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This article would have you think people are out trampling each other in the streets. One or two people go off, and all of the sudden there is mass panic. It also gives the impression that people have been infected by the Avian virus. All I know is that a few dead birds were found and quickly spirited off to some facility in London, where all "confirmations" seem to originate.

I guess if they tell us we're sick long enough we're supposed to believe it and start keeling over!


I really believe this is going to happen. The idea is to build up hysteria so that even if the engineered virus doesn't work very well in the real world, chaos can still be created. The chaos will lead to a New Orleans type lock down of major cities across the world with very real horrors in terms of food supply and just about everything else. If everyone who gets a cold is quarantined at gun point, the world will come to a halt. New Orleans semed very much like a military exercise to me.

The British government says 25% of the population will be infected by the actual virus and the WHO stated last year that as many as 20% of people will die even in Britain. This could be why they killed all the top biowarfare microbiologists.

Forget 9/11 and the patriot act, this is much bigger, Britain has recently created new Emergency Powers legislation called the Civil Contingencies Act, close enough to martial law for any safeguards to be ignored with impunuty.

I am taking large doses of vitamin C by the way.


What I found interesting is that:

a) of the 95 samples which were thought to be bird flu, 98.9% tested negative

b) the immediate implementation of a quarantine (echoes of the WHO report, already manifesting)

c) perhaps it is therefore not bird flu at all which is making people sick, assuming that the H5N1 tests were carried out appropriately and efficaciously

Also worth noting are the symptoms used for possible identification: "...fever and heavy cough and cold ..." How many ailments might exhibit condition such as these, including the 'normal' influenza virus?

BBC said:
India bird flu tests 'negative'
Indian health officials say 94 out of 95 samples collected from people with flu-like symptoms have tested negative for bird flu.
Results from one final sample are expected on Saturday.

Hundreds of thousands of birds have been slaughtered after the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain was found in Navapur town in Maharashtra state last week.

The authorities have now completely sealed the town, which has a population of 30,000, and 19 nearby villages.

"There is no human case of avian influenza till now," a statement released by India's health ministry said.

It said one sample was still being tested.

"We are testing it further as it does not match any classical profile of the H5N1 strain," Indian Health Secretary PK Hota told the Reuters news agency.

Town 'quarantined'

In Navapur the authorities have set up checkpoints to prevent people from leaving the area and schools have been shut for a fortnight.

Trucks, buses and private vehicles are being stopped outside the town. Trains are also not stopping at Navapur station.

"It's restricted entry and exit so no new people will be allowed to enter Navapur, and people with any symptoms of fever and heavy cough and cold will not be allowed to leave," Bhushan Gagrani, a Maharashtra state official, is quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency.

On Wednesday, officials completed the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of birds in and around Navapur.

Health workers are now cleaning up the farms in the entire area, burning feathers and bird-droppings, reports say.


The detection of bird flu has led to sharp falls in the sale of poultry and poultry products and some countries have banned poultry imports from India, leaving the poultry industry reeling with heavy losses.

The country's parliament, military, railways and major airlines have also stopped serving chicken and eggs, even as government officials reassured people that they were safe to eat if cooked properly.

The H5N1 virus does not pose a large-scale threat to humans, as it cannot pass easily from one person to another.

Experts, however, fear the virus could mutate to gain this ability, and in its new form trigger a flu pandemic, potentially putting millions of human lives at risk.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Time to get mentally ready, it seems...




Dagobah Resident
Yeah, its turning into Ghostbusters:

Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.
Mayor: What do you mean, biblical?
Ray: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor... real Wrath-of-God-type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies.
Venkman: Rivers and seas boiling!
Egon: 40 years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanos.
Winston: The dead rising from the grave!
Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!


I'll say one thing. Spreading a highly contagious lethal virus world-wide is risky business, even for insane elitists. They can vaccinate themselves all the want, and the virus can mutate ten different ways from Sunday before they finished with their first batch of serum. What lacks from such a scenario is control.

On the other hand, if you release a virus that is less lethal, and at the same time compromise as many immune systems through food/water toxification, chemtrails and bogus vaccines while living high on the hog yourself, you may concentrate lethality to those you have weakened. That is why although every last bio-lab and terrorist group has lethal viruses in their possession, biowarfare and terrorism of the highly contagious and lethal type is not used (although one would think it would be the first venue of attack by suicidal fanatics).

If we do keep ourselves as healthy as possible, and reject the whole vaccination deal, we will be at least as safe as the elitists desire to be under such circumstances. Personally, they'll have to be dragging me kicking and screaming if they plan to stick a needle in my arm. Of course, they'll have to find me first.


