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Approaching Infinity said:
I'm reading Jim Marrs' latest book, "The Rise of the Fourth Reich". It's an analysis of the US/Nazi connections, basically so far a compilation of various Nazi conspiracy theories (everything from Paperclip to Nazi flying saucers, time travel, and globalists). There's some really good stuff in it, which puts forth a lot of the ideas the C's suggested, such as:

A: Now, some history... as you know, the CIA and NSA and other agencies are the children of Nazi Gestpo... the SS, which was an experiment influenced by Antareans who were practicing for the eventual reintroduction of the Nephalim on to 3rd and/or 4th density earth. And the contact with the “Antareans” was initiated by the Thule Society, which groomed its dupe subject, Adolph Hitler to be the all-time mind-programmed figurehead. Now, in modern times, you have seen, but so far, on a lesser scale: Oswald, Ruby, Demorenschildt, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Arthur Bremer, Farakhan, Menendez, Bundy, Ramirez, Dahmer, etc...
One passage in particular caught my eye because it reminded me of this:
Q: The Greenbaum material says that there was a Jewish boy brought to America and trained as a doctor who became this infamous Dr. Greenbaum. Is that true?
A: No. "Green" is an alias, or more accurately, a pseudonym for multiple persons engaged in mind control efforts.
Here's the short passage. Marrs interviewed Buchanan in 2007.

Marrs said:
According to former U.S. military intelligence agent Lyn Buchanan, who at one time trained the U.s. Army's remote viewers, the Nazis formed a unit of psychics and called it Doktor Gruenbaum. This name was for the psychic project, not a person, although apparently a German psychic who assumed the name Gruenbaum may have lived in the United States after the war...
It doesn't look like Marrs goes on to talk about the Greenbaum lecture, yet this passage is in the section on Nazi psychiatry and mind control, and ends with a discussion of Manchurian candidates (haven't read that far, just noticed by skimming). However, I thought it was interesting that Greenbaum was referred to as a group and not an individual.
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