Can anyone recommend a place for spirit release in Poland (preferably Warsaw) ?


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Hello dear forumers,

Is there anyone who would know any trusted person/persons in Poland, preferably Warsaw, to visit in order for a spirit release therapy? And the approximate prices of such.. ?

After some research on the internet I haven't found much beyond all the airy fairy healing websites out of which each seems equally impossible to tell whether it is some new agey malarky or anything genuine, also given that my knowledge on the subject isn't sufficient enough to be able to tell the difference amongst stuff out there, except obvious red flags like trance channelers of Ascended Masters, etc.

Any, even anecdotal help would be of great value.


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I cannot recommend anyone in Poland, but have you read the thread here?,33064.0.html
There is a possibility to have spirit release session on the phone.


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Thanks a lot Jasminum!

Sorry I haven't replied earlier, the christmass break/new year's eve is quite an intense time over here.

I actually have seen the topic before, it just didn't occur to me that as this service is available on the phone it could as well be done across the ocean :rolleyes:
It seems like, besides Laura herself this is the person whose competence has been reviewed to a certain extent and would be trust worthy in the maize full of possible charlatans. I will educate some more on the issue and probably try my luck with Soul Rescue in the near future.

(also, happy new year!)
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