Hello Everyone,

I received an email from a friend about BirdFlu. I am posting it below.


Here is a letter from Dr. Pushkar Kulkarni, Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (Bombay Veterinary College), M.Sc. (Toxicology). Its sheds some light on the bird-flu gimmick.

Dr. Kulkarni may be right in his dialogue. However, one can not deny the possibilities of mutation of the bird-flu virus into a deadly contagious form that can result into a global pandemic. The truth is “nobody” can predict whether, when and how the virus may mutate. Until then, let us enjoy the poultry, help the farmers and live a comfortable life.


Text of Dr. Kulkarni’s letter:

Hi everyone,

First of all, I would like to tell every one that bird flu is nothing but money generating gimmick of certain companies/politicians. So far only 55 people have died of so-called bird flu (7000 died by lighting last year alone) so are we having a lighting epidemic, rubbish? These death were due to Respiratory sym, but not confirmed for H5N1. How many people handling birds have died because of diarrhea? Must be more than 55 in the last few years then we can say we are in a Salmonella epidemic???

Next, who stand to gain by all this? Roche by selling --Tamiflu. Who has the patent for Tamiflu: lesser known company Gilead. Who is the major shareholder of this company??? Can any one guess??? Donald H. Rumsfeld was chairman of the Board of Gilead Sciences, where he remained until early 2001 when he became defense secretary in Bush's Cabinet. The model suggests the parallel to the brazen corruption of Halliburton Corporation who's former CEO is Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney's company has so far gotten billions worth of US construction contracts in Iraq and elsewhere.

Who else stands to benefit? Bush campaign funders, Bilderberger spokesman Etienne F. Davignon and Reagan-Bush former secretary of state George P. Shultz, both of who are also on the board of directors of Gilead. Another member of the Bush circle is Lodewijk J.R. de Vink, who sits on the board of Hoffman-La Roche, Gilead's partner.

! In other words, bird flu will generate outrageous profits for insiders like Shultz, Rumsfled, Davignon and de Vink.

By the way what is Tamiflu (Generic name: oseltamivir phosphate)??? It's a extract from star aniseed (our very own Garam masala – curry powder) and each dose is $ 100 so even if 15% of the world have one dose then the total sale will be just $100 billion.

Since last year media started this "Tamasha" by highlighting the news! from other countries. Our Poultry Industry suffered losses due to those rumors during that year and now millions of farmers will loose their jobs & be bankrupt but only a few people will make money. I know it is going to be late & millions are going to loose their livelihood in India, Chicken is being sold at Rs 4/kg in some places. Think of the state of the Farmer & unlike other countries he is not going to be compensated (only farmers in Navapur, Nandurbar are being compensated).

So, it my sincere request to all of you that spread this information to everyone, buy, cook and eat poultry products (chicken & egg) without hesitation and try to save the livelihood of millions of poultry farmers in India. Remember that anything cooked over 70 degrees is safe.

Those who need more information are welcome to mail me at:


Dr. Pushkar Kulkarni
Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (Bombay Veterinary College)
M.Sc. (Toxicology),
Contact: India (Res.): 91-251-2489216



Mr. Premise

The Living Force
Was just sent this by email from someone who found it at Don't know anything about that website or about epidemiology but this looked interesting. What do people who know more about the subject think?

Another Case of the CIA Disinformation Program

Today's Top Story contains the statement “Scientists say H5N1 is mutating steadily and may eventually acquire the changes it needs to be easily transmitted from human to human.”

That part of the news story is complete fiction. Viruses are NOT alive and do not mutate. Bird Flu only infects birds, not humans. All influenza comes only from birds, and from the ancient bird precursors, the dinosaurs. It is very easy for viruses to be generated among “cold-blooded” animals such as reptiles and birds. Since, they cannot produce fevers to stop viral replication in their bodies. Sometimes pigs can "catch" the bird viruses if they are raised living together. Humans can "catch" pig influenza, because of the extreme similarity in the cell tissue types. But that process is NOT mutation of the virus, only a change in the outer coating of the virus. What keeps mammals from getting reptile or bird viruses is the difference in the outer coating of the virus.

The greatest danger of the current prevalent H5N1 virus is it gets changed to have an outer coating of a human or pig virus. The creation of the pig virus is very rare. If a pig sick with pig influenza is sneezed on by a bird sick with bird virus, then the bird virus can enter a damaged lung cell caused by the pig influenza. With millions of pigs and ducks raised together in eastern China this still only occurs several times each year. It is extremely rare.

The current "pandemic" of H5N1 among birds is properly called an Epizootic or Panzootic since it only occurs among animals. For it to be a Pandemic among humans the outer coating of the H5N1 would need to be changed to the human form. Will that ever happen? It has already happened months ago in the Labs of the CDC.

