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In the German magazine Rubikon, there was an article, Genetisch vernetzt, that fits with the theme of this thread. From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Bodies.
Genetically networked
Saturday, 04 December 2021, 3:57 pm
As early as 2020, the Internet of Bodies was envisioned at the gene level - today, the WHO is coordinating the DNA manipulation of all humans.
by Jens Bernert
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The human body is to become the new router. This is the intention of the World Economic Forum and the digital and health industry, which is driving precisely this development with its "Internet of Bodies" initiative. It is no longer enough for the data octopuses that people only feed Big Data in a human-machine interaction. The octopus wants to get under our skin with its tentacles and tap into our body's data, our genes.

The scientific journal "Nature" published an article in June 2020 that includes the electronic connection at the gene level to the "Internet of Bodies" (IOB). The IOB is being pushed by the World Economic Forum - together with the Great Reset - and the health industry and is dovetailed with ID2020, GAVI as well as the manipulation of all humans at the genome level for "health purposes" and "pandemic control" presented by the WHO in July 2021.


The accompanying text to the scientific article entitled "Internet of Bodies (IoB) - Using CRISPR to electrically connect to and control the genome" - here in German - at states (1):

"Just like the Internet of Things (IoT), IoB refers to the access and control of the human body via the internet. Here we detail how CRISPR can be used to electrically connect to the genome and demonstrate control over transcriptional information networks in E. coli and Salmonella. (...)

In the longer term, it is expected that - similar to DNA-based vaccines being introduced into the human body to combat Covid-19 - electrogenetic promoter circuits will be introduced into human cells to open up a new modality of bioelectronic signalling."

The fact that the Nature article does not talk about mRNA "vaccines" such as the current products of Biontech and Co., but about DNA-based "vaccines", may surprise those who are not familiar with the fact that in July 2021 the WHO launched the pre-campaign for the worldwide genetic manipulation of humans, which had been prepared for years. On its website, WHO, which according to media reports is on the Gates Foundation drip (2, 3), headlines:

"WHO issues new recommendations on human genome editing to promote public health."

It goes on to say about genetic manipulation - frowned upon in plants and animals - which is apparently to be carried out simultaneously worldwide in each case:

"'Human genome editing has the potential to improve our ability to treat and cure disease, but its full impact will only be realised if we use it for the benefit of all people, rather than to increase health inequalities between and within countries,' said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. (...)​

The recommendations focus on system-level improvements needed to build capacity in all countries to ensure that human genome editing is used safely, effectively and ethically."

On board with the WHO-coordinated DNA manipulation for Germany, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Health, is Alena Buyx, who has been highly active in the Corona crisis since September 2019, as the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich happily reported (4).

The Internet of Bodies is being pushed along with the Great Reset by the World Economic Forum (WEF) (5, 6). Since June 2020, the WEF website (7, 8) states:

"We are entering the era of the 'Internet of Bodies': We collect our physical data via a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn. The result is a vast amount of health-related data that could improve the wellbeing of people around the world and prove crucial in combating the COVID-19 pandemic."

Under the subheading "Connecting our bodies" - the WEF writes:

"For health professionals, the internet of bodies opens the door to a new era of effective monitoring and treatment. In 2017, the US Federal Drug Administration approved the first use of digital pills in the United States. Digital pills contain tiny, ingestible sensors as well as a drug. Once swallowed, the sensor in the patient's stomach is activated and transmits data to their smartphone or other device. (...)

At the same time, data from the Internet of Bodies can be used to make predictions and inferences that can affect a person's or group's access to resources such as health care, insurance and employment."

In the mishmash drawn here, which reeks of eugenics and transhumanism, we find COVID passport apps as well as the GAVI vaccination alliance funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO and Co. The latter, in turn, has an apparently urgent need to finance the global control and surveillance initiative ID2020, alongside other founding members such as Microsoft and the Rockefeller Foundation (9 to 13). Norbert Häring writes about ID2020, which was initially presented without a gene-level connection to the Internet of Bodies (14):

"Under the name ID2020, the US corporations that dominate the digital world want to largely replace national governments as the authority to issue identity certificates. 'Global world citizenship' is the title of an essay by a senior World Bank manager. Identity, however, is to be understood as far beyond a common identity document, as everything interesting there is to know about a person, their activities and their preferences.

An important part of the concept is that users basically log in to their smartphone or computer biometrically, i.e. with fingerprint, facial recognition or voice recognition, so that they can be reliably assigned to their device and the activity carried out with it."

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