Can infrasound be healing? Vargan.


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Hello, friends. I am a musician and like to explore different musical instruments. Recently I came across vargans. They can have different sounds and tuned to many different notes. I read that the sound of vargan has a potential to heal.

I saw a very unusual vargan: it almost plays in infrasound frequencies. The vargan itself is larger than normal vargans and the sound is almost undetectable by human ears.
Some vargans can be tunned to infrasound frequency.

I am aware of the Session 10 January 2015:
(Chu) Do you want to ask about that weird thing you saw in the pool?

(L) Oh, yeah. What day was it? Was it Wednesday? It was the same day that this Charlie Hebdo thing happened, so that was Wednesday. So I was looking out the window at the guys who...

(Galatea) The mouse is crawling down.

(L) the guys who were removing a stump out in the back yard. I noticed that the pool had swells, and they were big, slow, almost-entire-pool-sized swells. The water was going up and down, up and down, almost straight up and down, in a big way. It was BIG swells like you'd see on big open water long before a storm. I stood there and watched and watched and waited, because usually if the pool is doing something like that, it will calm down after 5 or 10 minutes. I watched it for at least 10 minutes or so, and I went back and looked at it again and it was still doing it 30 minutes later. Honey, you remember?

(Ark) Yes, yes.

(L) It was doing it for a long time, and it didn't stop.

(Ark) It was like, you know, being in resonance with something with frequency of 60 Hz or something like that.

(Perceval) But it didn't splash over the sides?

(L) No splashing, no wavelets. It was almost as if it had oil on top of it to keep it perfectly smooth, what mariners would call “oily swells” I think.

(Pierre) It was a very long wavelength, like 3 or 4 meters.

(L) Yeah, at least. We waited, and I was thinking maybe it was an earthquake or something like that.

(Pierre) Something in the ground?

(L) Yeah, so can you tell me what that was?

A: Activation of inner earth energies in response to events elsewhere. We have noted that your planet responds to activities on the surface. Often this is expressed as heat which results in earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions. But it can also call forth other types of frequencies. There is another aspect that you should consider: the use of infrasound machines by secret projects to control human emotional states. Such instruments can evoke even more devastating responses from the planet and thereby the solar system.

Q: (L) So are you suggesting that this could have been...

[Q & A segment REDACTED by legal advice]

Q: (L) Are you also suggesting or saying that the use of the infrasound machines in and of itself can evoke negative reactions from the planet?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And then if it evokes negative reactions from human beings, that amplifies the negative reaction from the planet?

A: Yes

[Q & A segment REDACTED by legal advice]

Q: (Galatea) That's weird. I woke up very cheery that day!
I read information about infrasound's potential to destroy. It is being used in alternative medicine for that reason to destroy cancer.

My question to the Cs is:
Can infrasound be healing?


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Here is one link of interest:

It can also be noted that infrasound can be produced by such things as the rotors on wind farms. People who live in the vicinity of these have complained about the vibrations which are unrelenting, although undiscernible to the ear.

The resonance effect on the pool in the above quote can be seen on some of Dutchsinse Youtube videos where he shows video of a pool undergoing such resonant effects. A rectangular pool gives resonant wave forms longitudinally, while a circular pool gives a resonant wave which is similar to a drop of water from above, it's quite spectacular, and goes some of the way toward explaining why volcanoes explode.
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