Beautiful experience


The Force is Strong With This One
On my walk out of my work there are crossover bridges that go over the street that are enclosed. Half way thru I saw a sparrow struggling to go out the window which does not open. After a flight back and forth across the bridge to another unopen window I said out loud that I will help you. The sparrow hunkered down and let me pick it up. I carried it down the stairs and out the turnstile and released it. It flew away free from the stress of the window and seeing freedom but not able to get there. This experience was uplifting and much needed. This is also the 4th sparrow that I've helped through out the years. One was an injured bird rolling on the street, and two others were in the workout room trying to escape thru the mirrors in the gym. The one on the road I picked up and held to my chest... once home I went to show my wife and mother in-law and it flew away. Must have just been knocked a little silly. Thank goodness. Anyways just thought I'd share the bird story. Enjoy. I also wonder how many other people have had beautiful animal rescue stories.
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