Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and the Global Grid

Maybe this is not accurate for the heading under Transhumanism, but I believe creating mass infertility should apply as remaking humans in practical sex objects, in a way, and with obvious other repercussions. However, we have all heard how these covid vaccines will reduce female fertility by causing the body to attack the protein that is used to create the placenta, which is the same or similar as the spike protein used in coronavirus, and is what the vaccines will "protect" against. This same protein, however, is also found in the male semen, and now in trying to find infertility studies with vaccine trial participants, I accidentally found a new trial for discovering the level of infertility caused by these vaccines in human males!!! Start date is listed as 14 december, until June 2021. Hmmmmm:

Now look at this comment Pfizer from being asked about this infertility question, after initially refusing to answer with "We are not commenting on this other than to say we encourage the public to seek information about the COVID-19 pandemic from trusted public health bodies and/or their individual healthcare providers," they then later stated: “There is no data to suggest that the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine candidate causes infertility. It has been incorrectly suggested that COVID-19 vaccines will cause infertility because of a very short amino acid sequence in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 virus that is shared with the placental protein, syncytin-1. The sequence, however, is too short – 4 shared amino acids – to plausibly give rise to autoimmunity. Additionally, a cohort comparing the outcomes of pregnancies with and without intercurrent SARS-CoV-2 infection shows no difference in outcomes, further debunking the theory.”

This seems very suspicious, and should lead to great concern, but of course "Nothing to see here, move along" response from Pfizer, of course.....
I just noticed this now, in their response at the end "debunking" vaccine induced infertility, they refer to a cohort of pregnancies with and without COVID INFECTIONS, further "debunking" the "theory" .... UMMMM why would saying people infected with covid not causing pregnancy problems relate AT ALL to the vaccine which is COMPLETELY different?!?!??!? OMG 😱


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This is an interesting topic. Why the push to trans humanism and erasing gender? (which IMO are linked)

Gender erasure eliminates a key aspect of family. If humanity is created in a test tube, after being chosen from a menu of traits, the blood/genetic/DNA connection is broken if not completely lost. The State becomes the ultimate parent in the future dystopia. With the insertion of Bio-Tech, The STS owners of humanity can then, at will/on demand, trigger any reaction or perceived experience they desire in order to feed off of the human subject.

The problem here is free will. If you get humans to waltz into this arrangement of their own volition then STS gets their prize. But if people are coerced, the quality of sustenance available to STS parasites is diminished, yes? STS knows this but they are charging ahead in a ham-fisted manner, so they REALLY must be in a panic. But why? What's the rush if they can manipulate time?

First I wish to thank all who have contributed to these lines of thought previously. Not all the ideas here are mine but contributions made by others. Following is a set of provocative data points that, I think, relate to each other, and, leave me with some questions that I think are key to understanding the slow motion train wreck we are experiencing.

1. From our perspective as humans, we are in a slo-mo train wreck. From another perspective it is happening instantaneously in a flash. We are in the super slow frame by frame mode of an official challenge in a ball game. This is both a blessing and a curse. We have time to make our choices...the suspense and stress is a bit much at times.

2. Exercise of free will has an impact on the outcome for each individual and there is also a collective free will which is over-riding events in a general sense. There are also likely various genetic subsets of free will e.g. the Kantekkians vs the Aryans as well as subsets of belief that comprise a collective will/choice like atheists vs religious believers etc.

3. Free will is being crushed in the current scenario.

4. Nature of the Reset: what is the ultimate nature of the reset? If the financial and socio/economic aspects are distractions or programs and the REAL reset is the complete destruction/replacement/reincarnation of human souls, then what does any of the fussing about elections, viruses or central banks matter?

(Assuming this IS an experiment, the STS controllers could be playing around with trying out various schemes and new human prototypes for the post reset future? i.e., they really don't have it together yet.)

5. Although the STS denizens can play with time, there must be some aspect of "time" that is a kind of boundary or limit to their time manipulation tactics. OR perhaps the onset/arrival of the wave is due to an awakening of humanity, hence the need to act hastily and rashly by 4D STS? (and ironically, their more and more obvious manipulation is accelerating the wave as it causes more people to wake up to their BS?)

