Bloodline Trails

Soluna said:
An image came to my mind whilst reading the first page in this thread - I realise it is probably unrelated to the discussion but I wanted to share the interesting imagery.

It was with regard to the iron nails - and how if used in construction and rusted in rain, the staining on the walls could resemble lines or trails of blood.

Of course, that is purely ingenuous. It is because the iron oxidizes. Well maybe the same mechanism is present when exercising and the oxygen that binds to the iron causes oxidation and some byproducts. It might be that not only iron but also some of its byproducts are harmful to the body.
I've done some digging and came up with a session fragment (November 23, 1996) that may be related to this bloodline business:
(all bolds are mine)

Laura said:
Some details on bi-density beings is included in the following passage:

23 November 1996 said:
Q: (L) Okay, let's move on to Courtney Brown. (T) We all
know who he is, and what he is writing about in regard to
remote viewing... what is it all about?
A: Vague.
Q: (T) Is the book Courtney Brown wrote, "Cosmic Voyage,"
concerning the Martian population...
A: It is true that there are underground bases on Mars, but
they are Orion STS.
Q: (T) Are there Martians as portrayed by Courtney Brown?
A: Not exactly. He is portraying the Orion STS as the
Q: (T) Is Courtney Brown a government disinformation agent?
A: More as an "agent provocateur."
Q: (T) Is he working for the government?
A: Not directly, and remember, the government is not one
Q: (L) Who is primarily backing Courtney Brown?
A: Rockefeller group.
Q: (L) And, is Mike Lindemann and company part of this
Rockefeller group at this time?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Linda Howe?
A: No.
Q: (T) Did Courtney actually do remote viewing to obtain the
information in the book?
A: Not really. Not needed.
Q: (T) Does this mean that the whole story is concocted on
his part?
A: Semi. Elements of it are factual.
Q: (T) Yes. I could see that there were factual elements. I
could also see that there was a LOT that was questionable.
that conflicts with EVERYTHING else that has come out from
other researchers. This is all totally twisted and
A: Close.
Q: (T) Is Courtney able to do remote viewing?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) But he did not use it with this book?
A: No.
Q: (T) So, the book was made up the way it is. It is a
story. Some factual information, some invented
information, some pure BS thrown in to fluff it out. So,
the book is NOT an account of work that has come from
remote viewing sessions?
A: No, but not needed.
Q: (L) You have said twice that remote viewing was not
"needed." Where did he get his information?
A: Secret sources. Agents of the nation "of the third eye."
Q: (J) What or who - is the "Nation of the Third Eye?"
A: Terran civilization under the surface.

Q: (L) Now, wait a minute. I remember that when they said
the Aryans were brought from Kantek, and that they were
or something like that, and I remarked that it
seemed that they would be less sturdy - and the C's
answered "on the surface." Now, that has always bothered
me. I don't think they meant "surface appearances." Have
the Aryans been glorified as the "master race" because
they are more suited to living underground?
A: Close. All types there are "Aryan."

Q: (L) Okay, is this a Terran underground civilization that
has been 'managed' by Orions, or did it develop on its
A: One at a time.
Q: (L) Did the underground civilization develop on its own?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is it managed or manipulated by Orions as well?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are these "managers" Orions from other densities?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (L) I don't understand. Are there some that are 4th and
some that are 3rd?
A: The human types there are "bi-density."

Q: (L) Holy Shiite Moslems!
A: Grays and Lizards are 4th density. They can "visit" 3rd
density, but they must keep returning to 4th in order to
Q: (T) Are you saying that the human/Aryan types can exist as
long as they want in any density?
A: In 4th and 3rd.
Q: (L) They can move back and forth, existing with equal ease
on either density?
A: Well, not with "equal ease," because 4th density is
easier, naturally.

Q: (T) So, the information Courtney Brown was given to write
this quasi fiction book, is about the Aryans and not about
the Martians?
A: "Martians" is easier to understand for the less well-
informed, not to mention any discussion of the densities!
Q: (T) Absolutely. Martians are easier to accept. A lot
easier to understand than densities! (L) Okay, Third Eye.
What is this?
A: That is what they call themselves when pressed for an
explanation by surface types, such as yourselves. They
were the inspiration for Masonic lore and Illuminati, too.

