Cassiopaea Work and Utilizations

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Cassiopaea Work and Utilizations
Part 1.

Since I have joined the Cassiopaea Forum, I have discovered that I/we need to work on various way to raise higher frequency, so to prepare for phase transition.
And I am wondering, did I missed something? Or did I found everything that need to be doing? It seemed, the most important thing is Knowledge.

Session 13 November 1999
Q: is knowledge energy or is energy knowledge? When you add knowledge, do you have more energy?
A. Energy is a component of knowledge.

Session 30 March 2002
A: Heal the soul by means of increased knowledge which leads to DNA modification which close gaps.

Session 18 July 2015
Q: So, you're saying that awareness is the key to the Great Work, work on the self, graduating to 4D or whatever. Awareness involves knowledge.
A: ...knowledge must be acquired via efforts so as to make proper connections and pathways in the brain.
Q: Why is it so important to make connections and pathways in the brain?
A: That is quite simply, building your receiver!!!
Q: (L) So, it is important to acquire knowledge, information, and to do it in a way that builds your brain power because that's your receiver.
A: Higher energies!

Session 17 February 1996
A: Network!!! Do you yet understand what we mean when we say that? Yet?
Q: (L) I guess that means that you share information on the net?
A: Yes.

Session 11 October 2014
A: Oh indeed! The times ahead will be most interesting especially if the network both expands to the full tribal unit strength, and many others take the initiative to move up to the next stair step.
Q: So, in a sense, what you're saying is that there is a need for network to expand as in connecting chakras and so forth... When people are connected, they can help each other, both in and out of the body to make DNA changes and changes in their whole system.

Session 6 December 2014
Q: Okay, if people are fully engaged in the network, will they receive information in time?
A: Yes, the operative term being "fully engaged" in any every way possible.
(L) I think it means what is possible for that person.
A: Yes.

Eíriú-Eolas Breathing Program
Session 5 August 2009
Q: (L) I would like to know if you have any comment to make on the progress of our breathing and meditation program for the readers of our forum and perhaps other people who are practicing it about whom we know nothing?
A: It is already having effects in other realms.
Q: (L) What other realms?
A: 4, 5, 6D.
Q: (L) In what respect?
A: Humans should remember the hermetic maxim can go both ways in some respects. Those who are destined to "meet" themselves in the future can now do so with greater facility due to these efforts.
We once said that "you in the future" could "rewrite" cosmic programs... that goes for others too. They are now learning the programming language.
Q: (L) Well, I had suggested to everyone that they do it together- I mean, the whole program on Mondays and Thursdays. And then the other parts of the program as needed, especially the meditation every day if possible.
A: Yes. And doing it on the same day leads to community building.

And I am grateful for EE Breathing Program thread for all the informations that leads me to do it correctly.

Ketogenic Diet - Path To Transformation?
Thanks for this thread, my health improves by eating high-fat and meat diet. So, nowadays, I don't eat any bread, chocolate, processed foods, etc. and I don't use any sugar, but still eats organic brown rice. Sometimes I wondering, should I stop eat brown rice too?
Session 11 June 2011
Q: (L) is the fact that we eat meat detrimental to us spiritually?
A: Absolutely not.
Q: (L) A lot of them think that vegetables are an optimal fuel illusion.
A: They lack objective knowledge.
Q: (L) In other words, we get optimal energy from eating creatures that eat vegetables. That way, we get our vegetables.
A: Yes.

Session 4 April 2015
A: For many, the transition in diet is either not possible due to epigenetic factors, or must be under taken very, very slowly.
For some, the requirements for carbohydrates is higher. They need to fulfill this need as safely as possible.
Q: (L) What you're saying, I think, is not for some people, transitioning to functioning on ketones is much more difficult for a variety of reason?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, the ketogenic diet is not ultimately desirable for everyone?
A: No.
(Galatea) They can't evolve, or they can do it another way?
A: It is helpful to evolving and FRV for those who require it. For some, it required that they follow an adjacent plan.