6. Climate - I am assuming the grand solar minimum unfolding is a major contributing factor - a time boundary perhaps?

So - if we are going to freeze, starve, die from a purple plague, or be replaced anyway...why all the various machinations? Just to keep our minds distracted or is there more to it than that? (I assume there is more and am curious about other peoples ideas)

Last note, I guess the other impetus for hasty and extreme STS manifestation could be to have some effect on us BEFORE we enter that lifting of the veil where both sides ARE face to face. Perhaps so we see them in a different light? OR are weakened in strength? Confused in our thought? can have our innate senses blocked in some way? At any rate, is that the moment the human germs can come out of the petrie dish and confront the 4D STS genetic scientists when their shields are down?

Thanks - this was long - usually I try to keep it short and punchy - no way on this

Ah, One more question. (I sound like Columbo now) - Is there a process in play to single out or find certain genetic types that are somehow a key in all this? Like, the disease or vaccines will "smoke out" the survivors who are the real undesirables to be eliminated or confronted or turned to the dark side, from the STS point of view. Like from a Gurdjieff point of view, are their certain people who are the catalyst around which the iron filings of humanity align and coalesce, even if they are hiding in the shadows?

OK I will give it a rest.

Nope, I lied:

I recall Luke 11:33-35
No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light. Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light, but when it is bad, your body is full of darkness. Therefore be careful lest the light in you be darkness.


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Transhumanism at its core is essentially a way to overcome reality. Just like 4D STS wants to control reality, overcome any opposition, and make everything a servant to themselves and their wishes, so does 3D STS. Yet, despite all the efforts to change it, it cannot control time, cannot erase enemies at whim, cannot create new reality and facts with a thought. It is trapped by the material boundaries, and it has to play by their rules.

But when your reality is only the material world, what you wish to control and overcome is also the material. Yet, the flesh is too weak for that. It is fragile. It is stinky. It ages and dies. Despite all efforts put into bioengineering and DNA research, all the self-assurance and glee over their advances, humanity's control over the flesh is still a far-fetched dream. It is too difficult to control, too unpredictable, too volatile and unreliable.

So why not rely on something they have absolute control over - the machines they build bottom-up by themselves?

Notice how people promoting transhumanism are generally the "scientific" type: physically weak, frail, non-spiritual, intelligent and obsessed with science/technology but caring much less about people. They care about the physical world, but at the same time see it as something they cannot control. Wanting to overcome it and yet still striving to be of it. Creating perfect bodies that will work for them, accompany them, and ultimately, be their vessels, is their wish come true.

If they can build machines that are faster than human, sturdier than a human, more efficient than a human, and are cheaper to maintain, why shouldn't they try to build something that is smarter than a human, download themselves into them, and expand their minds and their influence over the physical?

Overcome aging. Overcome pain. Rule the material reality.

That is the goal of transhumanism.


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Laurent Alexandre is someone who is regularly invited on French TV. Here is what he said about transhumanism:

"It's going to be increasingly difficult for a human being with a biological brain to have productive social utility in a world where artificial intelligence and robotics are developing at breakneck speed. That's a real anxiety that's going to grip generations, future generations."

Laurent Alexandre - Laurent Alexandre, born June 10, 1960 in Paris, a senior civil servant and urologist by training, is a French entrepreneur, columnist, writer and political activist.

Since 2009, he has owned and chaired DNAVision, a Belgian DNA sequencing company, and has shares in some 15 companies in Europe, mainly in NBIC technologies.

I think he is the voice of others forces which dream of the transhumanism.


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A Mindmatters discussion on transhumanism has been released:



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Laurent Alexandre is someone who is regularly invited on French TV. Here is what he said about transhumanism:

Laurent Alexandre - Laurent Alexandre, born June 10, 1960 in Paris, a senior civil servant and urologist by training, is a French entrepreneur, columnist, writer and political activist.

Since 2009, he has owned and chaired DNAVision, a Belgian DNA sequencing company, and has shares in some 15 companies in Europe, mainly in NBIC technologies.

I think he is the voice of others forces which dream of the transhumanism.
Yes, see this for example La convergence bionumérique ou comment faire miroiter aux populations un avenir meilleur synonyme de prison -- and in English Exploring Biodigital Convergence – Policy Horizons Canada

And there is also something I haven't really understood about a system to make bitcoins/money with our bodies just by moving



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Yes, from the government of Canada's website (Ministry) one can see they worked on this paper (59 pages) in 2019, obviously much earlier though. Here is the pdf, and it is creepy.