Q: (L) Does this "Third Eye" designation have a connotation
of third eye abilities as we understand them?
A: Psychic.
Q: (T) Does Courtney know he has been had?
A: He has not been "had." He is under the employ of those who
pull the levers, so to speak.
Q: (L) You said "pull the levers." Is Courtney Brown a robot,
Greenbaumed, mind-controlled, implanted, or any or all of
the above? (T) Or is he just foolish?
A: No. Not so foolish, he does not worry aout paying the
power bill. As Forest Gump said: "Stupid is as stupid
Q: (L) Are you implying that I am foolish or stupid because I
DO worry about paying the power bill?
A: No, we are not implying that you are stupid, or foolish,
for that matter... But, Courtney Brown is not either. Who
is he hurting? And, he has hit the jackpot with this one.
Knowledge can be procured by reading literature, then
analyzing it.
Q: (T) Is the time table that he has given correct?
A: Close.
Q: (T) So, the powers that be are going to follow this time
table and present the Aryans as Martians?
A: No.
Q: (L) Are the Aryans going to present themselves as
A: Initially. In order for the Terrans to get used to the
idea of EBEs.
Q: (T) But, they are not the good guys. Beware of Greeks
bearing gifts.
A: Some of the "good guys" are identical in appearance.
Q: (T) Is this a subterfuge on the part of the Aryans so that
they can slide in quietly and take over?
A: No, they do not need that at all. It is a way for the
"government" to introduce everyone to the new reality of
the existence of intelligent life all over the place, not
just here.
Q: (T) So, they have their own agenda, but it is not what
Courtney presented in the book.
A: It does not matter. The book is a somewhat altered "New
Reality 101."

with more snippets from other sessions which may be related also.

According to the list of 'official' transcripts this particular session has not been fully transcribed yet:,13581.msg101368.html#msg101368

This session snippet has been mentioned in different contexts at least twice more:,18906.msg181927.html#msg181927,19150.msg212140.html#msg212140

I also found another recent post which could have relevance for our subject of Bloodline Trails, here:,2783.msg409168.html#msg409168

From what I understand about it, the one item that links all of this together seems to be the takeover and/or replacement scenario, in which these Aryans would coordinate and collaborate with psychopaths and possibly Nephalim to dominate earth during the period while it is in transition from 3D to 4D, and who knows thereafter as well.

Unfortunately, some of the good guys seem to look eerily similar because they are Aryan too -- as in the "Find a Nordic" motto.... or in "The Nordic Covenant is a duality" remarks.

FWIW. Hope this helps a bit.
What is interesting is that the human types are "bi-density." I am wondering if the actual travel between densities has something to do with the bloodlines and maybe indirectly the iron and/or gold can be utilized to achieve the feat. Or maybe there are two distinct ways how to achieve it and one can be through iron will and another one through golden technology.
that's my opinion about iron & gold

- in this video : why iron kills stars
it says that iron kills the star and that creates a supernova where gold can be formed

- in this link it says the annunaki were sent out on a mission to find different minerals including gold, they were to deliver the process gold to the spaceships that would be stored on the dark side of Sheshqi (the moon) and Lahmu (mars).

- the quest of the alchemists (transforming base metals into gold)

is that right?, are those related?, any ideas?!

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tohuwabohu said:
What is interesting is that the human types are "bi-density." I am wondering if the actual travel between densities has something to do with the bloodlines and maybe indirectly the iron and/or gold can be utilized to achieve the feat. Or maybe there are two distinct ways how to achieve it and one can be through iron will and another one through golden technology.

Or maybe excessive blood iron will keep one firmly anchored to 3rd density and/or unable to "directly" act on 4rd density. Evidence seems to point that excess iron is a cause for some kind of human glands and hormonal inbalance, between other effects.
Even so an out of ordinary increase in iron levels might protect one from 4rd density actions by raising some kind of [density] barrier (?)... I'm playing out loud my toughts for the share, as some of these ideas were the first ones that came to me when reading passages about iron relating to the concept of densities.
Weller said:
Apologies if this was addressed elsewhere, but what is the effect on the body of these 'electrical and magnetic components' of the wave, if certain organs are loaded up with iron? How would the immune system respond, is this a good thing, or a bad thing? Gold, on the other hand, would not respond to any change in magnetic 'components,' correct? Are hemochromatosis sufferers going to start short-circuiting their toaster ovens and microwaves? :P

