Bizarre video concerning the Elisa Lam body found in water tank


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I just saw a video about the "true story" of the Elisa Lam case, it is from January 15 2014, it maybe desinformation, but it says (in spanish) that this person has been looking for answers about this case and someone who knew something made contact with him. This person was a psychiatrist and had a hypnosis session with the hotel administrator (who was in this hospital for mental illness), in this hypnosis session this administrator tells that he was in the scene when they opened the tank, he describe that the person who opened the tank was shoked and felt and hit the concrete with the head and died, it said about the terrible smell and that the cause they opened the tank was that the hotel guests where complaining about the smell and taste in the water. It said that the "police" arrived and they couldnt approach anymore and the news where covered up. This person told in the hypnosis session that he saw a CD with the original footage and it appears a dark figure that was with this girl and the must terrifying thing was that this same footage was not only one day, that when he rewind the cd he noticed that every day since a month ago of the incident, the girl entered the elevator and did the same things, exactly the same things till the they she disappeared, like if she was trapped in a time loop (not the words he said).

He also talked about what they found in the tank was something real terrifying, and was the cause of his mental illness, it doesnt said what it was because he starts to scream, he just say the word "zalgo".

It sound kind of a horror movie and the video is made in a way it gives you the chills, but it may be not far from the truth.

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Netflix just came out with a mini documentary series on the murder, so far they have not gone into any paranormal avenue, as one would expect. But it does a decent job at depicting some of the story of the hotel and how the events unfolded from the criminal investigation's point of view.

Knowing what the C's said about the whole story, and keeping in mind that Netflix might not go there at all, I have found it interesting so far, I'm on episode 3 right now, but I would recommend it.

It made me think that given the hotel's location and its guests and residents over time, it's no surprise that so many nasty disembodied entities would hang around the area. Skid row being its home, one doesn't have to think too hard to imagine what the astral neighborhood looks like.

Specially in light of the following:
Q: (Galatea) Does that golem live in that specific place, or was that a one-time thing?

A: The location has useful energy patterns for such purposes.

edit: added session bit.
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