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Source: Bye bye Britain: nearly 10,000 sign up for Dutch Brexit beach party -
Bye bye Britain: nearly 10,000 sign up for Dutch Brexit beach party

August 21, 2019

The beach at Wijk aan Zee is big enough to host thousands.
Photo: Edi Weissmann via Wikimedia Commons

Nearly 10,000 people have said so far they will be going to a Brexit beach party at the seaside resort of Wijk aan Zee on October 31 to wave out Britain, after a Facebook post went viral.

By Wednesday, some 63,000 people had said they were interested in going to the bash and 9,600 would definitely be there – to eat Dutch crisps, and drink French wine and German beer.

‘Watch from your beach chair when they wake up as a closed institution and, if necessary, deal with the boats of the pro-Europeans,’ the Facebook post by freelance film maker Ron Toekook said.

‘If there is enough demand, we can bring in a band to play… ‘Het is stil aan de overkant’ (it is quiet on the other side) en ‘We’ll meet again’. More musical suggestions are welcome.’

Toekook told local news website NH Nieuws he got the idea from a holiday in Hawaii. ‘When the sun goes down, everyone goes to the beach,’ he said. ‘You take your chairs and a bottle of wine and watch the sunset. Then I thought we could do the same sort of thing on October 31 for Brexit.’

At the end of the week, Toekook says he will get down to talking about what the options are, including getting an event permit from the local council. ‘A sort of British festival would be fun,’ he said. ‘Several bands have already said they would like to perform.’

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Source (Dutch only): Uitzwaaifeest 'Brexit aan Zee' gaat niet door, te weinig animo

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NOS News - Regional news - Today, 16:36

Farewell party 'Brexit aan Zee' will not take place, too little enthusiasm

A party on the beach of Wijk aan Zee, where Great Britain would be waved off from the European Union, is cancelled. The party has been called off because too few tickets have been sold.

The 'Brexit aan Zee' party was announced last year. The idea was to watch in a beach chair and wave goodbye to Great Britain with Dutch crisps, French wine and German beer. Supposedly, there would be tens of thousands of interested people planning to come.

The original party date was 31 October, which was also the deadline for the Brexit. But when it turned out that the organizers were unable to organize the event so quickly and the Brexit was also delayed, the date for the send-off party was postponed to 29 February.

500 tickets sold

Ticket sales have been disappointing the last few weeks. It's stuck at 500. "That's just not enough", says organizer Marcel Korver to NH Nieuws. "We didn't have to make anything out of it, but this way it would cost us money. We don't want to take that risk. That's why we sat down together as adults to make this decision."

Among others, the Bintangs and Roel van Velzen would perform in Wijk aan Zee. They have now been called off. "Too bad," Korver says. "All the permits were granted, but that's just the way it is. We chose the date February 29th very deliberately. The chance of better weather is just higher then. But the attention for the Brexit has also decreased. Nobody talks about it anymore."

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