A Disturbance in the Force

Barbara Dewey
December 21, 1923 - April 2, 2005


A brief introduction

From Barbara Dewey's book: Consciousness and Quantum Behavior

"Things become very different on the quantum level. Consciousness is a partner in organizing reality at the quantum level. This is how our beliefs are carried out."

In Consciousness and Quantum Behavior, Dewey explains Theory of Laminated Spacetime. This theory goes a long way to clearing up exactly how it is that we do, in fact, get what we intend.

This will help many people reconcile their doubts and move on into more powerful, conscious lifestyles. Interesting for both the curious and the skeptical, this book elucidates the various phenomena of deliberate creation. Carefully written in simple terms that a layman can enjoy, Dewey has painstakingly illustrated her theses with 33 hand drawn figures.


"It has been estimated that in order for light to travel at the speed of 186,000 miles per second, space would have to be millions of times more rigid than steel! This is because the more rigid the material, the faster the frequency or wave action it can set up. Yet this is not acceptable information to conventional-thinking humanity, because space - their logic tells them, has no rigidity whatsoever. But wait! According to LST theory (Laminated Space Time), rigidity is precisely the condition which we do find in space because space is fluctuating between existence and non-existence - between starts and stops. It is those stops which do indeed make space infinitely rigid. Thus we have in LST the necessary rigidity to account for that kind of vibrational speed - if light is actually going to travel. However, LST posits that light does not actually travel, because if it did, we could not achieve spatial stability - an absolute must if the universe isn't to dissolve into an amorphous and swirling blob. The distance between you and a tree could well collapse without warning if space (light) could move to any great degree. LST posits that light does not travel but vibrates in place, held in that place by spacetime shells. Light waves are riding up and down in place like so many tiny pistons, not pushing their messages along a line strung from an object to the retina, but instead holding that frequency for instantaneous viewing. (Similar to how ripples move across the surface of a pond, wherein they appear to be traveling, but are in reality only oscillating up and down, giving the deceptive appearance of linear movement.) At first consideration, the idea that light travels does indeed seem to be a correct assumption, but only because the phenomenon is being evaluated within our blueshifted space environment."

Our familiar 3D environment as well as our universe is blinking on and off millions of times per second, and is constantly destroyed/created/destroyed/created/destroyed/created/destroyed/created . . . . . . .

Barbara Dewey's Bio: Barbare Dewey Bio


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