PS This is probably noise and forgive me, but I did have a wacky dream a few weeks ago, where in the dream I was sleeping in a middle room, of a straight row of five (?) rooms. Each room had a giant spinning ceiling fan with a bright light in the middle. The massive whirring sound from the fans on high speed woke me up in the dream, and I went around to each one, irritated that they 'woke me up' and switched them all off. As I passed my alarm clock and other electronics in each room, they started falling apart, springs popping out and smoking. I realized something had happened to me to activate the fans and fry the electronics, but couldn't recall. When I really woke up, I took the fans as spinning chakras, and ironically I was trying to stop them from spinning b/c I wanted to stay asleep.
In the midst of this fascinating discussion about iron, I couldn't help but notice the irony of the word "ironically" in the above response. Curious, I consulted the etymology dictionary where I found this "clue" (?):

Irony: Noun, condition opposite to what might be expected...assumed ignorance
The modern term irony is derived from the eirôn of the classical Greek theatre.

The eirôn usually succeeds in bringing his braggart opponent (the alazôn) down by making himself seem like less than he actually was.
Between 17 and 35 I was constantly tested with increased iron levels and every doctor attributed it to the oral contraceptive I was taking during that time. It seems that above all the reduced monthly blood loss builds up strong iron storage in the female body. With over 100 million women taking the "pill" nowadays how convenient for anybody interested to make a large part of the population more susceptible ... The latest idea seems to be a pill that has you going without period for several months (advertised of course as super-convenient).

Laura said:
the "duality" issue between "iron & gold" and power centers

Even though the C's said that we shouldn't necessarily focus on the external, I looked up "iron and gold" and found this:

Iron oxide copper gold ore deposits (IOCG) are important and highly valuable concentrations of copper, gold and uranium ores hosted within iron oxide dominant gangue assemblages which share a common genetic origin.

Nothing terribly exciting, but then I read this:

Within the Olympic Domain of the Gawler Craton, exploration for Olympic Dam style IOCG deposits has relied on four main criteria for targeting exploratory drill holes;

A substantial gravity anomaly, taken to be representative of accumulation of iron oxide minerals within the crust, which is seen as being associated with classic Olympic Dam style IOCG mineralisation. Gravity data is often interpreted via a 3D inversion to resolve the density contrast and sub-surface position of a dense body of rock. More qualitatively, the 'edges' of a gravity body are considered more prospective as this theoretically represents the mineralised margins of an intrusive body.
High magnetism within the crust, again taken to be representative of accumulation of substantial iron oxide minerals within proximity to the targeted IOCG mineralising events.

I have never heard of "gravity anomalies' before - and I guess they are connected to the magnetic property of iron. Since gravity is such an important concept with the C's, I just thought I mention it here.

Don't know if this is a hoax, but this car goes up the hill by itself in a purported gravity anomaly zone in Australia:

Also I am not sure how much this thread here connects to the "Getting a "Handl" on things? thread ...,27406.90.html
Here is an excerpt from a session quoted there:

Talking about treasures in folk-lore:
The bottom line is, that some kind of power, rock breaking, ground-penetrating power...
A: Does not gold conduct electricity, heat, etc.?
Q: (L) Yes, and gold is also called a ferrophile metal, or 'iron loving,' because it binds easily with iron.
A: And iron...
Q: (L) Iron in the blood... iron in the ground...
A: Magnetic...
Q: (L) Exactly. Anyway, somehow, all this connects backward to something that Solomon used to build his temple, and you told us previously that the secret that the Templars discovered UNDER the temple, was something that related anti-gravity and that it was 'buried in Galle.' So, yes, we are going in circles. Can you comment on my comments?
A: Circles, hmmm...

Here the golden treasures hidden in some form of cave (or iron-oxide) could be taken as symbolical - Whereas many believe that there are indeed enormous golden riches accumulated somewhere underground, it is in reality more about what you can DO there, because of the gravity anomaly?

Minas Tirith said:
Don't know if this is a hoax, but this car goes up the hill by itself in a purported gravity anomaly zone in Australia:

I think this is probably something similar to Magnetic Hill in Moncton.... more of an optical illusion...

