Beirut Explosion


Beirut, Lebanon (CNN)A massive explosion ripped through the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, injuring many people and blowing out windows in buildings across the city.

The source of the explosion was initially believed to be a major fire at a warehouse for firecrackers near the port in Beirut, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The blast sent up a huge mushroom cloud-like shockwave and damaged buildings miles from the port, including the headquarters of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and CNN's bureau in downtown Beirut.


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Supposedly some 500 tons of TNT were lit off.

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So far i've read it could have been 'fireworks', but that the cause is still being investigated. Visually, and i've watched a few more videos of it on Twitter, it reminds me of the massive explosion in China back in 2015:

I think this is the session referring to the explosions in China:

(Niall) Who or what is behind this series of bombings in China?

A: Partly sabotage and partly natural as we have previously described.

Q: (L) Like for example this restaurant in China that recently blew up: They say it was a gas tank. That makes me suspicious. Whenever they ascribe an explosion to a gas tank... I mean, yes, we know gas tanks can explode, but things happen to MAKE them explode.

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) There are an awful lot of explosions happening all over the world. It's not just China. There are explosions everywhere.

A: And there will be more and more train derailments as the crust continues to open up.

Q: (L) So, not only are there sinkholes, but there are crustal movements and all kinds of other weird things going on. We're seeing the Earth changes right before our eyes, but it's like in slow motion!

A: Yes. Scale!

Added: With it being in Lebanon, i do wonder if it's in some way connected with all these explosions and fires in Iran.


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It is very strange, it remembers me to the Fertilizer plant explosion y Waco, Tx a few years ago due a comet fragment atracted by the plume.

There was a sott article on that incident: Was the West, Texas explosion a Meteor Impact? An update mentions there have been claims that the facility may have also had 270 tons of ammonium nitrate.

According to the Guardian:

Lebanon's interior minister says ammonium nitrate likely caused explosion
Mohamed Fehmi has just told the MTV Lebanon channel the explosion appeared to have been caused by “huge quantities of ammonium nitrate” being stored at the port.

This backs up what the custom’s director-general was quoted as saying to another Lebanese news channel, Al Mayadeen.

So far more than 25 have been killed and 2,500 injured, Lebanese health minister says.

A helicopter puts out a fire at the scene of an explosion at the port of Lebanon’s capital Beirut.

A helicopter puts out a fire at the scene of an explosion at the port of Lebanon’s capital Beirut. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images


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50+ dead and 2700 injured, the explosion flattened much of the port, damaged buildings across the capital and sent a giant mushroom cloud into the sky.

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