discovering the goddess ‘Anahita’ [The verdant one, divinity of the waters and again 'The Great Cow'].

Followed by a little light relief in waking to the song ‘Perry Mason’ stuck in my mind. :rolleyes:

Perry’ translating to ‘Pear tree’ or ‘One from abroad / traveller or wanderer’ and ‘Mason’, surprise, surprise being ‘One who works with stone’.

Particularly funny to an Australian* when the song is by Ozzy Osbourne from the album Ozzmosis also!

Aussie, Aussie Aussie!

*Who also made the Puharich connection ;).....

Which was followed by a dream where I found myself being seated at a table with a group, preparing for a presentation. The impression being that the other participants had something to do with the ‘C’s [Laura wasn’t there though?] and we were about to be shown/taught something to do with ‘The Mysteries’.

Then as the screen started to roll a question was asked ‘Who is Aeneas’?

Followed by silence until ‘I’ answered something along of the lines of ‘the progenitor of Rome, ascendant of Caesar’. Which apparently wasn’t the correct answer…..

Sheesh.... :huh:

So back to the books and in uncovering Aeneas’ relationships to Vidarr, Utnapishtim, King Arthur [via Brutus], Dido [the wanderer], Elissa and so on, mercifully many pieces of other dream puzzles have started to come together. :rolleyes:

And then the ‘son of the wave’ [Dylan] idea struck, prompting a look into Aenea’s parentage.


Hello my dear - 'Venus' and Lions!

Right up my alley.


Oooh and what’s that being held down behind the Lioness?

In Anchise’s right hand.


Looks like a little harp to me?

A Lyre!

Now isn't that a funny coincidence?

Having 2 days earlier had a dream involving a very good friend whose first name means 'One from abroad / Traveller' and his surname 'Benny' equating to 'Right hand son or son of my right hand'!

‘….like fingers of light plucking the strings of some great atmospheric harp.

Which reminds me, did I happen to mention I’m currently working 4000km’s from home?

In Queensland.

Near a town called ‘Calliope’?

Named for the 'Chief of the Muses' and Mother of ‘Orpheus’ - who’s Lyre was carried to the heavens following his death.

Forming the Lyra constellation.

The Kingdom of the Cat people……….

Which is also rather coincidental -

When I’m Aries

The Milky Way was directly overhead when I arrived.

And it looks like I've been adopted by a homeless wandereress :-[


So while I could go on ad infinitum, I won't :zzz:

But getting back to 'Chloe'.

Laura said:
A: Sometimes, our fifth density friends play games when they know our vulnerabilities.

Q: (C) Was the name Sekenenre one of her …

A: Your fifth density connections must get creative in order to message, as that old free will edict is a real “bear.”

I'm wondering if anyone else's 'connections' are also being creative in the 'feline' direction. 'Great cats' or otherwise?


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