This link has a short list of other areas that have a similar effect.... _
I have been searching for ans to Ry info referring the RH +/- factor regarding human blood types. RH refers to the Rhesus monkey) within the books and transcripts. Have the C's ever referred to the significance of thus defining trait? I am RH negative. This supposedly means the bloodtype of 'alien origin'.
sppannell said:
I have been searching for ans to Ry info referring the RH +/- factor regarding human blood types. RH refers to the Rhesus monkey) within the books and transcripts. Have the C's ever referred to the significance of thus defining trait? I am RH negative. This supposedly means the bloodtype of 'alien origin'.

There is a discussion here about the RH negative. As for the "alien origin", it can be interpreted in various ways. ;) For example, here is what one of the thread's participants wrote.

domi said:
Laura said:
The problem is, Daenerys, getting distracted by those things leads nowhere. Trust me! Been there, done that! What is important is to concentrate on reality and being of service to the Cosmos.


Been reading Horns of Moses and what comes to mind is a relationship between cometary mutagenetic events and the coming on the scene of certain blood types.
Especially B type blood can be geographically linked (or so it seems) to a pretty small area which makes me think maybe there was some Tunguska type event there.
In my quest to help alleviate health symptoms that have deflied many different approaches and attempts, I began searching genetics and bloodline factors. At the same time, I was devouring all the infomation on
"the Health and Diet thread" when Laura posted this thread. My interest is two fold, not only to gather knowledge and understanding but also on a personal level, to stop and reverse a downward spiral in my health that has accelerated in the last few months.

Last April, I tryed to suggest Copper might also be part of the factor, along with Iron overload but was unable to decipher where Copper fit in. In a moment of "sheer stupidness" I inserted Alexander's Genesis.
(Reply 39) When I saw Laura's reply, it hit me as to what had happened and it was "Wishful thinking." Never the less, it was purely stupid, on my part, for I should have known better. I spent alot of time, on the contemplation end of it. Slowly, I began to realize that A G was inserted in my way as a "zinger" throwing me off course. In that sense, I should have know better - too!

I continued to explore Copper as an issue but health issues got in the way. An accident/fall three years ago, collaspsed the right side discs and tilted the hip out of alignment. Pinched nerve affects the left side. For over 2 yrs., haven't been able to rest in bed, even though I bought a Serta with adjustable back. Even in the sitting position, it throws the left side (head to foot) into full paralysis. On the 2 occasions it happened, it took 6-7 hours of "walking it off" to get feeling back. I sleep, sitting up in a padded chair in the Livingroom, with my feet up on a long laundry basket with a pillow on top. Legs need to be lower than the hip. So far, it has kept me on my feet, mobile and functional. Full blown Candida,including all the symptoms of heavy mucus and fungal infections, (vaginal, feet, oral thrust) has been relentless. Diet, percription drugs - the works - it always come's back worse than it was. Left breast leaks fluid - started when my oldest Son was born. He just turned 32. Yet, I have gone the gamut of bloodwork, T3-T4, x-rays, etc. several times through the years, only to be told - it's stress? Same diagnosis given with hormone problems. Body weight has remained in the 210-215 range for over 9 years. Diet's or starvation doesn't alter it.

A few days ago, after making a fresh batch of Beef Broth, decided to add a fresh minced garlic clove to the bowl to help kill off some of the mucus/Candida lining the throat and stomach. Next morning, stood up and had a hard time walking. Toe cramps started, then the calf muscles began acting up. Stomach went into over drive with cramps and diarrhea. Never had that problem before and I know it wasn't the beef broth. Energy level decreased dramatically with light-headedness and vertigo. (Well, I won't do that again for awhile.) I went to the Internet, to search why I had such a wild reaction to the raw garlic. I use it - just about every day but mostly cooked or prepared into something. So why the reaction? I also use onions in the same way.

After several days of searching, discovered that the sulfur content in garlic and onions, leeches Copper from the liver and my symptoms reflect "depletion of Copper reserves." Still, it didn't make a whole lot of cents until I came across a website (with a Christian theme) that began to fill in pieces of the puzzle.

