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When I was reading Laura's book "The Secret History of the World", I felt very curious about the Cathedral in Auch, about the stained glass windows, about the symbolism hidden in the whole building. But at that moment I was very far from France, so it was not really on my plans.
But the time came and I had the chance to visit Auch. It was an interesting experience in different senses... Even though I'm very far from being versed in antique symbols and I'm definitely not an historian, when I was in there I had the feeling of being discovering something... something occult, maybe in the place, maybe in myself...

The true thing is that this is a very impressive and beautiful place, these are some of the pics I took and I want to share with all of you:
DSC_6086.jpg DSC_6167.jpg DSC_6093.jpg DSC_6158.jpg

The horns of Moses:
DSC_6137.jpg DSC_6136.jpg
The burial of Jesus:
DSC_6107.jpg DSC_6110.jpg DSC_6111.jpg
The full set and full quality is here: Auch, France - Cathedral

Other pics I took with a drone:

Full set and full quality: Auch, France - From above

If you are interested in the RAW files feel free to drop me a message ;)


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Thanks for posting those pics, hiperboreo. They really are wonderful.

Thanks for sharing the photos hiperboreo, those aerial shots are absolutely magnificent! The burial of Christ sculpture had an exceptionally solemn feeling to it. I hope you had a wonderful time being there in person.

I had a similar feeling about the burial of Christ sculpture... Made me think that it's actually a depiction of Julius Caesar's burial.
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