Blue Sun


The Force is Strong With This One
Was reading article about Mouravieff posted on There is part which talks about sexuality and Tantra. I have some insight to share, i don't understand them well yet.
Sometime in November 2011. i have experience of "enlightenment", somehow in my system, sun was born and lots of information came and i change a lot. But the funny thing was that, under that sun, was a hidden black hole. Then i didn't understand the meaning. In that point i was sure that the conciseness need to feed herself with expirience so that is why a black hole.

So in same moment my concession rise, sense of being rise, and now if i don't work on it, the hidden and quiet black hole will eat it and i will crash back on the beginning. The circle of up and downs, positive, negative and back to neutral. Holly trinity of a matrix trap.
In order to proceed i need to do Tantra with my soul, or outside i need to merge with outside world. If i manage to do so, the black hole transform to Blue Sun.
Practical change will look like, i don't run or search for my passion, i am my passion.
This is why sexuality is so important.

This is my own process and thinking.
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