The CDC has already made samples of the "live" human form of the H5N1. The CDC said they did this to help in the manufacture and testing of a future H5N1 vaccine. See: The recent statements by CDC head Dr. Gerberding. If there is a human pandemic of the H5N1 Bird Flu, it will not come from birds. It will come straight from the Labs at the CDC.

The CDC has already sent "live" samples of the man-made Human H5N1 virus to many labs around the world for testing. The virus could escape from anywhere. This is biological and economic warfare and terrorism at its worst. The human samples were manufactured and man-made in the US. What the Chinese. or terrorist groups, decide to do with their samples is up to them. (See: “The Tamiflu Myth,” on the BroJon front page)

Marshall Smith
Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette


Check out this link from

I noticed rense is going out of its way to keep promoting this thing, and the above editorial by Patricia Doyle sets out to debunk the article you posted, and anyone proposing anything but dire doom. She does know her stuff, and I don't know if it is deliberate, but the whole thing is suspicious. (chemotherapy for bird flu!!??)

There was one regular doctor on the program that generated some controversy (I can't find the link unfortunately) because her Christian background went against some of the more "occult" topics on the rense program. The funny thing is that the woman ended up disputing the urgency of bird flu, which was somehow clumped into her religious rant, as if one is insane to even think that were not all going to die from this thing.

One thing I am certain of is that if this was a natural pandemic, with all the hype given it it would have mutated already. If it is not a natural pandemic but something to be released, those chosing to release it are fools. Once out its a loose cannon and can mutate a thousand ways from Tuesday. Unless it is a purposely weakened strain targeting those with compromised immune systems, those releasing it would be as vulnerable as anyone else.

Personally it strikes me odd that samples of the virus are not available to anyone but select laboratories (the CDC and the center in London). Aside from perhaps the Chinese, and perhaps the Russians nobody has examined these infected birds. So we have these four power-nations (and especially the first two) telling us it's coming, it's coming, here it comes, any day now, hold your breath and we're doomed...etc.

It reminds me of this war in Iran and the terrorist attack on US soil that are also perpetually over the horizon. Mind you, I am certainly not wanting anything to happen, but it seems to me we are in a "chicken little" situation or else the boy is crying wolf a bit too much. I guess by keep one's eye on the doom coming over the horizon one is distracted from looking at what goes on in front of one's face.


The Living Force
Bird flu - Phooey! Anything that gets this much coverage has to be either a fad or intentionally planted by the PTB. At least i know no one in my life pays attention, they don't really care b/c it doesnt affect them. And i think its almost obvious that if there is a new influenza it's been made in a lab and not in birds. They'll pull that one outta their bag to keep people from gathering in large groups, or use it as an excuse to make such gatherings "health risks".


The Force is Strong With This One
There's something I don't understand. How does a virus' outter coating not change without some alteration in its genetics? For example, I've read that one reason it is so dificult to make a vaccine for HIV is that there are now so many mutated subtypes with different surface protiens.
Lastly, I've read that the Spanish flu killed mostly the healthy, sparing the very young and old. Its been proposed that Spanish flu and the limited number of people who've caught H5N1 killed people by causing an overreaction of poeple immune system. For instance

Mr. Premise

The Living Force
That didn't make sense to me either. But viruses are weird.

joeshmoe said:
There's something I don't understand. How does a virus' outter coating not change without some alteration in its genetics? /


I believe the outer "protein coat" or membrane does not contain genetic code which is localized within it. Thus, its molecular structure may undergo alterations without the inner genetic material being affected. A virus is a VERY simple construct made of a genetic string enclosed in a protein coat. In the site I referenced trying to debunk the above article (without directly addressing it) there is a lot of science thrown around and it seems little substance.


Please refer to and click on the "What's New" section where you will see various articles and commentary on the changes in the bird flu viral sequence. Also of interest, Astrakhan Mute Swan
H5N1 Acquisiton of human sequences.

Normally, the first avian flu virus strains do not infect humans, but over time, and as the virus travels widely now and is on an unprecedented three continents, it picks up pieces of genetic material from other flu viruses, some of which may be human influenza. It then begins to infect a few people. As it further spreads and begins to pick up more and more material, it then infects more people. And on and on it goes. There is a legimate worry that the avian flu will infect the key intermediary animal species: swine. Swine are perfect mixing vessels. It is widely believed that H1N1 Spanish Flu was initially avian and jumped to swine. It is further theorized that the Spanish Flu jumped to humans from swine.
So there is a contradiction. First we have this scary scenario of more and more people being infected as the virus "picks up" genetic material. Then we have a turn around in logic with the statement that "the avian flu will infect the key intermediary species: swine".

