Banking insider describes his descent into the pit of the world financial web


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Nicolas said:
Can Won said:
Hi :),
the second part of the interview with Ronald Bernard is available now...
I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but will do so tonight.
When i watched the first part, phew! the emotions he went through in half an hour were heart wrenching :(

This interview was more tame. He discusses the "pyramid" structure of the elites where the BIS (Bank of International Settlements in Basal) is at the very top.
I think it is a good interview even though what he is saying is not entirely new. It is there in the web for more than a decade under "conspiracy theory" category and now slowly became conspiracy "fact". People can see it and wants a change in the national elections (US and UK etc.). He explained it very clearly and easy understandable way for normal people to digest. It looks his first video attracted 18 million views and subsequent attacks. He says he is trying to figure out solution and optimistic. I think it is good, though I wonder whether PTB will allow him to do it, if it really makes difference. But, in these days of instant communications, any thing is possible, if we see how things has changed during the last 3 years.


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Thanks for sharing.

At the end, he get's emotional and rightfully so. He comes back about the fact that children are being sacrificed for the entertainment for psychopaths. He doesn't say it flat out, but it's clear and he already spoke about in the first interview.

Frankly, humanity must be in some spell, to not care enough to get informed and see what can be done about it. Everyone by now, certainly those who have access to the internet. Should heard about it right now. Yet don't decide to act upon it.

Perhaps those uncaring people should move back to the vegetables they grew out to. And remain under the ground until they got the empathy to actually care.

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The third interview episode is now available

He talks in more general terms about both the positive and the negative responses to his outing of the nature of the matrix power system. He is more cryptic than in his other interviews (even maybe hinting at some awareness of an other density nature to its source) as he attempts to explain why he has not named names or revealed more detail about his connections, his history and his actual work places. At times he unashamedly breaks down as he tries to grapple with the post traumatic experiences he went through, the disbelief and the attacks. In particular he comes back again and again to the 'children' who he sees as the global victims of the vampire cult he has sought to expose. Interesting to hear him speak about the necessity for him to clean his machine so as to withstand the blow back coming his way and to continue the fight in a holistic fashion.

There is also what appears to be a fake news story of Mr Bernard's supposed death doing the rounds on the internet. The mods may want to delete the live link but this seems to be the only source for the story which is spreading like wildfire. If anyone can dig up more it would be great to know that this is not true (e.g. his being 61 doesn't seem to equate with his admitted birth date of 1962; he states in the interview above that he has been married for ten years whilst the article seems to claim a recent marriage to an American woman). When I read it my heart sank as I had half expected this outcome because of the waves his courageous public outing was generating, but the more I've looked around the less it seems to add up. Why such a rumor is being spread I cannot say.

Fingers crossed because he is a rare voice in the wilderness and people do seem to be responding to his cry for an awakening.


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Yeah, I saw that.... not sure on the site... as it seems to be the only source for the story on the sites I looked at; but it does help push his story, and that's a good thing. ;) even if they are trying to discredit the guy, that game can easily work against them... as anyone really interested in the data will do more than one simple check.

The last part of the interview has him tell of his own childhood abuse situation.... interesting, seems a pattern... for later possible recruitment... like one victim becoming the predator for the next generation... and the game keeps going round and round.

Probably find out by tomorrow... as most blog comments indicate it being a fake story from a 'clickbait' site... names changed from one report to another... different picture used, etc.
But it does get his story out... so interesting... seen this or some other site doing the same for child pedophiiles in Hollywood etc... the data was real, only the source was very, very doubtful, as coming out and telling the truth will get you suicided.... same as always.


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Just a heads up, there are news circulating right now of how Ronald Bernard has been killed/murdered. This seems to be fake news. It looks like the one killed is not the same Ronald Bernard as in these videos. Several posters are saying, that this guy lived in Florida and had the last name Fernandez.




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Once again I've been directed & 'time' made available for me to watch this 1st interview (thanks Rhiannon for the voice English voice-over versn.). Chilling... and very important knowledge. I was mentally questioning the validity of the C's as a source, especially as regards my own internal dialogue with what I'd previously regarded as my own subconscious. I've just had the answer hammered home - boy oh boy! I'm learning my lessons & I darn well won't forget. I have a lot of work in front of me but this has given me a much needed boost. Thanks for posting this thread - I'd have missed it otherwise (... or would I?).