Continued on next Post.....
Iron Poisoning and Copper Deficiency

Iron is NOT a nutrient, it is a poison. Iron replaces Copper in the blood and tissue proteins and accumulates in multipe locations of the body, causing destruction and accelerating aging. Bio- available Copper must be replenished to restore health and longevity - to repair the DNA damage.

Blood Types & Disease, Symptoms, Conditions Indicate Iron Poisoning:

Nearly 95% of the population, who have alkaline blood type A and O and the acidic blood type B, have iron poisoning and copper deficiency. Iron has accumulated due to iron, iron uptake facilitators and copper depleters that have been added to the food and water supply. ( USDA Food Supply Nutrient (1909-2005) Schedules) Blood type distribution correlates to iron poisoning prevalence in a population: types A, B & O over A, B & O plus AB (AB is not poisoned, 7.00 neutral pH.) Iron poisoned blood types are alkaline or acidic; dependent on the proportion and locations of iron deposits and the affects on organs & their functions. The majority of the population are alkaline blood type A & O and correlate to the most prevalent pH of 7.40 (now 7.54 +), acidic blood type B correlates to pH of about 6.8. In addition to iron are radiation and vaccine poisons. Radiation shakes or vibrates blood proteins, breaking off the loosely bound iron and accelerating iron deposition. Vaccines contain nano-particle size parasites, termed “viruses”, that thrive and replicate in the presence of iron deposits, and adjuvant to deplete copper status. GMO foods were created to increase iron availability. These chemical, biological and radiation poisons work together to decrease lifespan and birth rate. The iron poisoned population had a lifespan 45 years less than the healthy segment; that gap has now widened to over 50 years. Current lifespan is estimated at 65-70 years for the poisoned population. Many are now dying in their 40s, 50s and 60s; because the baby boomers were the first to be implanted by parasites via mass vaccination. The population is undergoing the final stage of extermination.

USDA Food Supply Nutrients Schedule Correlates To Population Reduction Schedule: Compare the Population Extermination, Death Statistics (1900-2009), and USDA Food Supply Nutrient (1909-2005) Schedules. There is an apparent correlation between nutrient additions, the increase of nutrients, decrease in births & birth rate, increasing death rate, increasing disease prevalence. Note that mercury is not specifically listed in the USDA Food Supply Nutrient schedules, but was added to the food/water supply and other sources in greater quantities starting in 1996.

Chemical, biological and radiological poisons work together to generate toxic malformations (proteins) and inflammation, and destroy the vascular system/blood supply, thereby shortening lifespan & killing the host. These poisons have altered and damaged the proteins/ DNA of the blood, vascular system and other tissues of the body, with the damage, copper deficiency and iron poisoning passing down through the generations. Starting in 1996, the copper depletion rate was significantly increased and coincides with the onslaught of increased amounts of GMO foods (genetically damaged foods), wireless technology, increasing prevalence of diseases and debilitating symptoms/conditions, weakened immune system, decreasing birth rate, increasing death rate, accelerated aging, and decreasing lifespan.

Vaccines were designed to implant nanoparticle-size parasites, (termed “viruses” – mainly measles), and adjuvant to deplete liver copper. The parasites settle, thrive & replicate in the presence of iron deposits and copper deficiency, and accelerate the destruction process by increasing the synthesis rate of abnormal toxic proteins; the consequences being an increasingly defective blood supply, inflammation, secondary bacterial infections, lesions, degeneration, fibrosis, tumors, and CANCER.

The purpose of depleting liver copper with vaccine adjuvant: When the body is invaded by pathogens/viruses, copper is mobilized from the liver in order to neutralize/destroy them. Bacteria and viruses transition from the dormant state (time of injection) to the active state of thriving and replicating as iron stores increase and copper status depletes.

The measles vaccine pathogen has been found in diseased colons of patients -- iron is taken into the body via ingestion and the gastrointestinal tract, and thus is a location for a greater proportion of iron accumulation. Measles settles in the mucosal linings of tissues/organs and other locations of iron deposits; where loosely bound iron breaks from blood proteins and settles. The parasite (“virus”) implanted by the vaccines coupled with the iron deposits accelerates the synthesis rate of abnormal toxic proteins; the consequences being inflammation, secondary bacterial infections, lesions, degeneration, tumors and cancer. The synthesis rate of toxic proteins increases as copper status depletes and iron stores increase, overwhelming the immune system and inevitably causing the demise of the host. Note: The MMR Measles vaccine was initially forced on the population beginning with the baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, and subsequently all younger age groups after them.

