article-lime.css and the #Story<...> id selectors


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Hi all,

As part of the styling of the hierarchical secondary pages (e.g. World News) article-lime.css is used. This style sheet is a carry-over from the previous incarnation of the signs webpage.
I have noticed some issues with the html and css you have used and I would like to bring this to your attention.

1. id selectors re-use

As part of the styling of articles you use the #Story<...> set of id's with associated rules in the style sheet. The idea behind id=" " is that it is a *unique* identifier for a node in the document tree. You will find a class selector better suited for your purposes.

2. invalid html tags (sort of)

As part of your process of bringing content from source to html page, you have somehow introduced the <story> tag. The issue is that your standard DTD does not have support for this tag. Maybe you could move to <div id="story-..."> or create a custom DTD?

Cheers and let me know if you have any questions.

story tag is a left over relic to a failed thingamabob, it's harmless and sorta an inside joke, at least for me. Refer to my reply to your other post, as the css's have been hacked constantly for the past few days and need serious consolidating, you could always download them, consolidate them for me, and email them to me :)
I might just do that :-)

Any input on how ideally things should be structured? One style sheet or multiple? Etc...

You're right that the <story> tag is harmless, but that is mostly because the DTD (-> browser running in quirks mode).
IMO it is just better to cut it out, because when you run a validator it is going to keep coming back like Jason in Friday 13th.

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