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While I have no doubt, that all the horrendous things Bernard talks about in these interviews are happening, I don't quite understand what he is trying to do. He says repeatedly, that he can't expose any details from his 'past life', provide any hard evidence, because he needs to protect himself and others. Speculating a bit, it might be that those who tortured him perhaps killed/tortured some children in front of him, saying how "this will happen to many more children" if he ever blows the whistle on them. On the other hand, children are being tortured and abused all the time, so Bernard keeping silent isn't helping them. Or, they might have threatened his which case his strategy might be more understandable.

All in all, I'm not sure what to think of this guy. Again, the things he say are no doubt happening, but since he is not providing any 'meat on the bone' it makes me wonder. Knowing how convincing psychopaths can be, the worst case scenario could be that Bernard is just a psycho who has invented a good 'niche' to get publicity.


Or, they might have threatened his which case his strategy might be more understandable.

All in all, I'm not sure what to think of this guy. Again, the things he say are no doubt happening, but since he is not providing any 'meat on the bone' it makes me wonder. Knowing how convincing psychopaths can be, the worst case scenario could be that Bernard is just a psycho who has invented a good 'niche' to get publicity.

Agree with your point Aragorn, I also thought about his family, it is very easy for the powers to ruin is whole life, anyones whole life. I also thought "why they didnt make him dissappear?"... and have not come to any good conclusion about it, maybe they think it is not worth it, every thing is very strange.

About providing "the meat" that also hit me, I have not yet seen episode 3, but haven't seen him talk about practical applyable solutions aside from getting together, raising awareness to the masses, etc... He could point to financial independence solutions for the common man, those are the kind of things that really free people from the system... to a point.


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Just noticed, that Bernard is...or was back in April with an interview for the so called ITNJ Judicial Commission (I've never really trusted that group). I couldn't watch the whole 'testimony' (ca 30min), because it started to become obvious to me that what Bernard was doing was acting. I could be wrong of course, but I've watched a lot of analyses by e.g. 'Bombard's Body Language', and paraphrasing her, Roland seems to have the 'believe me look' all the time. Also, when he is telling things from his memories, 'reliving' the horrors, based on his body language he is not 'going back' for his memories. The usual sign for that is that you look upwards and slightly to the left or right, to retrieve the memory. Bernard is not doin that at all...he is staring straight ahead most of the time. Also, as in the previous interviews, he says that he is not going to tell the details...but he knows all the details...but they are too horrific etc.

As I said, I could be wrong, but compared to the previous time some years ago when I saw him talking, the feeling of impostor was now much, much stronger. Now, why would Bernard be doing all this faking, why would he tell all these lies? I don't know, but seriously disturbed people do all kinds of things. He could be just having 'fun and games' to see how far he can go with this, how big an audience will he get? One thing that caught my attention in this recent interview, was how he talked about "inviting the wrong doers on the other side, and help them heal" (paraphrasing here). I'm curious to see, if he will build more upon this idea, perhaps ultimately declaring how we all must forgive those evil sickos, as he has done. That could be a hidden agenda, if he has one.

Here's the recent 'testimony':


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As more and more pages of the forum become polluted with the name of a Ronald Bernard a.k.a. Ronald B de Blij, a.k.a. ex-top/ex-elite banker, I think it’s high time to note that there is no evidence for anything he claims about himself, and many indicators that he may just be another conman.

No one noticed that RB is remarkably vague about everything? He uses all catchy phrases, but there is no meat to it, nothing that would suggest he knows anything of value that was not available wildly before his ‘disclosure’? Any names? Any CV confirmed in any valid way? Nothing.

Here goes a brief history of his online presence as a rising star that I’ve managed to collect. (Some sources are in Dutch, so for quotes, G-translation is used)

Somewhere around 2009, a ‘Happy Party’ (De Blij Partij) in The Netherlands was founded, most likely by RB himself

Become a member of Happy/Joy Party

The Happy Party was founded on November 11, 2009 as a Mirror Party (Spiegel Partij). An investigation into the ins and outs of the Netherlands has already begun before that time. From the findings of the investigation we can state the following: "we are everything except a normal political party". The current traditional political party system is rotten to the bone. Unfortunately, we cannot put it differently. ... Should our Mirror Party exceed 7 million members, then it is time to fully take over the political party system as Happy Party members. We will then rule the country together.

Subsequently, new members of parliament will be appointed to implement the desired changes. ...Our new representatives will be obliged to implement sound and equitable management. Participate and become a member now !!!

of which RB became spokesperson “at the request of the current members”. Note, that the website carries a “© 2009 Jozeph Muntenbergh” signature.

