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I generally don't keep cats as pets. I prefer dogs, though I have fostered a lot of cats and kittens for a rescue group in the past and enjoyed doing that. I don't hate them - I quite like them, I just prefer living with dogs.

My dream last night started with finding a cream long haired cat, chocolate points and blue eyes with four brand new kittens and I decided to care for it. More cats started coming after that - just turning up. They were various shades of white or cream mainly and there was one other chocolate pointed blue eyed cat. The new litter had 2 cream and 2 brown kittens.

There was one stand out cat that turned up. It was a tabby with white legs, chest, neck and muzzle but the 'tabby area of the coat was was two shades of green - a bright lime green and a darker green. This is the only cat I named. I called him Minty.

I come home to find that all the cats seemed to be gone. My mum was there and she said that she'd re-homed most of them but had shut some of my favourites in another room. I went to the room and found around 4 cats and the new kittens. I mentioned that Minty was gone and mum said 'I didn't see him'. So I went outside looking for him. While I was outside my ex was at the front of the property with some other people putting something in the boot of her car and she greeted me. I decided to go back inside without acknowledging her I was slightly embarrassed because I was only wearing underwear. When I went back inside I gave the mother cat a scratch and pat as she rolled over on her back and realised I would have to buy a decent brush to comb her hair out and untangle her coat. I stood by a glass door looking into the back garden and spotted Minty. He came to the door which I opened and picked him up. As I cradled him in my arms on his back he smiled.


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Maybe it's a message to yourself that you should try to love cats as much as you love dogs. Obviously you were very fond of Minty and were worried when you couldn't find him. You cradled him in your arms. Maybe looked down on him lovingly, which instigated his big smile.


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I had dogs all my life, didn't understand cats. But 3 years ago we get cat, first year i was stressed , didn't know how to communicate. Now i am blessed with skills and adjustments he learns me. Somehow dogs are here to serve, cats are here to learn us how to serve. This is what i learn from my cat :D
Don't get me wrong, i get a lot from him, so serving him is serving self. Excellent school.


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Cats are strange. I jokingly call mine a little owl monkey. I think it has to do with their nocturnal nature and natural hunting instincts which are stifled in domestic captivity and are often viewed as quirks with somewhat funny implications. (It’s not nice to exploit their instincts by putting a cucumber behind a distracted cat, please don’t do that!)

Their sight spectrum is also fascinating. Where as dogs often hear odd things around us that we don’t hear, cats see things, and it’s sometimes creepy to think about, especially when they are in full defensive stance looking at an empty corner.

I once had a hypnogogic hallucination during sleep paralysis where a white floofy cat was sitting on a white Grecian column/pedestal, giving me a manacing stare as I struggled to regain consciousness and control of my body.

Cats are strange but I love them. Hopefully that isn’t the toxoplasmosis speaking, but I think everyone who isn’t allergic should give them a chance.


I’ve had some amazing experiences with a cat that lives across the street from our home. Every night I walk several times, and this cat runs from its yard and we walk together. She trots alongside me like a dog. She shows me her favorite sniffing spots, and then she comes back to our house where we’ll give her some food. Now you might be thinking, sure, food. But that’s just the beginning. The cat is our protector as well. When there’s a skunk or a possum (or even another cat), she’ll block us from going in the direction of the animal and then proceed to run it off. When my wife gardens, the cat will stand guard and check out whatever areas my wife is moving towards. I’ve had cats my whole life and I can assure you that there’s nothing typical about this one. It may sound like typical cat behavior, but the way this one goes about it is nothing of the sort.

She even saved my life. Literally. In January I was taken to the hospital and ended up spending 25 days there with viral pneumonia and sepsis. The night it all started went like this: I was asleep on my bed, and the cat came in to visit. She came over to where I was sleeping and sniffed me. She got very agitated and bolted out the front door after making a big fuss to my wife, who observed the whole thing. My wife went to take a bath and get ready for bed. While she was in the tub, she couldn’t shake the cat’s strange display. It nagged at her so much that she decided to check on me before getting into bed. She turned on the light and discovered that I had vomited in my sleep and was unresponsive. She called 911 and the EMT told her I had aspirated the vomit into my lungs. If she hadn’t called I’d have died. I was taken to the hospital and intubated , and kept under sedation for 18 days, and finally released a week later. My wife told the doctor the story about the cat, and the doctor told her and me that he had no doubt that the cat literally saved my life.

The newest thing the cat does is, when I come outside she runs across the street and leads me to a patch in a garden four doors down the street. She then squats and relieves herself. Then she leads me back to my house, and when I’ve been returned to my doorstep, she runs back across the street to her house. Apparently my newest job is to stand guard while she uses the toilet! So she guards us, and we guard her while she’s on break. :lol:
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