Can you ask Cs how to materialize thoughts in visible light?


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I know that this is a strange question, but I was “thinking” about something very imaginary as well as real...

I am here, in this moment, for mind and spiritual guidance. So, my question is about practises for creating/thinking/molecularising a new body which I can put my spirit or more precisely light/soul inside of it in order to receive the new frequency/thought that is coming with the wave approaching toward us (our souls).

I know that this might be a strange question, and because of this, if it is possible, Laura and the others can directly ask this question to Cs in the next session by referring to me like “what is the answer to this guy’s question?” if they desire so. So this question is to Laura to ask to Cs...

But... For making my question clear, I can explain what I meant by just explaining my Cosmo concept so that you may wish to fix the missing parts and ask in your way. In this way, I will be also taking a spiritual, mind and body guidance from you people, right?

I know that we are living in a dream or in a thought, we all do know it. This thought/dream never existed as long as I am not dreaming it. Not us or you, only I am... This is same for you as well. Just like many of us now, I also know that our thoughts are matter/molecules that vibrate at a certain frequency which can be materialized and projected to this moment of space-time when the creation is ready (and my creations are ready).

Since Ark is a physician, I guess he knows that there is no time according to a photon which means there is no time/matter being experienced according to light. So, if there is no time according to light which is love/knowledge/soul, more informed you are or becoming more you are, less realistic the space-time-matter-moment-frequency you are experiencing is getting. I guess we all know that we are creating our frequency/thought/matter/ molecules or whatever and experiencing a reality that is also created in that exact frequency/thought/matter at that moment by your relationship with a receptor (body) within that frequency and project your consciousness there.

But the nice part is here. This reality never existed. It was just a thought in the prime creator’s mind, and you connected to it by thinking and wishing that that reality was real (Cs will understand what I mean). So, you experienced a moment or a space-time dream which never existed. What I mean is every moment you project your consciousness is a dream and there is no escape from this dream unless you TRULY KNOW YOURSELF. This is because YOU are not a dream but everything you experience(d) was/is/will be a dream FOREVER and for EVERY MOMENT since there is no moment but you (unless you are the moment).

Today physicians are saying that the Universe might be even 94 billion years old. The funny thing is, according to light it never existed. It’s creation, expansion and collapse was/is simultaneous to a photon. Here is a quote to make what I mean clear “From the perspective of a photon, there is no such thing as time. It's emitted, and might exist for hundreds of trillions of years, but for the photon, there's zero time elapsed between when it's emitted and when it's absorbed again. It doesn't experience distance either.”

Moreover, there is speed of light. According to perspective of a person/consciousness “living” on a planet that is 1 million light years away from me I never incarnated/moleculerised. However, according to another observer I already incarnated/lived maybe 10 lifetimes here on this planet and gone. But I am living right now... So which observation is true? Actually both, because all of us are living in different space-time moments/dreams that are actually *totally* different.

So here is the question, I know that I am already dead, re-born and dead and re-born etc. in moments/dreams/universes never existed in space-time and now, in this moment, I ask light beings (Cassiopaeans) to give me any hint for me to create/molecularise/ a “strong” body/thought/receptor which will enable me to live in it during the transition to 4D with this oncoming wave. The body is ready but I can not bring it to the moment of space-time (just please ask Cs exactly like this).

Let me put a diagram so that what I meant will be clear. As I said there is no universe-time or any of the frequency/thought which we see here in the diagram below because there is no time at all, thus no distance or matter/thought exists. But again, because we think matter/thought exists.


If we think it existed and really BELIEVE it then it exists in our minds only, which means this existence/matter is a dream. But this is not important to me now, we all know this... As you see the diagram above, my physical body (I know every frequency is physical since they all are emitted from photon, but for god's sake...) is perceiving and also more or less living in between 730 nm and 380 nm including my aura. The issue with this body/thought form is, I can-not perceive/experience frequencies like cosmic rays that are around 10/1000 and 10/100000 for example and I can-not bring my thoughts/creatures to this moment of existence (Cs know what I mean). They are thoughts that exists, but their frequency is not merging with frequency of visible light. So they need to be stronger, but how???

So the reason why they are not occurring here is these cosmic rays have more energy for me to be able to project my consciousness into a body/receiver made of this matter/frequency/thought and their frequency is not uniting with the thought/frequency of the moment of my existence in this space-time. I do not know this is whether because of the EM around me or planet’s aura is very dirty so to say. Another problem is when I project my consciousness to these bodies that are present beyond the frequency of visible light, I can not bring them to this moment. This is because these bodies are too energetic or sometimes less energetic that when I bring them to this moment, they vanish because their frequency is not holding here.

