Cancer as metabolic disease


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Otto Warburg is the German scientist who discovered the link between oxidative stress, glucose fermentation, and cancer at the beginning of the last century.
At the core of this process is chronic inability of cells to produce ATP from oxygenation and in order to survive they revert to more primitive process of energy production which is fermentation. Such cells become dis-regulated or "immortal" and they start dividing without control.
However Warburg didn't have the whole banana at the time as he didn't realize that cancer cells ferment also certain amino acids in addition to glucose, mostly Gultamin.

This metabolic pathway was identified by Dr. Thomas Seyfried - an American professor of biology, genetics, and biochemistry at Boston College.
Seyfried posits that cancer is not genetic disease which is the pervasive theory in modern oncology, but rather genetic mutations occur down the line after chronic disruptions of oxygen metabolism. He claims that most cancers can be managed, if not cured with dietary and also pharmacological intervention ( since Glutamin can never be completely eliminated from the food). This pharmacological intervention is seems to be pretty safe when compared with common conventional approach.

Here are several videos which explain this in great detail:


Cancer Treatment From a Metabolic Perspective​

Story at a glance:
  • Most chronic diseases affecting us today, including heart disease, dementia, obesity, diabetes and cancer are rooted in metabolic dysfunction
  • October 10 is the International Metabolic Health Day. Celebrate by assessing your metabolic health and cleaning up your diet
  • One of the best ways to identify metabolic flexibility and health is a fasting insulin test. Ideally, you want it to be below 3
  • If you’re already eating a healthy diet, exercising, and all of your metabolic parameters look good, yet you have an insulin level of 7 or 8, stress may be the culprit, because cortisol raises insulin. Cortisol release is actually a rescue mechanism to ensure you don’t die from low blood sugar
  • The Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health will be a truly integrated residential oncology hospital and metabolic research institute. Once funding has been secured, they expect to be up and running within 18 months


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Niacinamide Enhances Natural Killer Cells to Beat Carcinomas​

Story at a glance:
  • According to recent research, nicotinamide, also known as niacinamide (a form of niacin or vitamin B3), enhances natural killer (NK) cells’ ability to defeat blood cancers
  • Pretreating NK cells with an unspecified amount of niacinamide upregulated a lymphocyte homing molecule called CD26L, which improved the antitumor functions of the NK cells in several ways
  • The combination of niacinamide-enhanced NK cells and monoclonal antibody treatment resulted in complete remission in 11 of 19 patients within 28 days, and three had partial response
  • Niacinamide also protects your skin against ultraviolet radiation damage from the sun, thereby reducing your risk of skin cancer
  • It’s also been shown to improve survival after cardiac arrest, primarily by restoring tissue NAD+, and can help prevent heart failure


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