Session 21 November 2015
Q: (L)...I just read this iodine book by a David Brownstein. "Iodine; Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It".
This guy talk about how iodine can kill fungi, bacteria, viruses, detox heavy metals from the body, even the ones that other detox methods don't get, remove evil fluoride... Detox bromines, fluorines, metals, etc.
So, some people have started slow and as soon they have a few drops, they start having symptoms. What are these symptoms from? Is it detox or what?
A: Activation of microbes drawing on the enhanced energy.
(L) So, if you get energized by taking the iodine, that energizes your critter too, and they start getting more active.
Q: (L) ...When we started getting symptoms, we just took it up to the does that Brownstein talk about: 50 to 100mg per day or more.... It even removes the fluoride out of the pineal gland which is where it likes to live. Is that true?
Does it do that?
A: Yes yes yes.
Q: (L) I guess if you're having microbe die-off, you should just go ahead and nuk'em. If you kill microbes, you gotta clean their bodies out of your system, too much is what causes a herxheimer reaction.
A: What you are doing is good but you might want to increase the salted water and assist the liver.
Q: (L) This Brownstein book says that iodine is an excellent antibiotic for all kinds of organisms including bacteria, tuberculosis, fungi, yeasts, molds, and viruses.... So, let me ask you: could iodine combat AIDS?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Ebola?
Q: (L) Plague?
A: Yes.
Q (Galatea) Chicken Pox?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Measles?
A: Yes.
(nicklebleu) It's usually said in terms of nuclear radiation or fallout that iodine is only good to protect the thyroid. Does it have other protective effects in this regard?
A: Protects all the glandula systems which are your interface with higher densities.

Thanks to the "Iodine and Potassium" thread's information, my health improved immensely!


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Do you notice changes within yourself, in how you feel and think?
Is your mind calmer and/or clearer than it used to be?
Do you feel more like yourself (authentic) and more at peace despite the challenges?

If so, then you are growing and raising your frequency.

If not, in what areas do you feel stuck and unable to change?


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[quote author= Kay Kim]It seemed, the most important thing is Knowledge.[/quote]

Yes, and to add:

Knowledge applied with Love.

In short:

Seeing others/The World suffer awakens empathy. But empathy alone is not enough. To help we must understand where this suffering comes from. Knowledge is necessary.

That's why the quest for knowledge should always come from empathy. That's how we can be sincere and be truly of help to others :)

Kay Kim

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Hello axj,

Yes, I have noticed that some of a conception changes time to time.
The biggest one was about 40 years ago. It was life threatening situation, I had to decide, then I choose to fight until death, then the raper back off.
After that fear was gone.
Since that time on, when I face any difficulties rises up in my life, I did consider that is challenging opportunities as life's game.
And I don't regret my past actions/mistakes, just thinking about have to use better discernment on forward.

And another big change was, when I have read Laura's books and joined the Cassiopaea Forum, that made my perception changed about world and people.
So, I am more calmer and clearer than I used to be.
Now, I feel peace with myself and glad to be here.
Thank you axj, for the opportunity to reflect my life.

Kay Kim

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Hello bjorn,

You are right about Knowledge applied with Love.
So, since I joined forum, I've developed some empathy to people, and I have been tried to work myself to be more understand people.
But clearly, I need to be working more about helping to others.
I will keep working on that direction.
Thank you.


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When it comes to knowledge, I think it's very important to distninguish between purely theoretical "knowledge" and actual knowledge that comes from doing the Work. Theoretical knowledge is necessary only as the first step towards experiential knowledge. In other words theories are like a roadmap but we still need to walk the path by applying in daily life what we learn theoretically.

Kay Kim

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Part- 2
Cold adaptation
Session 30 August 2014
Q: (Carlisle) ... you mentioned cold protocols as an aid to help fight off Ebola and strengthen the immune system.
We were wondering what kind of temperature, duration, and frequency of cold exposure is optimal for this?
A: Ten to fifteen C, and same number of minutes. Daily is best initially, but four times weekly for maintenance. The approach can be gradual.