Their summary:
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Canadians and policy makers began to understand that the digital age was upon us. Early movers seized opportunities, grappled with challenges, and initiated deft policies that have provided benefits for decades. We continue to see the powerful effects of digitization, and more are surely to come. But we may be on the cusp of another disruption of similar magnitude. Digital technologies and biological systems are beginning to combine and merge in ways that could be profoundly disruptive to our assumptions about society, the economy, and our bodies. We call this the biodigital convergence.

It goes on to discuss (some silly scenarios) and:

Biodigital convergence is opening up strikingly new ways to:
• change human beings – our bodies, minds, and behaviours
• change or create other organisms
• alter ecosystems
• sense, store, process, and transmit information
• manage biological innovation
• structure and manage production and supply chains

Under the heading 'Democratization' [?] the expand on it:

Until recently, cell biology and biotechnology were generally developed and produced in sterile labs and specialized factories, using expensive equipment and expertise. Now, advances in software and hardware are removing these restrictions on biosciences and biotech production. The ability to control systems remotely and transmit instruction sets in digital form, as well as higher levels of automation, are shifting biology-based production closer to consumers.


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Really good question.
New packaging for the souls they feed off?
Who is going to want to reincarnate into this?
Great... with trans humanism, they can manipulate us so much easier -
get inside our minds and feelings with a new level of control
You can create your own reality from a set of pre-programmed virtual reality options.
They can terrorize any individual with a virtual torture chamber to extract their fix.
Super Duper.
They can patent our containers and own us more thoroughly.
The sales job will be...just another 4D STS sales job.
The gullible will follow...but it won't will all come crashing down...I suppose it already is.
It is too much a violation of the rules of the game.

I'm with the Luddites.


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I had hoped to transcribe this interview, but I have too many projects on the go at the moment. I found following several of the leads he mentions in his testimony, the researchers, institutions, and lectures given, are documented and for real.

Hybrid World - The Plan to Modify and Control the Human Race Behind closed doors scientists and corporations have breached genetic codes that separate the individuality of all animal and plant species on earth.
Laboratories around the world are honing their skills while our humanity and dignity as a species is on the operating table like a universal Frankenstein, subject to a wholesale psychic and physiological re-design under the guise of "progress."
The proponents claim the field of "Transhumanism" will change the world by eliminating sickness and famine while at the same time, governments and military groups around the globe are having clandestine meetings to discuss super soldiers, super intelligence, and even super animals to maintain military dominance and control over the populations of the world.
Even more horrifying they must create committees to implement plans to defend their nations against future terrorism performed by transhumans (modified human beings) with the universal.
2012 Star: Thomas Horn


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During my recent vacation into reading romantic fiction which, as most of you know, is set mostly in the English Regency period, I did take a look at some romances set in modern times to see if any fit the criteria. For the most part, no they did not. Either they were too leftist/libtard or too BDSM or worse (yes, there is worse!), which is a bizarre situation in and of itself.

However, during my scanning of titles and book descriptions, one caught my eye: "The Russian Billionaire" by Georgia Le Carre.

Now what, I wondered, would that be about in this climate of anti-Russian propaganda? Is it more of that???

So, I got the kindle version and began to read. Oh boy, talk about a Regency romance type character on steroids with an initial scene designed to shock and tittilate! Hoo boy!

What really piqued my curiosity was that the hero, one Konstantin Tsarnov, is palsy with Putin. WaPo is mentioned as the enemy, and the political anti-Russian climate is mentioned specifically.

Okay... so, despite the raunchy beginning, I wonder just what is up here? Is this some kind of propaganda?

So, I read on. I'm not going to spend time here talking about the plot, dynamics, etc, just be warned that it is racy as all get-out. But then, comes the surprise: a very serious purpose reveals itself.

A character in the book who is a friend of Konstantin, a guy named Blake, is thinking to himself here following a quote at the beginning of the chapter:

“What good fortune it is for governments that people do not think.” -Adolf Hitler

I put the phone down after speaking to Konstantin and swivel my chair around to stare out of the window. Things are starting to happen, but I can’t help feeling worried. There is a tight ball of anxiety in my gut. It is all too easy. I alone, from everyone in our group, understands our enemy.