Radiation destroys the body through electrical oscillations that shake or vibrate cells and organisms (particularly the blood)– that is breaking up proteins into nonviable fragments, accelerating iron deposition, resulting in a significantly increased copper requirement. This destruction is apparent in an increasingly defective blood supply & damaged vascular system. (Optimal levels of copper are vital for normal healthy protein synthesis -- for building and repairing proteins.) This in turn accelerates the growth of nanoparticle parasites and cell destruction.

Bisphenol-A does chemically what radiation does; that is, it breaks apart the blood proteins into nonviable fragments. Ninety-three percent of Americans test positive for bisphenol-A. More accurately, it is 93.34 %. (About 6.66% of the real population numbers do not carry the poison in their blood.)

(Continued in next Post......
Blood PH, Blood Types & Population Reduction:

Sufficient Copper Intake Maintains Neutral Blood pH of 7.00: Copper is essential in the formation of normal healthy proteins, that is, normal amino acid sequences, as it provides a balanced pH state for the blood and tissues, maintaining the proper concentration of hydrogen for forming the bonds in normal protein synthesis. A balanced pH of 7.00 is present in blood type AB, which is the only normal blood type. The average pH of the alkaline blood types (A/O) was set up to 7.54 in 2005/06 while the pH of the acidic blood type B was set up to about 6.8. Alkaline and acidic blood types are caused by iron, and are dependent on the locations and levels of iron deposits in the body: liver, spleen, brain, glands, bone marrow, kidneys, lungs, colon, heart, etc. As copper depletes, and blood pH deviates further from neutral 7.00 pH level, iron accumulation accelerates and lifespan decreases. According to documentation on metabolic alkalosis, mortality rates have been reported as 45% in patients with an arterial blood pH of 7.55 and 80% when the pH was greater than 7.65. Mortality rates increase in the acidic blood type as well, with significant increases as the pH approaches 6.8. The desired population reduction rate was set up by increasing the pH level of the alkaline blood types to 7.54, while decreasing the pH of the acidic blood type.

The Rhesus Factor (D-protein) is a probable malformed or variant protein, resulting from insufficient copper levels. Moreover, we were not created with blood incompatibilities that would harm us and our unborn children, as known to occur with an rH negative mother and rH positive fetus, and with blood transfusions. The blood type AB is balanced and therefore does not carry the malformed Rhesus Factor protein as found in the other blood types, thus, only AB negative blood is possible.

Current Blood Type/Group Distribution in the U.S. : The previous blood type distribution, disclosed in about 1960 was AB 4%, B 10%, A/O 86%. Now with the copper depletion rate accelerating, the blood type distribution may approximate as follows: *AB 6.66%, B 29%, A/O 64%. Blood type B prevalence has increased significantly from 1960 until now, and can be observed in diabetes prevalence, which has a high correlation with type B blood. Type AB is the healthy unpoisoned blood type and their numbers can be calculated as follows: * When the poisoned blood types reach 200,000,000 blood type AB will be 6.66 % of the population – 14.27 million. Currently, close to 200 million of the 214 million in the population have iron poisoned blood types of A/B/O. This is written to explain what is spoken through His servant John, "The number of the mounted troops was 200 million, I heard their number." “Calculate their number, for it is 6-6-6”, that is 6.66 % of the real population numbers of the U.S.

Blood Type B Prevalence Indicates World Population Closer to 4 Billion: Researching the world blood types distribution, it is apparent from the high prevalence of type B blood (from 1959), that most of the rest of the world, excluding the western nations, has been in the final extermination phase for decades now, and thus, their numbers have been negative population growth. (Prevalence of type B blood increases when the population is at least in the initial stages of population reduction.)