Session 11 October 2014
(Perceval) Well dose cold adaptation increase your core body temperature?
A: Ultimately, yes.
(Perceval) Which might be deadly to specific might be beneficial for keeping bad things away.
(L) So, if you have a higher body temperature, not only could you be activating some good DNA inside of you, you'd definitely be cutting off the access of the evil viruses.
A: Yes.

Reply #64 by Laura,
Cs said only 10 to 15 minutes...10 to 15 degrees, so that is logical.
Reply #91 by Laura,
I don't plunge my head in the water...I let the back of my head get wet and I splash water on my face, but I don't see a lot of point in immersing the head since the vagus nerve and carotid artery enters into the skull at the base, and if you have the main part in the chin, you have the main part in the water(including the brown fat on the chest, shoulder and neck.

From the members discussions, it seems most people like cold baths than showers.
I thought about it long time and finally I made my mind to do it. I will be starting on September 5 2016.
10 degrees Celsius = 50 Fahrenheit.
15 C = 59 F.

Session 28 October 1994
Q: (L) "Bringers of the Dawn" advised spinning, is this advisable for all of us?
A: Major yes.
Q: (L) How many times a day?
A: 3.
Q: (L) How many times?
A: 33

Session 25 May 1996
Q: (L) Okay, once you mentioned that I ought to move the pool and install a maze, or spiral,...and I was thinking about putting in an in-ground pool as part of my improvements, couldn't I have the spiral inlaid in the bottom of the pool in tile.
A: Good, suggest that you install a triple Ionic column with top beam and base, as the Romans and Greeks did, near the deep end,... .....Use pure spiral, counterclockwise, corresponding to Northern Hemisphere of the planet.
Q: (L) Okay, once we have set this up, what is it going to do for us?
A: Empower 4th through 6th density STO channel transceiver.

Session 25 August 2006
Q: (Andromeda) What about spinning?
A: Yes.
Q: (Perceval) Any particular place? I mean, should on the grass?
A: Back over the underground water.
Q (Andromeda) Counter-clockwise or clockwise?
A: Different strokes...What feels right for each.
Q: (Mr. Scott) What does back by the underground water mean?
(Laura) We have that underground stream that runs into the grotto and runs into pond...
Q (Guest: SD) Holding hands, spinning around? Or individually.
(Laura) Individually spin,... And what you do is keep your eye on your hand.
(Perceval) Watching your hand helps you stop from becoming dizzy.
(Galahad) And then when you're done, you bring your palms to center together in front of your chest and press them together very, very hard, and that tends to center you again more quickly from dizziness.

From "Spinning/Whirling Dervishes"
Reply #30 by Laura,
I was spinning in the pool because I have certain physical issues that make it easier,...
I spin counter-clockwise. That is, if you are looking at me from above, I spin toward the left hand.
Ark spins clockwise.

Reply #41 by Laura,
Also, in Reiki drawing on Universal energy is counter-clockwise, clockwise is letting your energy go out to the Universe. Again, I've never felt so big that I had much to give the universe... And I've always wondered if some systems are suggested to people as a way for 4D STS to harvest their energy.

Session 7 June 1997
Q: So, it is the iron that the Celts need? Well, that brings me to the next question: In all the Celtic folklore when they talk about 'fairies' which are obviously other density beings very similar to our modern 'Gray alien' these fairy/slash alien insist that no iron come near them in any way. It was also said that bringing iron into contact with someone thought to be a 'channeling' ...they would disappear instantly.
Also, the instructions for the building of the Temple of Solomon included restrictions on the use of iron ....
What is the significance of this restriction on the use of iron by these other density beings, whoever they are?
A: Bloodline trails.
Q: If it was necessary for the Aryans to have iron... okay, maybe the iron is something that interacts...
A: What about iron as an element?
Q: Okay, let's see: Iron derived from early Celt,... It is ...metallic chemical element that can be readily magnetized,... and is vital to plant and animal life...
Iron is an element of blood, hemoglobin, and is easily magnetized...there is some new work about iron and magnetite in the brain of people who are psychic or have 'abduction' experiences.... Is it the magnetism?
A: Yes...
A: Tis magnetite that act as a conduit, and perhaps, allows for transference back and forth at will?
And what about the legend about the alchemist? Is not the key term there really transformation?
Q: I get it! So, it is the magnetite in the body, that collects and holds the charge, and it has absolutely nothing to do with an external substance at all! Is that it?
A: You are getting "warmer."
Q: Am I right, we need more iron for magnetite, or am I completely off base here?
A: You are right, but do not underestimate the significance of that just delivered!
What better deception than to divert the meaning of alchemy, by focusing upon substance,
Q: Okay, it is the magnetite that acts as a conduit. And the concentration is upon the substance, that is, the magnetite.

