Biden-Harris Administration: The Empire Strikes Back

This is a pretty interesting list. Black List. Made by Moscow to prohibit certain americans from entering Russian. Browse through the names, they are high profile and interesting.

This list seems to show who is dirty in the US and why. Which could be the reason or "value added" reason for posting the list. "LOOK world here are the stinky rats from the US and what they are guilty of". (Just me thinking.) Here are a couple of examples, and they seem to be particularly interested in the shenanigans of Jan. 6th....

'Besides Obama, the list Russian blacklist includes many members of Congress, governors and attorney-generals of several US states, former officials currently on boards of prominent think tanks, military contractors'

'Also on the list are “those in government and law enforcement agencies who are directly involved in the persecution of dissidents in the wake of the so-called Capitol insurrection,” the Russian Foreign Ministry noted.'

'Capitol Police officer who fatally shot unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt.'

'TV hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Rachel Maddow, and Joe Scarborough were also among the sanctioned, along with former NBC presenter Brian Williams.'

'Think tanks and the military-industrial complex made the bulk of the list,'

'Eric Ciaramella was among the many Carnegie Foundation employees on the sanctions list, which also contained many names from the Atlantic Council and the Center for Strategic and International Studies think-tanks.'

Barack Obama banned from Russia​

"The former president is among 500 Americans on Moscow’s latest blacklist"


US involved in assassination of Russian public figures – Moscow

"The most high-profile Ukrainian “terrorist acts” in Russia were carried out with the assistance of Washington, the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, has claimed."​

"Speaking at a government meeting on Friday, Patrushev said that Russia has information that “the murders of Darya Dugina and Vladlen Tatarsky, the bombing of Zakhar Prilepin’s car, the explosion at the Crimean Bridge,” the Nord Stream pipelines sabotage, and other “terrorists acts” were “planned and carried out under the coordination of US special services”.

Kennedy vs CIA again.
I wonder if RFK Jr is aware of Mossad's involvement in the assassinations of his father RFK, JFK, and JFK Jr. Is Mossad coming after RFK Jr too?

From Yahweh to Zion, pages 337-338.
As for Israel's implication, the plot to blame an anti-Israel Palestinian gives it away in Robert's case. In John's case, Israel's fingerprints are even more unmistakable, and one must wonder why most investigators make so much effort not to see them.
Pages 341-342.
The story of the Kennedy brothers and their nemesis Lyndon Johnson is an Osirian tragedy, with two Irish-Catholic siblings as Osiris and, playing Seth, a crypto-Jewish Texan who, having seized the throne by murder, hastened to tie the destiny of America to that of Israel. This time, Seth did not give Horus a chance: John John (JFK Jr.), who had turned three on the day of his father’s funeral, was eliminated in a suspicious plane crash on July 16, 1999, in the company of his pregnant wife and sister-in-law.

At the age of 39, JFK Jr. was preparing to enter politics. In 1995 he founded George magazine, which seemed harmless until it began to take an interest in political assassinations. In March 1997, George published a 13-page article by Guela Amir, the mother of Yigal Amir, the assassin of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who had offended the Israeli right-wing by agreeing to a "land for peace" exchange with the Palestinians. Guela Amir revealed that her son operated under the guardianship of a Shin Bet agent opposed to the peace process. Thus, John Jr. was eliminated while following in the footsteps of his father, entering politics through the door of journalism and taking an interest in the crimes of the Israeli deep state.
Here we go - right on cue! It may be a prelude to something much worst, but the twitter comments are priceless!

Nobodys buying the latest U-Haul/Nazi stunt at the White House: This has FBI written all over it
We deserve better false flags. It’s as if the FBI isn’t even trying anymore. That’s the consensus from most conservatives, who are calling “BS” on the latest “Nazi” stunt that unfolded in D.C., and are calling it just another poorly-orchestrated FBI psyop.