I know because I am their spawn.

Only I know how utterly ruthless and powerful they are.

The others are full of hope, zeal, and innocence. They have never met the enemy. Only I have seen their faces and known their dastardly deeds. Only I know how depraved they are. It is almost impossible to tell the others about them. They will wither away in shock. The human mind cannot conceive of the pure evil that lurks in the true psychopath. He is actually insane. He looks totally normal, he functions perfectly, and can blend into society seamlessly, he may even be considered charming, but he is criminally and irreparably insane.

And it is his kind that rules our world.

There is a quick knock on my door and my oldest son, Sorab, comes into the room. I swivel around and smile at him. Every time I see him my heart swells with pride. He is seven now, and it is almost impossible for me to think of him as humanity’s hope, but if I do this right, he will be. One day, he will battle the dark forces that seek to destroy life as we know it and win.

“Hi, Dad,” he says, as he uses his palms to hoist himself onto my desk next to me.

“Hi,” I reply. Just by looking at his face I can tell something is troubling him.



“Why can’t I have a smartphone? All the other kids do,” he complains.

“Because smartphones are bad for kids.”

“But if smartphones are so bad how come all the other parents allow their kids to have them?”

“What does it matter what other people do?” I ask gently. “If something is wrong, it is wrong, and you shouldn’t do it.”

“I don’t understand what is so wrong about it. I just want to play some games, talk to my friends.”

“Tomorrow when you go to school, I want you to watch your friends while they are on the phone. I want you to watch their faces. You see them staring at their screen with a vacant expression in their faces. Do you know why that is?”

He stares at me, his eyes as blue as mine. Only they have not seen the horrors I have.

“No,” he replies sulkily.

“Because they are in a literal state of hypnosis as they automatically and mindlessly browse and scroll while losing track of time and the world around them. Each additional daily hour of screen time increases the child’s risk of becoming addicted, or even affecting his or her long term mental health.”

“But, Dad. I only want to use it for short periods. I promise I won’t use it for ages and ages like the other kids. I don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t have one.”

“Okay. So you’ll only use it for a short time. During that short time you are in a state of hypnosis, who and what is going to have a direct line into your head?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you think what you have on the net comes out of nowhere? It is produced by corporations that are only interested in profit. They do not care for you. In fact, they want you to become addicted so you will keep on browsing mindlessly for the rest of your life.”

“Don’t the other parents know that?” he asks.

I shrug. “Some do and don’t care because they want a bit of peace, others have no idea they are not only giving amoral corporations direct access to their children, but also allowing them to shape their young minds into whatever they want.”“Yeah, but I’m the only one who doesn’t have one,” he mutters, looking gloomily at his feet.

“I know it’s hard for you, but you know, you’re not like all the other kids, right? You have to be ready for when they come for you.”

He lifts his head and looks at me. I feel my heart break at the expression on his face. He just wants to be a kid, but he can’t because we are one of the hidden thirteen bloodlines of intergenerational wealth families the conspiracy theorists talk about. For hundreds of years we have ruled from the shadows until I stepped out. Said no. They still want my son. They will come for him and he must be ready to stand up to them or they will destroy him.

“Yeah, I know,” my son says sadly.

“Good. I love you, my dear, dear son and I will give up my life to protect you. Always remember that.”

He smiles. “Smartphones are stupid anyway.”

I ruffle his silky hair. He gets that from his mother. “That’s my boy. Shall we go practice some Jiu Jitsu?”

He jumps off the desk eagerly. “Okay, Dad.”

Okay, that really grabbed my attention.

Later in the book, Konstantin is talking to Raine, the heroine of the story, about his participation in a secret project and the following exchange takes place beginning with Konstantin:

“What do you know about singularity?”

“Absolutely nothing,” I confess.

“The definition of singularity is a hypothetical point in time when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization. Now, it may seem to the ordinary person that moment is far away in the future, but he would be very wrong to think that. Our civilization is actually moving at breakneck speed towards humanity+.”

I gaze into his eyes. “Humanity+?”

“It’s another way of describing transhumanism.”

“Ah, the merging of humans with machines and the rise of the superhuman.”

