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As a possible point of contact for a free exchange of ideas, I would like to put a shout out for London Real, a Youtube channel and website that I've been following for the last year or so. They represent a focussed effort at life changing enhancement through conscious effort and feature very interesting interviews with people from all walks of life. They attempt to transcend social boundaries, rather than existing in the echo chamber of one's own point of view.

Here is a very long (4hrs plus) interview with the founder of the organisation, Brian Rose. I find him to be a good guy in the main, though obviously he lives lacking the C's/LKJ element of quality research. I, and I think many others, need to remember just how lucky we are to be in the position where we can mine the depths of Laura's exchanges with the C's over the years. It really is a bounty if we only realised it. We should be more grateful, and showing it with renewed efforts, certainly I should anyway. I don't knock people for this, it's just hit me that we are in a uniquely positive situation finding ourselves here.

The founder of London Real, Brian Rose, is featuring David Icke soon and I really think that Sott's presence would really not be too controversial for the channel's audience (298k on YT), and it may be a great new way to build bridges amongst seekers. His opinion on Ayhuasca fits very closely with the conclusions of the group (He has taken it but sparingly) and he is an open minded individual, intelligent too.

I don't really think it's my place to specify one way or the other, but it would be great if either you guys sent a representative onto his show, or he went on your show, because he is very much a person open to new knowledge, and has not only the wherewithal to enhance personal effort but also the good spirit to show you where you may be going wrong. He's very much like Jordan Peterson in that way.

Anyhoos, that's my meagre offering for the day. :)
I notice his viewers were quick to Point out the global warming Shill.
So full marks to them,

A good place to look for info is social Blade yoiutube statistics.
His Sub count looks fairly legitimate.

Plus he could be making up to 1500 bucks a week from views alone.

Plus any patreons and spin offs he may have.

It is ODD however that for 2 or even 4 000 views he is getting under 10 Comments ?

Mayber he is buying Subs, Views and Likes.

There really ought to be more comments on the videos.
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