Under the latter link, the first mention of a bank appears:

To stop vaccinating our population if it damages our health or immune system or is based on anxiety. Remove the harmful substances from our food, beverages and utensils. Stop fluoride for human consumption. Remove all harmful or ineffective medicines. Set up a banking system that works for everyone out of abundance. Resolve the national debt. Stop cooperating on land and raw material harvesting in other countries. Abolish unnecessary European and National rules and taxes.

Within the Party, The Mirror Program 2010 was developed for then upcoming Dutch general election of June 2010. Apparently, no success here, and the party is not listed as taking part in the election, if even it had ever been registered as such.

As for the bank, my guess is, that RB could get the idea from Rudo de Ruijter’s writings. Coincidentally, a couple of RR’s videos are made by the same Jozeph Muntenbergh.

2011 - Enter the “bank”. At the beginning, the website was named and the first archived appearance dates 07 January 2011

Welcome to De Blije Bank (DBB) of society. DBB is a cooperative association i.o. of which every resident of the Netherlands can become a member. ... DBB is operated from a good stewardship as an investment, trading, savings and credit bank. DBB works 100% interest-free, provides a return on capital and uses a complementary currency (CM).

The CM derives its value from investments in raw materials, natural forces, natural entrepreneurship and people.

Unfortunately, in 2003 RB was ordered to remove the misleading and illegal use of the word ‘bank’ from the website, so they replaced ‘bank’ with ‘b’ and as a result, it became:
ANNOUNCEMENT, 01-08-2013. The Central Bank of the Netherlands has requested, based on article 3:7 subsection 1 of the Dutch financial supervisory law, that United People Foundation remove the word bank from the business name Bank of Joy. Also, the name Bank of Joy may not be used on this website. We will carry on as B of Joy [De Blije B]. The word bank will be re-instated as soon as this citizens initiative by professionals has acquired a banking license.

It was only then, that the below note appeared in their self-presentation:

De Blije B is a citizens' initiative of professionals. We are introducing the fixed-value currency URA and as soon as we have more than 10,000 members, we apply for a banking license. A bank of, for and by the people, where we will manage our money ourselves. You can be a member for 25 euros [per year]. For 100 euros it also becomes your bank.

So we are supposed to believe that the ex-top banker was unaware of legal requirements for an entity to be able to call itself a ‘bank’? I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy it. It's even worse if he did know.

Above we have another entity, United People Foundation, which is, according to its website, a no-profit foundation registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 56595220. I tried to find the date of its creation to no avail, but the first archived appearance is of 20 Aug 2013, and its English version – of 02 March 2017, and De Blije B seems to be part of UPF.

Out of 10K members needed, in this interview of Jan 2017 he claims 6.5K, and on the UPF website, after saying that they keep the information confidential, an update of 2020 announces 8.5K “connected to their initiative” which can mean anything. And all we have is his words, as usual.

So we’re in 2013, the word ‘bank’ is removed in August, and in November the first interview with RB is done and published by a Paul van der Sluijs and his EarthMedia BV. Then things are quiet until January 2017 when one of the main Dutch newspapers, de Volkskrant, interviewed RB (surely nothing about ‘evil banking’, Illuminati, Satanists and child abuse was mentioned there)

From citizen to banker is not a piece of cake

The financial crisis has inspired ordinary citizens to take matters into their own hands. But the obstacles for do-it-yourself bankers appear to be great.

It's not an uplifting conclusion for do-gooders. To prevent a recurrence of the crisis, politicians have introduced top-heavy regulation. With the paradoxical, unwanted result that the established banks have little to worry about new competitors.

The candidate bank is looking across the border for a permit. To Malta, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, among others.

The article (in Dutch) is behind a paywall now but is archived here. In August 2017, an article (in English) was posted on website, with an attempt to debunk the ‘rising star’, where among other things, we have this:

Academics leaving the International Advisory Board of B of Joy

Before publishing my article (on Kloptdatwel) on Bernard’s interview and the research I did on his background, and that of other people involved, I contacted the two people in the International Advisory Board [B of Joy], who hold academic positions: Jan Rotmans (professor in transitions and transition management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Marleen Janssen Groesbeek (lector Sustainable Finance and Accounting at Avans University of Applied Sciences). Me and Verhoft had repeatedly asked them questions on this matter via Twitter, but they seemed to ignore us (although they did notice our remarks).

In reply to my email, they let me know (clearly annoyed by my questions) that they didn’t believe anything of the stories told by Bernard. But apparently, it didn’t seem to bother them too much as they both continued to support the B of Joy.

