Breathing seems to be helping focus attention/maintain consiousness



After learning that a true Qigong master (although they wouldn't refer to themselves as one because they teach humbleness) uses the "3 part breathing technique" all of the time, I decided to try and apply it to the work on myself. It involves breathing through the nose and expanding your abdomen/stomach out fully first as if you were breathing into your belly. Then filling up your lungs but not too 100% capacity as you would not want to cause tension. Then as you exhale you move your stomach back towards your spine.
I have been trying this for a few days while observing that when my personality (false self) seemed to want to come out it would help strengthen the conscious "I" to dominate it or when things seem to try to grab my attention (random noises, people walking by, music playing, etc.) while I'm reading, I feel I can better focus my attention (on the esoteric influences).
I think this style of Qigong I've been practicing has also contributed with my gaining control of my attention/consciousness but it seemed like the breathing technique was an extra bonus. It also helped me to think while I am doing the breathing of the fact that I am "being", "alive" and "living in the moment".
I'm going to try and incorporate this style of qigong into the esoteric work as my practice becomes more solid and as I build a foundation for the esoteric teachings. I will keep you informed if there's progress.
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