He strokes my hair. “That’s the Hollywood movie version, and how transhumanist proponents sell the idea to the public. Humans accessing the internet without having to plug something into their bodies must mean the interface with the machines can better serve humans. But if you study the scientific papers they publish, you will quickly find that what they tell you is a barefaced lie. In fact, it is about giving the machine better access and control of the human body. It is about monitoring what goes on inside the human body: synthetic telepathy and reading our emotions. It goes without saying that if you can read it out, then you can also play it in using the same channel. Transhumanism it turns out is the perfect method of control. It is the wet dream of every government and every control crazed sociopath. They will be able to decide how you feel and what you think.”

“Jesus!” I exclaim, shocked. “That’s what transhumanism is truly about?”

“Yes. Without going into the complicated scientific explanations of encapsulated quantum dots, DNA absorbing light photons, and nanotubes and fibres, that is the simplest way I can explain it to you.”

I lean away from him. “That sounds terrible. Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?”

“The problem is most people will not understand what they are getting into. They will not do their own research. They are too busy putting food on the table and paying their bills. They will simply Google it, and since Google is one of the major players in the push towards transhumanism, it is unlikely they find the truth anywhere on Google’s search results. Once they have Googled it they will feel they have done their due diligence, Next step is to go ahead and sign up to become a superhuman. The effect will only become apparent when the machine has taken over, when it is too late.”

I shake my head in wonder. “Would governments really do that to their own people? I mean, I can hardly believe it.”

“Governments have poisoned and killed their own citizens since time immemorial. As I said before, the research and implementation is going at breakneck speed. They are almost at the cusp of rolling it out. All they need is an excuse which they will create at their pleasure. There is only a small window of opportunity left to warn people not to fall for the trick.

“Is that what you are doing, warning people?”

“No. That’s not my expertise. I am building an alternative internet platform.”

“An alternative internet? Why?”

“The time will come when anyone who is not part of the AI hive mind will be prohibited from utilizing the internet. That is when our system will come alive. It will be separate from their centralized internet and exist completely outside their control. Which means they can never shut it down.”

“There are people trying to stop you, aren’t there?”

“Yes, there are very powerful people trying very hard to stop us, but our alliance is very strong and we have a secret advantage they do not know about.”

Konstantin and Raine go through some real trials and then, finally, marry. At this point, an even more astonishing exchange takes place.

We honeymoon at the beautiful island of the Seychelles. Ah, what a happy time. We are indescribably happy. I almost dread coming back to the States. Coming back would mean facing up to all the problems, and sure enough our return is hard for me. Konstantin would lock himself in his coding room for hours at a time while he slowly built his alternative internet, one string of zeros and ones at a time, all in his mind. And all that time I would sit around and start to worry about what would happen if the alliance doesn’t win. I keep thinking of Helena’s cautionary tale of the rat with the venom in his body. Running, thinking it’s wounded but it has escaped, but in fact, it is already more dead than alive.

The more I think and imagine scenarios in my head, the more convinced I become that the cabal will win. To the extent, I become paranoid about it. Sometimes I will lie awake after Konstantin is sleeping. I’ll listen to his deep even breathing, put my hand on my belly, and be afraid for the future.

Until one day I can bear it no more and I confront him while we are sitting together outside on the terrace. There is a full moon and it’s a beautiful night, but my mind is chaotic with ugly thoughts.

“What happens if they force us all to take the chip, or the injection, or whatever it is that will turn us into AI integrated cyborgs?”

He shakes his head firmly. “They won’t do that.”

“Why not? If they are as evil as you say, what’s to stop them?”

“Because Blake was once one of them, before he met Lana, and turned away from that life. So he knows how they think, how they operate, and what rules they are bound by. And they are very firmly bound by the rules of their religion.

He makes air quotes around the word religion.

“Even though it may seem to us as if transhumanism is merely an exercise in turning humanity into slaves or batteries that they can use to mine for energy, there is an unseen but very important spiritual element to all of it. Just like the Aztec’s tore out still beating hearts and sacrificed them to their serpent God, these people believe they are harvesting souls for their God. But they can only harvest willing souls. Their rules say they are allowed to trick someone into saying yes, or make them so fearful that they say yes, but they must agree to their own enslavement.”

I frown. “How can they trick us into accepting something so horrendous? Who’s going to fall for something like that?”

