Building of a pergola


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A future place for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees to hang around in the garden. This structure is called pergola in English.
I am planting several different grapes and climbing roses around the perimeter. More work to be done; but for the snow, it would have been finished. :cool2:



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You are welcome, Gawan. By hand and hand tools, of course... not counting an electrical circular saw that I used to cut the old timber posts.
The arbors on both sides were assembled from two kits, purchased from


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The pergola is slowly turning into a bower by the plants and flowers that I planted and the wild ones that liked the place.
This picture is from early summer. By now, the rose bushes have climbed all the way up on the roof and are resting on top of it. Grape wines are not doing too good - they were being pummelled all summer long by Japanese green beetles... The peas that I planted all around the structure and provided with strings to climb on, were eaten by some night visitors :(
From the back side, wild wine berries are reaching to the top. I have helped them to find their way there with the attached strings that guide them where I want. I was happy to see a hummingbird ones that visited a feeder with sugar syrup. The tiny bird dipped its beak ones into every hole and flew away. It did not realize that it could double or triple dipped since there is a whole bowl filled with the sweet stuff...


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