Here’s what reportedly happened at the White House according to Insider Paper:

US Secret Service officers detained the driver of a U-Haul box truck in Washington on Monday night after the vehicle crashed into a barrier near the White House, the agency said in a statement.

“There were no injuries to any Secret Service or White House personnel and the cause and manner of the crash remain under investigation,” the statement said.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi later said in a tweet that a “preliminary investigation reveals the driver may have intentionally struck the security barriers at Lafayette Square”, adding that charges would be filed over the incident.

Oh, and right on cue, a Nazi flag was pulled from the cab of the truck and perfectly laid out on the ground for everyone to see.
A local CBS affiliate, WUSA9, reported that what appeared to be a Nazi flag had been found during a search of the U-Haul, though no other information on the flag was provided.

The crash took place just before 10 pm (0200 GMT) on the northern edge of the square, a few hundred yards from the White House in an area home to several upmarket hotels.

A local Fox affiliate reported that some hotel guests said they had been told to evacuate after the crash.

A journalist with the station posted video from the scene showing a robot searching the cargo area of the truck.

We’re now hearing that the driver may be an Indian man from Missouri.
[I dunno - kinda looks like one of those non-deceased 911 hijackers]

Many people are not buying it.
Some even believe that an epic “false flag” is coming that will involve the missing fertilizer — something on the level of the OKC bombing. God, let’s hope not.

AOC is inconsolable.


There are countless legit reasons why conservatives don’t buy this incident, starting with the disgraced FBI’s involvement in orchestrating the Russia Hoax, suspicions surrounding FBI’s involvement in January 6th, and the FBI’s proven involvement in the sketchy “Whitmer kidnapping” plot, just to name a few.

In addition Joe Biden, who was best buddies with a KKK Grand Dragon named Robert Byrd, just delivered yet another divisive speech, where he declared “white supremacy” was the most dangerous threat facing the United States.

Right after Joe’s speech, a bunch of so-called “white supremacists” called Patriot Front, who everyone thinks might actually be a government setup, magically rolled in.
Here’s some additional comments about this suspicious U-Haul story from folks online:
“This has FBI written all over it.”

“So pathetic. They need to hire new believable writers and stagers for their ploys. I guess the writer strike is still ongoing…”

“I especially like how they lay the flag out flat in the middle of the street, to ensure that it’s seen. Is that typically how “evidence” is handled?”

“Let me guess: as they drove the Uhaul into the WH fence they screamed “This is MAGA country!”

“it really wasn’t even a good and proper crash, it was more like the truck lurched up over the curb, and kind of bumped into things… what does it say about the state of America that somebody can’t even properly execute a false flag event… are there really no good bad actors out there anymore?”
Maybe the FBI believes that most folks in America aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed (and let’s face it, they might have a point), which is why they don’t go all out anymore.


Edit: OMG! Check out the 200+ comments to the article! I especially liked this one:
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Wow indeed!

James Comer Finally Puts Dollar Figure on Alleged Bribe Paid to Joe Biden

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has dropped explosive new information that puts a staggering seven-figure sum on an alleged bribe Democrat President Joe Biden took while serving as Obama’s VP.

Comer sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday.

The letter threatens Wray with being held in contempt of Congress if he doesn’t hand over a subpoenaed document a whistleblower says shows that then-Vice President Biden took a cash bribe from a foreign national in exchange for policy considerations.

In the letter, Comer drops a bombshell and finally puts a dollar figure to the alleged bribe.

Comer says Biden took a whopping $5 million bribe. Wow.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch -
So not a good time for Tucker to be absent from the airwaves!
An important update on the invasion of the southern boarder. Its been widely reported of young, military age men coming over the boarder and it doesn't take much of an imagination to figure out what that's all about. My question has been, is there anyone watching where these men are going and what they are doing? Finally some initial answers to that question and hopefully more to come as others become aware of this.