“The same way they tricked you into agreeing to go to war with Iraq based on a lie about WMDs. Because you allowed them to fill your with unthinking fear, and because you didn’t care enough to do your own research, you blindly believed the propaganda and gave your power to them. As long as humankind is not vigilant, they will tricked into giving their consent. Once they have that they can harvest your soul with no repercussions.”

“Okay,” I say slowly. “I get it. Like Dracula. You have to invite him in or he cannot enter your home.”


I take a deep breath. “It seems so impossible though, that governments, the media, and other international bodies that have been set up to protect humankind have been so captured by these ghouls.”

“No, it is not as impossible as you think. Thorne once told me that he’d used his AI to map all the blue-chip companies in the world. And what he found was that no matter what industry, be it oil, pharmaceutical, food, air transport, weapons, utilities, tech, or media the majority shares of those firms are held by about ten different companies. The shares of those ten companies are mostly held by five or so companies. And the shares of those five entities are mainly owned by two companies, Blackrock and Vanguard. Then he found out the really interesting nugget of info. The biggest holder of Blackrock is Vanguard. And who owns Vanguard? We will never know, because it is privately held. Do you understand now how concentrated wealth is in our world? They own everything and everyone in power is beholden to them.”

I scoot closer to him, because I feel fear in my heart for my unborn child, and I don’t want to feel that.

“If they own everything, how can we possibly win?”

“They want us to think there’s no use fighting. They want us to give up in defeat, but the outcome is not set in stone. We are born with freedom in our bones, and that is our divine right. In this war against tyranny we have three things in our favor. First, we are many and they are few. Second, we do not extract from them, they extract from us, so they need us more than we need them. Third, they are secretly terrified of us, because they exist in a strict hierarchy of order and control, and we stand for freewill and freedom for all of humanity.”

Feeling slightly more reassured, I nod. “Okay. What would be the worst-case scenario? Will we end up with a two-tier society?”

He looks sad, really sad. “If humanity doesn’t come together as one and fight as one, it won’t be two classes of people anymore. We will split into species. Two entirely different species.”

He holds me tightly and gazes deep into my eyes. His eyes are full of sincerity. “But they won’t win, Raine. I know, just as I know without any doubt in my body that our child will never be anyone’s slave. Yes, they will harvest the souls of those who are not vigilant, but they won’t get us, or all the people we are slowly reaching. Day by day more and more people are joining us. It is like a flame that is being passed from one heart to another. Every heart we reach, then goes out into the world, and finds more hearts to light up. That is why they are have doubled their efforts. At a certain point, the tipping point will be reached, and it will be too late for then them to do reach their goals… and we will win.”

I was even more curious and looked into this author and some other books. Most of them are just excuses for a kind of porn, but a few of them carried fascinating messages. "Blackmailed by the Beast" is about the guy, Thorne, mentioned in one of the above extracts.

Then, there is a couple introduced in the book about Konstantin and Raine, Rocco and Autumn Rosetti. Their story is in "The Other Side of Midnight." Get this, Rocco is a vampire who says that his kind were originally "The Shining Ones", fallen angels! He has turned against the evil vampires and is helping humanity. In that book, there is a whole lot about "underground bases" that is quite amazing considering things Cs have said.

So it seems that this author is pulling out the stops trying to get messages across in her particular genre and beginning to tap into other sub-genres. I saw that some of her fans were NOT happy with her turn to "conspiracy theory" and "supernatural" elements.

What really interested me was to note that there were several important dialogs that expose things Cs have explicated. And, of course, after reading the description of "Transhumanism" in "The Russian Billionaire", I could help but think about the Cs saying that what was coming was "amalgamation."

With the above in mind, I think it would be useful to revisit some things the Cs have said that might be related.


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Here's the exchange about the underground facilities in "The Other Side of Midnight". Rocco has just told Autumn that he is a vampire.

Come in and sit down, Autumn,” I invite softly. My body feels rigid and tense, but it will be a relief to finally get it out.

She walks forward and sits stiffly at the end of the chair opposite my desk. Her back ramrod straight with dread.

I remain standing. “Who… or what am I? I am the descendant of an ancient race of immortal beings who can live for many thousands of years. Our kind have lived on earth alongside humans since the beginning of time. It’s a long story, but human history is not as your rulers have taught you. Anyway, our relationship with mankind was peaceful, and we were viewed as benevolent guardians, and with fear. We were called the Shining Ones, and there were many glowing accounts of us in your most ancient texts and could be found in all great libraries, but they are all buried under the sea now.

