The Force is Strong With This One
Hi All... So from the Oct 1994 session, concerning Bigfoot... it says

: (L) Was Mars ever inhabited?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) By whom?

A: By those you now know as Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

Q: (L) Do they now live on this planet as a result of being brought here by other beings?

A: They are transitory. Do not inhabit on a permanent basis.

Q: (L) Well, how do they come and go?

A: They are the slaves and "pets" of the Lizard Beings.

Q: (L) How did the Sasquatch get here from Mars?

A: Brought by Lizard Beings but they do not inhabit earth.

Q: (L) Why have Sasquatch been seen in remote places throughout history?

A: Put there for menial slave tasks.

Q: (L) Does that mean that whenever Sasquatch have been seen that there is a Lizard nearby?

A: No.

Q: (L) What menial tasks might they be doing?

A: Collecting samples.

Q: (L) Why has everyone who has ever come in contact with Sasquatch commented on the awful odor of them? Why do they stink?

A: Organic functions.

Q: (L) What is it about their organic functions that makes them stink?

A: Sweat.

So I was curious if it was ever mentioned in other sessions etc, what 'samples' do they collect? Why? I did a search but didnt find anything that delved into more. I ask because I have moved to the desert area near the 29 Palms Marine corps base, and so many stories about the Marines seeing what the town has called Yucca Man... So curious about the samples, they would be collecting> Etc?


The Force is Strong With This One
Also, I recently found a comment on youtube, under a video about paranormal things, ghosts, ufo, bigfoot... It's actually what sparked me to ask the original question in this post.

Of course its a youtube comment section, lol, take it with a grain of salt, but many people were sharing some experiences... and the story that caught my eye was :

'Here goes nothing... I'm flyfishing alone in Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada I see a Sasquatch and there is something smaller with him they appear to be holding hands, the grey Alien thing is helping the Sasquatch travel through the swampy area. It looks like a 5 foot tall grey Alien thing is covered head to foot with something like a white cloak. It looks like the 10 foot tall Sasquatch is limping or is wounded then behind me I hear a whirring noise and I turn around and see a blueish light about 75 yards behind me in the trees. When I look over to the Alien and Sasquatch again I see that the Alien thing is not walking but it is floating off the ground. The blueish ball of light moved toward the other riverbank, then I lose sight of both of them in the tall bullrushes on the other side of the river. No idea where the Ball of light went to. I also told this story on the site Beyond Creepy not too long ago.'

It was the first time, for me anyway where I heard a alien - bigfoot story connected. Then I recalled the above transcripts from Oct 94 and how they were 'pets' or 'slaves' to the lizards, and essentially the grays are as well. So for me if I had never read the transcripts if I had read that story written I would have never even believed such an odd pairing could be possible... shrugs But now, high strangeness indeed.
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