BodyTalk of Dr. John Voltheim

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share and want to network about BodyTalk. Just a background, I went to two sessions with a Bodytalk practitioner in the area to deal with a shock trauma I had when I was a child. I preferred this therapy because I do not know which would be the best option for me. In BodyTalk, the therapist first check my energy through a biometric pendulum. She said it checks the amount of energy your body have to heal itself naturally. It was very interesting. HAHA. We started with me talking about my intentions about the therapy and then she let me lie down. I have noticed she points out certain body parts idk how she got it but I do remember my friend who referred her to me said that the practitioner uses quantum physics or intuition for that. Then she tapped in my head, heart and stomach and they call it cortices technique. My follow up session was done virtually where she balanced the energy of some parts of my body. I dont know if energy transfer like that can be done virtually?? Hmm.

Here is the website of Dr. John Voltheim BodyTalk with Dr. Veltheim and a video of the cortices technique
. You can try it. It's less than 5 min and you will really notice some changes which I do not understand how it happens. What are your thoughts?


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These exercises reminds me 3 ones that Donna Eden says are good to reduce stress and especially anxiety. I was anxious the other day and I made them and instantly my anxiety disappeared. You can see in these video these exercises and you can see they are similar to those of Dr. Veltheim.

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