“Originally, we were the keepers of knowledge and guardians of humanity. Especially, whenever there are extinction event cataclysms on earth that happen in cycles, every twelve to fourteen thousand years. When one of these catastrophes, which we callEMPOCs, happen, the damage is unimaginable. There is death and destruction everywhere. Everything is obliterated. Huge parts of continents sink into the sea, drowning all its inhabitants and leaving not even a trace of their civilization, while other parts of land full of sea creatures will rise from the ocean. And sometimes the earth burned for days, obliterating everything in its path.

“The bible tells one story of a people who were devastated by a great flood, but there have been many other such cataclysms that have befallen earth. During this time, all technology is lost, and the trauma and shock is so all encompassing the survivors collectively suffer a mind wipe of sorts. They walk around in a daze and it has always been our kind who guided them in the rebuilding of their destroyed cities. We brought seeds that we had saved in underground vaults and taught them agriculture.

“If you’ve ever wondered why archeologists sometimes dig up artifacts that carbon date back to hundreds and thousands of years, but those items show signs of being cut by laser machinery or made by some other historically impossible technology and advances, it is because the real history of the earth has been deliberately hidden from you. Humankind has attained greater heights during other cycles of civilization.”

She stares at me, her face white and incredulous. Her body frozen in shock.

“During the golden age of Egypt, my descendants took a wrong turn. The same way the fall of humankind was caused by Eve being tempted into eating the forbidden fruit, one of us was seduced by the dark magic of the powerful priesthood of that age. She let one drop of human blood fall on her tongue, and all of us lost the ability to fly. We fell into the sin of craving blood above all else. And there we have remained ever since.”

Autumn’s eyes widen with shock as she gasps furiously, “No. This cannot be true.” She shakes her head in disbelief and puts her hands over her ears. “No, this is a sick, sick joke. Vampires do not exist.”

“It’s not a joke,” I say calmly. “In your heart, you know it is true. You saw me lift your car. You just didn’t want to believe your own eyes so you blocked the memory. You wanted to pretend to yourself for a little longer. There is no more pretending, Autumn.”

She closes her eyes, then reopens them. All the light in them is gone. She looks at me dully. “You’re a vampire.”

Shame fills my body, but I don’t look away from her. I am what I am and she is what she is. Nothing will change that. “When we fell, we became the exact opposite of what we had once been. Our skin that was illuminated and glowing with white light was taken away from us, and sunlight became deadly to us. Even the weakest ray of sun can seriously burn our skin. Physically, we were still beautiful, but we had become creatures of the night. Predators, who had to hide our true natures from humanity.

“Blood lust is something no human can ever understand. Yes, there are humans who become Satanists and they drink blood at ceremonies, and they probably quite enjoy the wickedness of it all, but it is not like that for us. The only way you can even begin to understand how it feels, is if you try to imagine you are starving.

“You haven’t eaten for days, then someone puts a wonderful, favorite hot meal in front of you. You can see it, and smell it. It is right in front of you, but your hands and feet are tied and your mouth is taped shut. As I stand here now I can hear the blood rushing in your veins and I can smell it. Smoky sweet and seductively innocent. You had onions at lunch. And the adrenaline from your encounter with those intruders is still flowing in your blood. Adrenaline is like a drug. A drug far, far more addictive than the purest heroin.

“Do you want to drink my blood?” she asks, her voice shaking with horror.

“Yes, I want to,” I admit brutally. “And I cannot stop the blood lust, just like you cannot stop your heart from beating, or your kidneys from doing what they are supposed to do. You see, our greatest punishment is not that we lost our light, or we have to slink and slither by night and can never feel the wonderful warmth of the sun again. It is having to endure the curse of this relentless clawing thirst for blood, day and night... for eternity.”

She shakes her head in rejection at my words. “No. No. Oh, my God, no. I cannot believe this. This is just so incredible, so unbelievable. And to think I laughed when I read Interview With A Vampire at the absurdity of vampires going around killing humans every night. As if they wouldn’t be found out. And here you are telling me you and your family are going about doing just that.”

“You were right to laugh, because that is not how it is done. We couldn’t, as you put it, go around killing humans every night, or we would have quickly aroused suspicion, become known to the communities that we blended into, and eventually destroyed. The solution was obvious. We had to have our own supply. Like the Massai tribes who drink the blood of the cattle without killing them.”