Christie Hutcherson is one fierce woman... She is a member of a team thats been seriously tracking and witnessing whats been happening at the boarder for some time. She breaks this story of the US military camp where these men are being processed saying there are many other camps as well. She describes an elaborate underground base, horrific treatment of women and children by the cartels, Iranian special forces flying into Venezuela and coming over the boarder as Venezuelans. She alerted Col. Chambers about this camp and here is their report. Finally some eyes on the ground about this!

BREAKING: Witnesses Confirm Military Camp Being Used to Bring in Fighting Age Males Across Southern Border​

Christie Hutcherson and Lt. Colonel Pete Chambers join guest host Maria Zeee of Home on The Alex Jones Show to break down what they witnessed to be a military camp being used to smuggle fighting age males across the southern border.

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Its been widely reported of young, military age men coming over the boarder and it doesn't take much of an imagination to figure out what that's all about.
My concern as well of which I posted previously. We are absolutely being invaded!

And at the same time, there's this:

Migrant Smuggler Drops 4-Year-Old Boy From Top of 30-Foot Border Wall (Video)

Joe Biden’s broken border is encouraging dangerous behavior by migrant smugglers.

Customs and Border Protection released new video of a migrant smuggler dropping a 4-year-old boy from the top of an almost 30-foot border wall near San Ysidro in San Diego.

The video shows an adult at the top of the border wall dragging the small child over the top of wall before dangling the child.


The boy is then dropped almost 30-feet to the ground below.


The smuggler then drops from the wall to collect the child from a heap on the ground.


He is joined by a second older child who was already waiting at the base of the wall.


Cheer Raul Ortiz shared, “A 4-year-old was dropped from the border barrier by an unknown subject in San Diego, Monday. Responding Agents and EMS providing first aid to the child also reported gunshots near their position while tending to the child. Remarkably, the child is ok! Do not trust smugglers!”

Absolutely unbelievable that the child wasn't killed by that fall! And the Biden administration is ensuring that this kind of horror continues:

PURE EVIL. Leaked Memo Shows Biden Regime is Ending DNA Testing of Children at The Border to Stop Child Trafficking

The Biden Regime will end DNA testing at the Southern Border to ensure vulnerable children are not being trafficked by Mexican cartels, according to a newly leaked US Customs and Border Protection memo.

This Trump-era policy was enacted to prevent child exploitation and trafficking by illegal aliens.

According to a new report, “as many as 1 in 10 of children tested turned out not to be related to the illegal aliens who were crossing with them.”

It looks as though the US may default on its debt obligations come June 5th. Supposedly, the deal between Republicans and Democrats must be done by Sunday, or very shortly thereafter, to enable Congress to go through the motions and pass the necessary legislation. IMHO, it seems very realistic a deal cannot and will not be reached in time. So what?

Why Are US Military Personnel Heading To Peru?​

"The ostensible goal of the operation is to provide “support and assistance to the Special Operations of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces and National Police of Peru,” including in regions recently engulfed in violence."

"The crackdown on protests in the south of the Peru by the country’s security forces — the same security forces that US military personnel will soon be joining — has led to dozens of deaths."

"Peru is not only one of China’s biggest trade partners in Latin America; it is home to the only port in Latin America that is managed entirely by Chinese capital."

"Unbeknown, it seems, to most people in Peru and the US (considering the paucity of media coverage in both countries), US military personnel will soon be landing in Peru."

"Peru is currently under the control of an unelected government that is heavily supported by Washington but overwhelmingly rejected by the Peruvian people."

"lest we forget, Peru is home to some of the very same minerals that the US military has identified as strategically important to US national security interests, including lithium."

"She also detailed how Washington, together with US Southern Command, is actively negotiating the sale of lithium in the lithium triangle to US companies through its web of embassies, with the goal of “box[ing] out” US adversaries (i.e. China and Russia), concluding with the ominous words: “This region matters. It has a lot to do with national security. And we need to step up our game.”

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