After the publication of my article, however, other journalists got interested as well. And only now Rotmans and Janssen Groesbeek decided to step down. De Volkskrant (the same newspaper that had published the uncritical interview with Bernard in January this year) wrote about the matter on Saturday, August 26th 2017 and apparently, this attention made them take the wise decision to cut ties with the B of Joy and Bernard in the end. [unfortunately behind a paywall and not archived]
Smells Fucilla?

to be continued...

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In March 2017, De Vrije Media (Free Media) posted link to the first interview with RB made by Irma Schiffers of DVM-TV on vimeo (link dead by now and video reposted here, where we can find out that DVM-TV is, or was at that time, part of De Vrije Media). Now they have only 2 videos on their video profile but back in 2017, there was more, another “Illuminati whistleblower” and David Icke included.

BTW, DVM-TV (Dutch Vision Movement) started in Oct 2017, the last post in May 2018, hosts mostly their series of interviews with RB though is still active on FB but not with their own works, as far as I could see. Irma Schiffers still runs her blog, started in 2014 with some kind of New-Agey stuff, followed with anything a hungry and naive truth-seeker can be looking for. And then, Ronald came. It almost looks as if DVM was a well-financed project set up to promote RB with the series of professionally made videos. Notice, there are no difficult questions asked in those interviews, no requests for RB be more specific on anything, nothing that would indicate quality journalism. Nothing is questioned, we see in fact the opposite – the interviewer limits her interactions to nodding and reaffirming every strong claim and helping RB in presenting himself as an undeniable authority. They are promo videos, nothing more.

Dutch members, if anyone is willing to put some research work into it, could probably find more. There are some conflicted alternative bloggers calling each other names, from ‘controlled opposition’ (AVID – controlled by intelligence) in the best case, to ‘secret service operation’ in the worst, that commented on RB, and some dirty info was revealed, but I’m skipping it here as I can’t verify any of it.

DVM-TV has also an interview made by Irma with another dark individual, Sacha Stone, on a con-court, International Tribunal for Natural Justice, ITNJ) shortly before the ‘court’ took RB’s testimony on child sacrifice in April 2018. (Ronald Bernard’s testimony for ITNJ – here)

But that’s another long story. Good and comprehensive material on ITNJ can be found in this exposé:

THE ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice) REARS ITS UGLY HEAD
The ITNJ is an illusion. An internet stage play. A reason to grab onto the hearts and minds of people who believe that a hearing on Youtube from a BAR member's office in Australia will ever get them justice. And they'll keep the show going for as long as you allow them to do it.

All Articles In This Series:

Part I The ITNJ Rears Its Ugly Head: A Warning
Part II Money, Money, Money
Part III When You Need to Act Like You Know The Law But Don't Have a Clue
Part IV The Living, Breathing, Adjustable, Sellable ITNJ Constitution
Part V Humanitad, ITNJ, the United Nations, and The New Age Order
Part VI The Great Harvest v.2, or How to Work for The Titles
Part VII The Law of the New Age Order
Part VIII A Summary of Research Points
Part IX Natural Law vs. The Corporation: Why it Won’t Work
Part X Pedophilia, Child Trafficking and the Perpetual Band Aid
Epilogue Part XI

The fact that the ITNJ project continues its mission to operate as a private court with one judge in a seat of power, representing itself to be in the public's best interest while excluding the voice of the public, is the only reason we decided to go back and pull out some of our old documents and emails in order to articulate why we cannot support this effort. Now is not the time to keep it to ourselves.

We did our homework. We encourage everyone to do the same before getting involved with this group.

On Sacha and dark connections, read this as a starter: The secret sex parties of the elite and Sacha Stone again under fire

I’m going to close this post with links to what seems to be a legit “whistleblower of a whistleblower”:

I just quit working for dutch whistleblower Ronald Bernard – here's why
Part 1
Part 2
[Added] Part 3

I'm aware there is no obvious smoking gun here. But it stunk to high heaven for me from the very beginning. If anything, those videos deserved at least a critical view, questions asked, and some research. That's what we are supposed to be about, don't we.
Anyway, I stay open to any evidence to the contrary. Without it, I’d rather see this thread in the COINTELPRO and Disinformation section of the forum.
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Just noticed, that Bernard is...or was back in April with an interview for the so called ITNJ Judicial Commission (I've never really trusted that group). I couldn't watch the whole 'testimony' (ca 30min), because it started to become obvious to me that what Bernard was doing was acting.
Thank you for posting that exposure. I also got the feeling that the guy was acting and had much awareness of capturing the attention of his audience. He says at the 14 minute mark about how the billions of people can help by building a bridge of forgiveness for all the perpetrators. Sorry but what about all the victims? That part sounded so much like a controlled opposition with the intent of portraying the perpetrators as the victims instead of looking after the victims, expose the perpetrators and to learn about psychopathy. His story is devoid of real facts, interspersed with new age fluff about all human beings are pure etc. and not being able to not put Russia in there for good measure, just because Russia, Russia, Russia.
Anyway, I stay open to any evidence to the contrary. Without it, I’d rather see this thread in the COINTELPRO and Disinformation section of the forum.