Session 22 November 1997
Q: What is the prime matter of the alchemical process?
A: H20
Q: What, (Ark) water can be different states.
A: Heavy water.
Q: What is heavy water? (Ark) Instead of normal hydrogen, you have hydrogen atoms with two neutrons.
Q: Well, they say that prim matter is that which is created by God and is firmly captured within you, yourself, and that way any creature of God deprived of it will die.
So, I have come to the idea that this prime matter is blood, which is connected to the hemoglobin molecule, which is...
A: What is the human body composed of?
77 percent....what?
Q: Well, water...
A: Bingo!
Q: Well, how does one change the water in one's body to heavy water, and what kind of effect does that have on the system?
A: See previous responses.

So, the question is how can we change the water in our body to heavy water?
It seems the answer is in "Magnetite, spinning and meridians" thread Pierre's post.

I think that if mechanical machine's rotation can generates strong magnetic field,
so if person spinning, it will generates magnetic field too.
Then more energy flows in or out depends on which way spins.
Because water is prime matter and human blood contains iron, and iron is easily magnetized by spins.
Then the magnetite in the body collects and holds higher-hydrogens within our body.
Thus our body water becomes heavy water.
So, spinning is one of the other way to increasing higher FRV.

I was spinning clockwise but, stopped spinning practice some months ago, because one day, when I looked at water draining in my kitchen that was spins to counter-clockwise.
Until that time, I thought the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth spins clockwise, because when I lived in California until 2 years ago. I have noticed that the bath water was drained to clockwise direction, I am sure about that, I had seen many times.

And I understand that California and Alaska is the same Northern Hemisphere.
But now, why I notice differently? I tested many more times to make sure what I am seeing, but, is counter-clockwise.
Is my perception changed?
Or the Earth's energy movement changed?
So, I had to research about it.
And now I am sure I need to spinning counterclockwise.


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Do you feel you are missing something?

That is a very good recollection of sessions, thanks for that.

Respecting your own life lessons, and your path, you have to walk your own path at your own pace.
Having said that, the work in relation to your "I" and unity as described by G. And sharing your knowledge with others.

That part of the work that deals with our habits, external consideration, enotions, and so on... mainly self knowledge and knowledge of others. This part of the work is also part of the c's work.

Just wanted to add that, since you asked but i didn't see mention of it.


The Living Force
Thanks for collecting those snippets together, fascinating to see them together.

In terms of 'missing something', I think it’s important that we don’t overlook the obvious, don’t miss what is right in front of us to do. Simple things in terms of 'getting one’s house in good order' can go a long way to helping the other processes along. Sometimes we don’t see the wood for the tress though, and can place so much emphasis on finding the missing pieces 'out there', that we don’t notice what needs doing right here!

There’s a danger that people can take such ideas in a 'looking for the magic beans' way, and start randomly trying this or that without any real idea of what or why. Which can cause problems. That approach can also lead away from the important areas of self study, of gaining objective knowledge and feedback about our ourselves and our psychology, how we’re made and how our particular system runs. For that we need the help of an objective network, practically impossible otherwise to see ourselves and know then what knowledge to apply, even if we have it. And knowledge protects – only when applied.

So a practical approach helps I think, do what is in front of us to do, be disciplined and work with greater attention to master the little things in life as well as working on some of these key ideas. With constant networking to help iron out the glitches and reading errors in the machine as we go.