So, I tried to think/moleculerise/create a body that vibrates at minimum 50 nm to 10/100 or something like that. Before thinking/creating this body, I did some training by creating some funny stuff like umbrellas etc. in the middle of our living room. It was successfully there for a while, but since its frequency was not vibrating at a frequency which my parents could see/perceive it, no one ever realized it or even felt with their auras. After a while, my umbrella vanished because I did not think about it anymore in the moment, so it started being a dream/frequency in the past which I did not recall at this moment. So, another issue is my thoughts/creatures/matters are not becoming real in visible light in the moment of the space-time I desire in this realm and this is frustrating, so PLEASE add this while asking to Cs as well...

Since moments (a long time) I am trying to create/materialise/moleculerise a nice and cool suit/body which I can project my consciousness into so that I will be able to perceive every moment differently in this realm. Can you PLEASE ask Cs on behalf me to give me hint about what to do so that I will create/moleculerise a body that can be perceived by my parents at this space-time of the dream/moment. It doesn’t matter how much “time” it takes for me to moleculerise it, cuz once it is ready, I will connect it to this realm’s moment (space-time) [which always exist as a dream to a photon] of “right now” when I hold its frequency. So the problem is that moment is also not "coming" =(

By the way, I know that this body is just a thought/matter just like everything else around here, in this realm. But, as I said, since a “long time” I am thinking/creating/dreaming a nice and newer suit to put myself in it that vibrates at visible light, so that when the first one is not functional anymore, I will use the other one. So please do NOT assume that I am a STS kind of person. I am NOT STS, because I know that my relationship with that body is always imaginary, no matter at what space-time moment in which frequency/matter/thought/energy range it exists. So *PLEASE* *PLEASE* *PLEASE* ask Cs about what can I do in order to project my creatures/thoughts into this existence so that other people who perceive visible light will also perceive them at any moment I desire.

I love you all and I love Cs and they know this. So c'mon just give 1 minute in the next session and ask "What is the best way of strengthening thoughts' frequency in any thought/realm, focusing?"

Thanks a lot for reading and your help. I know that this was a strange mind/body and spiritual question, but I felt like I could make use of your connection with Cs. If what I asked makes no sense to you, PLEASE just assume that I am a bit nut and crazy and ask this question to Cs right away without any prejudice.

Again, thanks for your help and cooperation

Warm and Kind regards

Michael B-C

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As Laura says Vitriol, I think you have picked up a lot of different threads and concepts and jumbled them into a making of quite your own. A better place to start would be to carefully read and digest Laura's Wave series. Have you done that yet? If not, my recommendation would be to park all these 'out there' thoughts and start off with some good old fashioned 3rd density homework! As a recent student I think you know that's quite normal if one wants to learn anything! The books can be bought in hard copy but are also available for free on the following link. When you've digested the context that Laura gives to the C's transmissions, especially the challenges regarding understanding higher dimensional realities with a 3rd density brain, you will have a better chance of grappling with some of the concepts that appear to have got muddled in your thinking.

It's also worth remembering that Laura undertook a most rigorous, scientific and self-disciplined approach to what eventually became the contact with the C's. That has never stopped and this grounding in provable processes and joined up data remains at the core of what we all strive to do here. There is no such thing as a free lunch or skipping these hard lessons in the universe!:-)


The Force is Strong With This One
I understand, thank you...
Hi Vitriol

I am also a newbaby in this forum and busy with some scrumps to impregnate my mind with C's old script so that i can be able to be in par with thier level of understanding .

Just have some parallel reading of books written by Max Freedom long. They may as well help you out a bit on how to manifest your thoughts either way based your will power. An edge will be developed and devine providence will assist and help as well. Its just a suggestion no strings attached


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Hi Vitriol

Have you heard of the Seth books by Jane Roberts. If not, I think you might enjoy them.

In the magical approach Seth says that we have trained ourselves to project the worst possible outcome into the future, and that the body responds to this in a negative way. If we instead believe that we are safe and supported by reality, then we become happy and healthy.

I don't know if your having health issues or something, but I think your quest to materialize a strong body might stem from a belief that your current body is weak, and your body may be responding to these beliefs by being weak. I dunno if that's true, but I think part of being strong is having a healthy perspective.
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