British State Has Stolen Thousands of Children From Families


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There were two articles read on SOTT:


And here:

and they were both equally painful to read about what is going on in the UK (at least in England) under this State sanctioned theft of peoples children. Most all get the need to safeguard children against many forms of abuse, yet this is a function of the subjectivity of 'pre crime' with all the machinery of State that ensures this racket is in place and kept running - spreading out money that is not theirs. If nothing else, this leaves parents hollow and crushed - their children lost to their birth mothers and fathers (and their families).

It is reprehensible.

The first article is told through the eyes of Ian Josephs, and noted his website in the article that details many items. Noted he lists the corporations tied to the Fostering of many of these children once they are stolen. Of these corporations, many are owned by equity firm's - Josephs mentions Graphite Capital as example. You can read about this in a 2015 Guardian article 'Why do we let fostering agencies profit from caring for vulnerable children? Interestingly, from that article, it was noted that this is really big business - such as when even the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan owns one of the corporate agencies outright. Josephs gives a partial list of some of these firm's and who owns them.

Pension Funds - that is a big red flag that the shows that the State apitite to stop this 'legal' child theft racket unless funds/investors pull out. Sadly, many pension funds claim that their investments follow a charter of ethical funding; if the pensioners only knew.

The second article looks to Denise Robertson and the work she has done on behalf of mothers and families and cites some situations that are beyond words.

You know, people here have read a lot of horrible damn things over the years - it's nonstop and painful, yet something like this in what is supposed to be a beacon of civilization (well that was crossed out years ago) digs very deep indeed; a line that no one should ever cross is crossed right through the door into families homes in plain wide open view of society - with a circus of judges presiding over these child thefts.


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It's quite crazy when you think about where our civilization is, and where it is heading. And as always, the growth of state power is couched in terms of protecting its citizens, progress and other nonsense. There's a lot of talk about dystopias these days, people warning about it and so on, but we're essentially already there, and it's not just a recent thing, it just escalated after 9/11.
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