Bush fences or stone walls?


The Living Force
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to my oldman, i miss you

In my emotional landscape, like thorns which stick to the boy who landed into the bushes trying to recklessly free the dog, Anger pricks and engulfs even more when restlessly trying to leave the bushes. If dog is trained, maybe it could be lead to lend a helping hand, if not, maybe boy's legs and hips are strong enough to pull him out, when instructed. In any case, nobody is going anywhere until deep breath is taken and situation is assessed calmly.

On the other hand, Anger also takes a broad river and squeezes it into narrow punchy stream, capable of breaking a stone, when directed. While this can also be harvested for even some simple cleaning, for thorny bushes i haven't figured a good usage yet. I've seen them quickly consumed by flames though, and fueled into fire, leaving burnt and ash behind.

Boy's father built fences with bushes, but i don't like fences. They resemble walls, and there had been many walls, some without doors, some even without windows. Speaking of walls, maybe father wasn't so silly with fences after all, when firmer boundaries are asked for than just a line drawn on the ground, if there are bushes laying around.
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