She presses the heel of her hand to her head in disbelief. “Oh God, you own humans?”

“I don’t, not anymore, but my family and the others of my kind do.”

She frowns. “How? I mean where are these poor people kept?”

“In underground facilities.”

She covers her gaping mouth, and shoots to her feet. “Jesus, I have to get out of here!”

“You cannot run from this any longer, Autumn. I know you are shocked and horrified, but please sit down and let me finish. I have to tell you everything because you have to know everything, no matter how distasteful. It is the truth.”

Slowly, she lets herself fall back on the chair.

“When I say underground facilities, I don’t mean sordid little prisons dug into the ground. Earth is not a solid ball, it is more like Swiss cheese with many deep tunnels, and massive secret underground caverns, some are humongous with ceiling heights as tall as a New York skyscraper. Some of these spaces are owned by humans and called DUMBs (deep underground military bases), but they are mostly owned by Vampire families who bought up the land above these caverns a long time ago, then built homes with secret elevators that travel into the caverns underneath.

“Some of these settlements are so big they are spread out over areas bigger than Hunter’s Cross. They are powered with electricity, have rail networks, and are fitted with sophisticated aqueduct and filter systems that purify and distribute water and air. There are schools, shops, offices, coffee shops, a bar, a club for the young, a Church, a Police station, and a clinic.

“People live in comfortable units fitted with all mod-cons and have access to beautiful parks with tame birds and animals. Each person is given a hydroponic allotment garden where he/she can grow their own food if it so pleases them. They have no bills to pay, and food is plentiful so they have no need to work or produce anything of value, unless they want extra credits which will allow them to shop at the luxurious stores. They are free to spend their time on leisure activities; painting, sewing, making furniture, distilling whiskey, playing video games. There is no crime. The inhabitants fall in love, marry, bear children, and bury their dead. They have no idea about life on the surface of the earth and yearn for nothing. Once a month they go to the clinic and donate a pint of blood. They don’t know why they do it, but it has always been done that way.”

She tilts her head and looks at me the way someone would if they rescued a stray kitten the night before and have walked into their kitchen and found a fully grown, hungry panther prowling around.

“And your family has one of these... settlements?”

“Yes. It is called The Parallel.”


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There is an older thread on this topic that should be merged with this one.

I have just posted two interesting items in the older thread.


The Living Force
Reading these excerpts I cannot help but think that this is somebody who has connections with our Forum. The breadth of deep knowledge seems to be extremely similar. If this is not the case then it is very fortunate to find that someone out there is aligned with us to a certain extent.
It would be a good idea if we could make contact with her, and hopefully too, those of her readers/followers most like-minded?

It is certainly the time to join forces with as many such peeps that we 'find'. For solidarity and sharing of facts.
The C's did say that there were some similar groups out there, and that 'in the future' there may be opportunities to align together?
Oddly this is something that had been on my mind much of the time recently, and which I mentioned to a friend here yesterday who I share our findings with thankfully.
I have even been praying asking Julius Caesar if he could help such people find our lighthouse - bizarre maybe, but if you don't ask lol....

The prospect of having out own internet system is great but hopefully not just wishful thinking.
I am so glad you followed your instinct Laura, and ordered that book!
Felt kinda strange, but positive, reading info that melded coming from an external source :-)
Everything sure seems to be speeding up now...


The Living Force
Later in the book, Konstantin is talking to Raine, the heroine of the story, about his participation in a secret project and the following exchange takes place beginning with Konstantin:
Just a couple days ago the thought occurred to me we'll need our own internet if they shut the current internet down. Her recent book, the Russian Billionaire is, I think, miles better than her three years ago written vamp story. Its as if the two books have been done by a completely different writer! She improved drastically.

Years ago, when we began to talk about serious weather changes, the [then] contemporary movies and TV Shows all were introducing us to the protagonists wonderful research rooms. These rooms were usually a "central research station" and all the hardware there were tied-hacked into the Earth satellite system - and the banking + CCTV systems - with many large monitors displaying real-time results of the elaborate computers running all kinds of tracking software.

So our heroes in these movies could track / investigate the bad guys: I thought, OMG, our group could really use such a research hub to track the weather and UFOs!
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