Marshall Smith said:
The creation of the pig virus is very rare. If a pig sick with pig influenza is sneezed on by a bird sick with bird virus, then the bird virus can enter a damaged lung cell caused by the pig influenza. With millions of pigs and ducks raised together in eastern China this still only occurs several times each year. It is extremely rare.
So we have an agreement about the swine intermediary here, only the Smith article notes how rare it is. There are and have always been "bird flues", how many times have these threatened humanity, with the exception of the 1918 pandemic. There was a 1957 Asian flu and a 1968 Hong Kong flu, and these were of limited extent, and originated there because chickens are kept with swine in filthy conditions.

What we have to remember is that the 1918 flu occured in the aftermath of WWI, with was catastrophic and spread poverty, malnutrition and other forms of disease from the high death toll of the war. Both Spanish flu and H5N1 spared the younge and old, but those it killed were people with compromised immune systems. In other words, it spared the young and old and the healthy adults, but attacked weakened adults.

My grandfather was 12 when he cought it and recovered. His mother had just given birth and also caught it and died. My great grandfather was spared, as was most of the Greek village they inhabited, as were the children and teenagers. In fact from what my grandparents told me, the ones who fell to this disease were those who had pneumonia before, or TB and the very poor.


FOTCM Member
I've occassionally heard in MSM talking about how the bird flu epidemic is over reported and used to promote ratings. These 'hoax articles' might be hoaxes as well. I agree that this is not a virus developed from nature and surely those who released it will have most people think what they want them to think when they want them to think it.

from the article:
That part of the news story is complete fiction. Viruses are NOT alive and do not mutate.
This may be true that viruses do not mutate on their own - I don't know; however, they may be likely to mutate when given a 'helping hand'.

A red flag when I went to the website was:


Just before the CIA-Military Remote Viewing Program at SRI was shut down, over 100 citizens were tested for Remote Viewing abilities. Now you can take a similar test. Do you have mental abilities that have gone untested until now?

Do you have premonitions, do you seem to know things
in advance? Maybe you have Remote Viewing abilities.
Members of the Aviary (a very influential disinformation organization) have been rather involved in remote viewing studies.



Dagobah Resident
Viruses can and do mutate. They contain DNA or RNA, and transcription errors can and do occur. Whether or not these result in a viable and virulent virus is a statistical thing.

What viruses have in their favor is that upon infection, the infected entity (cell or bacterium) essentially shuts down to produce viruses, and dies trying. Upon cell death, an enormous number of viruses are subsequently released.

So its "a numbers" game. Out of trillions of virus particles millions have defects, and out of millions one or two are viable and virulent. (Perhaps I have my numbers slightly off, but you get the point).


Particularly see:

DNA virus replication -with the exception of the poxviruses, all DNA viruses replicate in the nucleus. In some cases one of the DNA strands is transcribed (in others both strands of a small part of the DNA may be transcribed) (step 4) into specific mRNA, which in turn is translated (step 5) to synthesize virus-specific proteins such as tumor antigen and enzymes necessary for biosynthesis of virus DNA. This period encompasses the early virus functions. Host cell DNA synthesis is temporarily elevated and is then suppressed as the cell shifts over to the manufacture of viral DNA (step 6). As the viral DNA continues to be transcribed, late virus functions become apparent. Messenger RNA transcribed during the later phase of infection (step 6) migrates to the cytoplasm and is translated (step 7). Proteins for virus capsids are synthesized and are transported to the nucleus to be incorporated into the complete virion (step 8).
In other words, the protein coat is most definitely genetically determined and specific to the virus.

Also google "virus protein coat" for a bunch of other interesting links.

The "goal" here is to have a large exposure to bird flu by people who are also being exposed to human flu so one can play the probability game. There is a chance that the specific combination of bird flu and human flu when present in the same cell, will mutate into a virus with the virulence of the bird flu (so it contains deadly bird flu genetics) with the protein coat of human viruses (so it will penetrate human cell membranes) and become infectious.

Voila, you have pandemic.

If that doesn't work well because either the genetics are too dissimilar or the combination of exposures is not happening at a sufficient rate, then alternate plan 'B' "OOPS! I dropped the experimental vial on the floor, but we will let the cleaning people mop it up..." or plan 'C' "I mailed the deadly virus to so-and-so but it seems like it got lost by UPS".

Either way, with all of the incredible media hype, when it happens it becomes just another "see I told you so" and makes people more willing to believe "we're from the government and we're here to help you".
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