Another Hit for the Cassiopaeans? - Missing Children


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Here is perhaps another hit.

940716 said:
Q: (L) Are the aliens using our emotions and energies?
A: Correct; and bodies too. Each earth year 10 % more
children are taken.
Q: (L) Do they suffer?
A: Some.
Q: (L) Do they all suffer?
A: Some. Bits of children's organs removed while they are
wide awake. Kidneys first; then next feet; next jaw examined
on table; tongues cut off; bones stress tested; pressure placed
on heart muscle until it bursts.
Q: (L) Why are you telling us this awful stuff?
A: You must know what the consortium is doing. This is done
mostly to Indian children.

From this topic Missing Children World Wide.

India - 10 lakhs per annum (1 million)
Belgium - 2928 for year 2007
Romania - 354 for year 2007
France - 706 for year 2007
UK - 4802 for year 2007
USA - 797,500 for one year period
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