Good post PoB, with good links. I also think that this thread could be moved to the Cointelpro section, so that those who only read the first post will continue and see how it unravels.
As it happens, I only stumbled on this thread because I wanted to see if something about Sacha Stone had been written, before opening a thread about him in the New Age Cointelpro section.

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I'm aware there is no obvious smoking gun here. But it stunk to high heaven for me from the very beginning. If anything, those videos deserved at least a critical view, questions asked, and some research. That's what we are supposed to be about, don't we.
Anyway, I stay open to any evidence to the contrary. Without it, I’d rather see this thread in the COINTELPRO and Disinformation section of the forum.

Thank you for all the above Possibility of Being. Whole bunch of dormant lights suddenly switching back on. I admit to being one of those seduced by those first set of videos back in 2016/7 - but even then something scratched at the back of my mind; how does someone 'train' to become a psychopath and then 'find themselves' and become all love and light? How does someone say these things openly - especially claiming he was deeply embedded in the pathological 'inside' (and therefore knows names) - and yet never referenced specific groups, individuals, etc, and most importantly, sit there openly telling the tale? Even his stories of how he had such a difficult transition out of their world and how his life since has constantly been in danger - but that had passed and he didn't care now - because love.... it all just didn't ring true. I admit I wanted to believe him, I wanted what he said to be honest (confirmation bias) but something about the whole venture seemed too good to be true - and somehow off, despite the Oscar winning performance. But I buried these suspicions and never allowed them to grow. I preferred to allow myself to be convinced.

But in the last while I've seen him popping up as the love and light guru for this time, and this just brought back all these instincts of unreality and show man. I recently watched him turn up in a video by one of the anti-covid/vax/'let's build back a better world than their build back better' meme giving the same utopian peace and love and joy mantra and it was an entire turn off - I just couldn't listen to him. I think I rationalized my unease by saying 'hey he's so damaged by his past, no wonder he's turned to jelly in his thinking'. Thought little more of it - assumed it was just me. But now reading your posts I'm wondering if he isn't as you suggest a con man or even a gatekeeper con man just at the right time to try and channel/bring down well meaning coalitions forming at this time out of the COVID/Great Reset Scam...? And of course as a converted psychopath who knows what its like to have been one, perfectly placed to do lots of damage aka Q.

Here's the video on Brand New Tube (so can't embed)

Creating A New World For The People Ronald Bernard

Welcome to the United People Movement. We invite you to read The Declaration of Peace. If it appeals to you, please fill in the form on this page and digitally sign the Declaration. The more people sign the Declaration of Peace, the closer the moment of transition to real, irreversible changes comes. This is thanks to all the participants who are making it personal by DOING SOMETHING.

And that’s what it all comes down to, doesn’t it? We could talk about things for many years to come, but only by getting involved will things change: forming a joint enterprise together, based on a co-operative collective, as a colourful unity in diversity. You can read about how that will come about in The 12 points of change. Together, we are the change, the real power and the real value. If a lot of us get organized, then we OURSELVES will be the ones deciding what happens in our world.

There is a shining example that has already been set for all people and countries who want to solve a crisis properly, and that is the nation of Iceland. The turning-point came when the citizens of Iceland THEMSELVES got a movement and a (r)evolution going. By means of a referendum, people voted to rewrite the Icelandic Constitution. The Icelanders have shown us that when citizens REALLY demand a change of direction, it will actually happen. Who’ll be next?

Signing the Declaration of Peace will give YOUR VOTE significance again, just as happened in Iceland. This time, though, it’s worldwide. Really! Just watch the video below - it’s not long. Together, we’ll create a new world where we, the citizens of the world, hold the reins of power. Share this page, and please spread the Declaration of Peace. You’ll also find the text of the Declaration of Peace below the video.
CREDITS : Ronald Bernard

LINK : ⁣UPF | United People Movement

I think you are very much onto something here. Never get fooled again, hey? No such thing... it takes perpetual self vigilance so again, thank you. Let's just say the subject is open... but there's a strong enough signal to bring up real caution around this man and his real purpose.
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