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leMunch said:
Would be nice if had a Special Section/Button for the "SOTT summary". I suggest a special button in the Cover of ES.SOTT. That is because the method you mentioned to reach the Summaries is too confusing. I would suggest the button in the Sections "Left Menu", where resides: Puppet Masters, etc., maybe above "Topics", after "Dont Panic! Lighten Up!" Either way thank you!

I agree with this user, indeed, I would also put a button for "SOTT Focus" and "Best of the Web"...

At first, when I was just sott reader I never knew how to find all "Sott Focus" together, you need time to browse the site to learn how to do it... Perhaps two buttons of different colored from the rest under "Dont Panic! Lighten Up!", although I think it would be better above "Puppet-Masters" ... And in the case in Spanish Sott, one more button for "sott summaries".

What do you think?


The Living Force
Orange Scorpion said:
I agree with this user, indeed, I would also put a button for "SOTT Focus" and "Best of the Web"...

I second that.

The SOTT Focus can be found listed in the SOTT Focus Listing menu down on the left bar though.
And there is more which could be fixed in that section unless it is too problematic (e.g. rewriting all the author tags for each article). Some doublets and triplets, if I am correct:

Don Hunt / Donald Hunt
Gabriela Segura M.D. / Gabriela Segura MD / Gabriela Segura MD.
Ignatia O'Reilly / Ignatious O'Reilly / Ingatius Reilley
Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley / Joe Quinn & Niall Bradley
Sott Editors / SOTT Editors / Editors / Editors

Then I want to suggest some improvement in the Search function.

1) When obtaining the search result, the titles of articles could display the date of publishing - that would be very helpful. By the way, is the result in a chronological order? I think it is (backwards, from the newest to the oldest) but I am not correct, it would help too. The displaying the dates could make this clear.
2) I still have not figured out how to search for a word or a phrase in readers' comment section. Would this be possible?
3) At last, something interesting would be to have the Bookmarks section, just like on the Cass forum in the top menu.
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