Kay Kim

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Hello Felipe4 and Alada,

Yes, Felipe4, I do respect my own life lessons, that's why I am trying to be better everyday since I joined this forum.
And practical approach to do what is in front of us is excellent idea, Alada. I Thanks both of you for attention and goodwill.

But personally, I don't feel I am missing something in my life. I am at peace and grateful to be here with such loving care family.
I was just wondering about did I found every excercise that needs to for raising higher frequency? Or I overlooked/missing some other methods?
I think I found every methods that Cs suggested to do, but then you never know.
Oh, I have more topics to post soon.


Dagobah Resident
Regarding raising our frequency:

The things that hold our frequency down are blockages and trauma on the emotional level, old limiting beliefs and programs on the mental level, as well as behaviour patterns and habits that are not in alignment with our highest purpose (physical level).

The biggest challenge is usually the healing of emotional trauma to the deepest level, since there is just so much of it.

If you want to 'speed things up', you can always do a meditation where you tune into higher energies which will "vibrate up" and bring to the surface whatever still needs to be healed on the emotional level. Though usually that is not necessary, as life will always find a way to trigger and bring up just the right amount of unresolved emotional issues so we can process them and become lighter in the process.


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Kay Kim said:
I was just wondering about did I found every excercise that needs to for raising higher frequency? Or I overlooked/missing some other methods?
I think I found every methods that Cs suggested to do, but then you never know.
I would say that your attitude would be more practical, if you instead search and collecting methods, you would be more connecting to your own inner emotional signs for what to do further. Emotional center can be connected to the higher emotional center. I would suggest to you focus on the self-remembering and register changing of your personal frequency and changing needs open in time of progress in the work on the self and looking at the differents exercises and methods as the tools for better mastering yourself. Sometimes you have to be more focus for example on the Ba-ha Breathing, in other time more on the Meditation and work with Crystals, yet in other time you find that you need introduce changes in your diet, yet other time you will find that some trauma appears to the conscious and you need time for processing that before you will be sprightly to take care about other things.

I would add yet: Push away ego and fears which can go together with it, let your inner curiousity work with accompaniament of the soul, to give yourself a joy from learning new things, instead be worry about "do I remember everything? Do I do every what I can?' It never be like that because we are not able to be super consciously and always totally aware of everything, so mistakes and some gaps will appear, let accept this and focus on the present. If you will be connected to yourself, subconscious give you the clues and meditation and prayers work as the catalyst for enhance information transfer as you willl be able to see more and be aware more.

Kay Kim

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Hello axj and lux,

I don't think I have any blockage in me, but perhaps it might stay in my subconscious mind?
Anyway thanks for all the suggestions that trying to guide me to right direction. I will keep in my mind for your kindnesses.

Right now, I am doing meditation every days about 30 minutes. And the self remembering, I'm trying to do every moments though out the days
Then the Three-Stage Breathing and the Prayer of the Soul meditation every days, and whole EE program every Mondays and Thursdays, after every EE programs, I do Gurdjieff's music meditation that I set up in my iPad for just way I like it.

Plus- spinnings, read session transcripts, research, network, take iodine 2 times a days, salted water 3 times a days, singing- the Garden of the Universe 3 times at 8 pm, and more any times when I feels like.
Read to my Crystals mornings and nights.
I am so busy every day, time goes so fast. But I enjoy every moment!
Everything I do, I enjoy it's wonderful energies.
That's make my life singing with joys.


The Living Force
I think a good tool to work with, and so far is missing from your list, is to set an Aim. It helps define the why in what we do. Something to contemplate and keep in mind as an internal reference point. It helps later then, when we observe what we do and ponder the question: Why am I doing this?

Kay Kim

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Hello Alada,

Since you mentioned what is my Aim, or setting Aim is better for propagable to achieving it's Aim.

Then I had to think about it and exams my thoughts and feelings.
And my conclusion is I don't have big Aim.
My only one conception is, each and every day, I wanted to do better than yesterday.
This my small Aim gives me able to focus every single day as new day!
It makes me feels every day is starting new interesting things to do.
I was lived like that for last few years now. And no matters what, always makes my day so interesting tirelessly.
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