Brazilian Alien enthusiast Bruno Borges mysteriously disappears

Hi, I was looking at the news and saw this, it may not seem something really strange, but when you see his room in the video, you may start to think there is something odd in this case.

Take a look at the video and give me your opinion.


Here is the link to the sott article, looked for it after i posted my first post.


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Well, the guy has already appeared. For what I've been reading in many news websites from Brazil apparently everything was a marketing strategy to promote his books, of which the first volume is already a success in sales...

Here's a link to the news, it's from a Brazilian website so of course is written in portuguese, but I translated it for anyone who's interested. If anyone wants to check it out on their own, here is the link:

After 5 months missing, psychology student Bruno Borges returned to his home in Rio Branco on Friday morning. The information was confirmed by Bruno's father, the businessman Athos Borges, to the site G1. "At this moment we won't say much. He won't stay home anymore, there are many people coming here. He will stay elsewhere, he came back alone. That's all we can say," the father tells the site.

The case gained national repercussion because Borges left the house of his parents, without giving explanations, leaving long texts written in encrypted language in books, on the ceiling and on the floor of his room, in addition to a statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno.

Because of the repercussion, the Civil Police of Acre began to investigate the disappearance. After a few months of speculation, the delegate Alcino Júnior claimed to have found "strong indications" that the disappearance was voluntary to promote the 14 books, found on the desk of his room. The first volume of them has already been published and is a success in sales. According to the police investigation, on the day of Bruno's disappearance, a contract was registered in Rio Branco on the billing of his works. The student's friend, Marcelo, was arrested for giving false testimony to the police.

The "Enzo Project Partnership Agreement with the Publication of 14 Books" was created on March 27 at the Public Notary and was signed by Marcelo de Souza Ferreira, Borges' friend. The document states that there would be a benefit of 15% of the gross turnover of the "Enzo Project" and "the 14 initial books". Ferreira was arrested by the police for giving false testimony.

Bruno's mother, Denise Borges, rejected the hypothesis that the disappearance of her son was a "marketing strategy." "I'm the only person who read the four books, it's not a marketing strategy, I already knew about the existence of the contracts. Those guys helped Bruno," she says.
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