The average blood pH in the late 1800’s ranged from 7.38-7.40 (19). Approximately during the turn of the 20th century in 1900, there appears to have been a blood pH increase, and may be when the pH was initially increased to 7.40. According to the American Heart Association, since 1900, "coronary heart disease has accounted for more deaths than any other cause or group of causes of death in the United States ". In 1980 the average alkaline blood pH was set up to 7.43, and is the marker for peak U.S. population numbers due to the initial stage of population reduction, (Population Reduction Chart). The set-up to critical 7.43 would have been initiated in about 1976. The 7.43 pH level is adjacent to 7.45, the next life critical level, and would explain the steady increase in total number of deaths and declining births beginning in 1980. (Note: the year 1980 marks the peak population for the national numbers. For those states with a current official death rate of 10, the population peaked in 1967 due to an earlier population reduction schedule, set up in 1993.) The final extermination phase was initiated in 1996 and set up in 2006 at the pH level of 7.54, adjacent to the next life-critical level of 7.55 pH. This final phase of extermination marked the beginning of exploding disease prevalence, and can be researched from national health statistics data. (Critical blood pH levels: "Metabolic Alkalosis" -- life critical pH levels.

The Population Reduction Chart data estimates it takes about 26 years to set up the blood pH to 7.54. Then, between the 4th and 5th year of the pH set-up, the population reduction rate of about .5% per year is established, in this stage of the extermination schedule. At the 30 year point the death rate is approaching 14 in this stage, resulting in a yearly population reduction rate of between 0.5 - 1 %. The official population numbers conceal this reduction by inflating the total numbers, starting in 1980, by inflating the number of births. Calculate the actual population numbers by decreasing 1% each year start with 70% of the official 2010 numbers, 71% of 2009 numbers, etc. The U.S. population peaked at about 227 million in 1980, and is currently at about 214 million, a decrease of 5.7%. Death Rate: The reported death numbers appear to be valid up until 2006, when the final extermination phase was set up. The official death numbers for 2006 and later are understated. The death estimates for these years were calculated by using a state with an earlier extermination schedule as reference, by aligning the state and national schedules, and Census 2010 adjustments. The current death rate as of December 2011 is estimated at 14, not the official rate of 7.8.

Diabetes & Type B Blood Prevalence Increase as Population Decreases

Diabetes correlates to type B blood: Diabetes was chosen for the purpose of this writing because it correlates to blood type B, thereby making it easier to isolate the type B blood from the alkaline blood types in disease. The diabetic linked blood is the acidic of the blood types; and is known to have an elevated acidity level due to higher iron content. (Diabetes is the only officially recognized disease linked to iron poisoning – “iron overload”.) According to documentation, diabetes is associated to a blood pH of approximately 6.8; the alkaline blood types A&O correspond with the vast majority of the population and a blood pH of 7.4. (TRUE diabetes correlates to type B blood; artificially "raised blood glucose levels" can be induced by medications.) Diabetic Keto-Acidosis (DKA) occurs when the blood becomes dangerously high in acidity, and is treated with alkaline chemicals. Additionally, references indicate that about 20% of African Americans and 10% of Caucasians carry the type B blood in the US , which is why African Americans are at twice the risk of developing diabetes than Caucasians.

Dated documentation indicated two thirds of diabetes cases were diagnosed, and therefore comprised approximately two thirds of the type B blood prevalence when the population was still increasing. However, current reporting indicates diagnosed diabetes correlates to one third of type B blood prevalence; two thirds are undiagnosed -- termed “pre-diabetic”. This is due to a rapidly increasing death rate and decreasing birth rate. Diabetes prevalence increases with a corresponding increase in type B blood; due to the alkaline blood types of A/O dying off at a higher rate than blood type B. Type B blood appears to have increased from 10% in the 1959 to about 29% in 2011 based on the current diabetes and pre-diabetes prevalence of the population. The accelerated deaths of the alkaline blood types are followed closely by blood type B which is also at an accelerated death rate, all due to iron poisoning and fatal level of copper deficiency.

Blood type AB is normal, healthy: Only the death rate of blood type AB is normal with a healthy average lifespan of 120 years. As of 2013, they live 50-53 years longer than the poisoned population. They have concealed this by moving multiple times during their lifespan, changing name and date of birth when they move, changing place of birth, adoptions, spelling variations & order of names, multiple marriages, identity switching, changing their appearance, and falsifying documents. Because they age very slowly, they hide or blur their identity and whereabouts in the beginning decades of their lifespan.

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