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After reading TJ Coles book and some of his articles, had not refocused on what he was doing since. Reading his last work, was curious a couple of times at how he cited his work and what he said - think I made a brief mention of this above.

Whole article here _

Anyway, Coles appears to be a columnist on Axis of Logic and on June 22nd, 2017 he writes 'Trump’s Deep Connections to the Deep State' which is based on his new book 'President Trump, Inc.'

There is a fair bit in the article concerning his deep connections, yet I'm not about to fully entertain that they are factual, and there are no citation in the article, yet they are likely in his book, which he is pretty good at doing.

Here is one of the lead off paragraphs:

snip said:
The mainstream media and even the so-called alternative media have painted Donald Trump as a victim of the Deep State. They infer that Trump is a rebel—like him or loathe him—who is up against the machinations of the CIA, FBI, NSA and other so-called Deep State organizations.

The firing of FBI director James Comey only adds to this narrative: that Trump is an enemy of the Deep State. But there are circles within circles and as this article, adapted from my new book President Trump, Inc., documents, Trump has long-standing, Deep State connections.

He brings up the FBI again with "bureau sources" - so said the Guardian newspaper. It was the Guardian newspaper who Coles seemed to quote a few times in his other book, which I made a mental note of as the book, in certain sections, seemed biased against Syria and Russia when it really should not have been based on what was going on, imo. The part about Clinton below is not far off the mark in reality, osit.

Without reading the book I've no bases to comment further, yet it's curious.

TJ continues with:

snip said:


The FBI was eager to ensure a Trump victory. “[M]ultiple bureau sources” informed the Guardian newspaper that “[d]eep antipathy to Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI ... spurring a rapid series of leaks damaging to her campaign.” WikiLeaks aided the anti-Clinton campaign with its targeted leaking of Democratic Party-related material. One agent told the Guardian: “The FBI is Trumpland.” The agent said that to many in the FBI, Clinton is “the antichrist personified.”

As for Comey, Coles writes (much is known here):

snip said:
Comey’s father J. Brien Comey worked in real estate. Comey himself was Acting Attorney General during the NSA wiretapping scandals which culminated years later in the Edward Snowden revelations. Comey became senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin weapons manufacturer, General Counsel at Bridgewater Associates hedge fund and served on the board of directors of HSBC bank in London, whose American branch had previously been found guilty of laundering money for al-Qaeda and Mexican drug gangs.

And much of the article seems focused on Trump or his associates 'connections,' and that brings in the possibility of panting him in a bad light with said connections; and who among these types of people are not connected on many levels, even if just business or superficially and not always as friendships? His father also factors in the article, yet fathers and sons can be so different as history shows, so care is needed when making comparisons - take Joe Kennedy vs. son's John and Robert.

It might be an interesting read or not.


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I recently started reading 'Hidden History: The Hidden Origins of The First World War 1' by Docherty & MacGregor, that is mentioned in this thread. It's a really interesting read, and while looking up some of the references in the book, I found out that James Corbett had done a three part mini-series on WW1, and it's partly based on the above mentioned book (with interviews e.g. with MacGregor). I think the series is worth watching, and quickly gets you up to speed with what was going on preceding and after WW1, if you're not too familiar with the details (as I was not). I don't usually want to spend time watching videos, since reading is a more effective and faster way of gathering information, but in his usual style Corbett lays out the facts in his no-nonsense and quick fashion.

Part 1: The WWI Conspiracy - Part One: To Start A War

Part 2: The WWI Conspiracy - Part Two: The American Front {you probably need to sign in to watch it}

Part 3: The WWI Conspiracy - Part Three: A New World Order {you probably need to sign in to watch it}

Corbett has more videos related to the World Wars on his channel that might be worth watching:
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