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This is named after a cat that I worked with earlier this year at a local humane shelter named Babushka. It's actually more of a method than a specific dish, and was inspired by a need to find a way to use up leftovers and extra bacon grease -- the specific ingredient are therefore flexible according to your specific needs and tolerances. It consists of a base (meant to deliver fats and nutrients) and a sauce (designed to be antifungal), mixed together in the end.


Start with a generous helping of olive oil in a bowl. Mince garlic and add it to the bowl. Cut up other herbs like parsley or oregano and add them as well. Add additional desired spices such as cumin, and a generous helping of sea salt. Mix together and let sit while you create the base.


Pour all of your excess bacon grease from the past week in another bigger bowl. Cook more bacon for additional grease, cut up the bacon, and add it to the bowl. Cut up meat of your choice (I usually use pork), fry it in the bacon grease, and add it to the bowl. Cut up vegetables of your choice (leafy greens, onions, sweet potatoes, etc), fry them in the bacon grease, and put them in the bowl. Add the rest of the bacon grease to the bowl. Cut up some avocados (preferably a bit mushy) and put them in the bowl. Stir together.

Mix the sauce vigorously into the base -- the olive oil should mix together with the bacon grease and avocado and create a paste that is not unlike chip dip. If you tolerate tomatoes, you can also chop a couple up with cilantro and add them for a kind of guacamole-like feel. Eat the first batch warm, but then refrigerate.

Open your refrigerator -- admire how much room it has with all of the leftovers gone. Plan your next shopping trip to create more leftovers, while living off of Babushka for the next few days.


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Thank you for sharing Shijing. I smiled when I read your comment at the end. :)


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Hmm seems like a good idea, I will give it a try! I'm going to experiment with canning ground beef soon, so I can use that leftover fat instead of bacon fat. Thanks! :cool2:
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