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After I posted an excerpt of this article in another thread in this forum (Tom Kenyon and the Hathors), I thought it ought to be posted in it's entirety, and so am putting it here:

Michael Topper as Marshall Telemachus said:

Changing Channels

What could be a more perfect topic to begin our Book Review section during the month of Halloween, than discussion of the various books on channeling? Channeling is not only a popular sport at present, but if examined closely an intriguing one. It's not at all clear, for example, what the purpose of channeling is; this lack of clarity actually gives it a "spookiness" that's almost independent of the fact that disembodied or otherworldly intelligences, personalities and even (shudder)"entities" are central items of the channeling phenomenon .

Consider, for example, the most common means of establishing the "inner plane" or channel connection: meditation. This is the method most recommended both by channelers and the given channelled source.

Meditation is of course, as we should all know by now, a means of stilling the mind so that our ordinary thinking faculties are temporarily vetoed. This provisional silence of the otherwise constant "interior monologue" is the means whereby the meditator is supposed to bypass the conditioning screen of (culturally programmed) concepts. In so doing he becomes ideally receptive to holistic dimensions otherwise recessed into the unconscious beyond the focus of ordinary "notice". However, as the very object of channneling, out of those ostensibly more holistic zones of being comes charging: more verbiage! Out of the meditator's mouth issues another voice. In fact, the phenomenon is so prevalent that it seems every other face has "someone else's" voice coming out of it (although this is apparently such a commonplace of Filmland that "channeling" seems more a logical extension than an abrupt break) .

And a great deal of the content of such channeled information from coveted "higher sources," is composed of odd syntactical constructions, inflected in the upper registers of nasality, extolling the virtues of meditation!

This of course can only mean one thing, ultimately, (amounting to a largely unnoticed metaphysical tautology), and that is: you're being encouraged to meditate in order to still the noise of the verbal mind, thus putting you in the properly receptive condition to pass a sonorously rolling Voice, (not your own) around the glottis, in elicitation of a Speech which invariably extols the virtue of meditation, as means of extracting a verbal instruction that tells you...

Now that's spooky! It's almost another version of the oddly reverberative "self reference" paradox (you know, the peculiar conceptual log-jam which occurs when a categorical negative is expressed in first-person, i e "all statements arc false, including this one." Richard Hofstader would have a field day deciphering the Moebius code which the general program of "channeling' carries...)

To be fair, the exhortation to "meditate" that emanates from channeled sources, like tv 's exhortation to watch tv. It ostensibly points to a content beyond the significance of its own form in itself; i.e. just as television bids for your attention presumably because of the information it carries, so channeling claims your attention by way of the meditative mechanism apparently because of its unique power to bring a stream of extraordinary news. People consult the channeler not only, or even particularly, for the edification of the standard message to meditate, but largely because it's expected that the source can produce a verbal description of conditions and events beyond the ordinary ken of three-dimensional faculties .

We consult the channeler because, basically, we are concerned, in a very ordinary conceptual way, like every personality anxiously poised on the psychological tightwire spanning the temporalized chasm of existence. We grope in ambiguity over the Questionmark of chronic incompletion supplied by the tenses in which we conjugate the terms of ego identity. It would always be oh so helpful if we could see the future in advance, be informed of the respective consequences in the alternatives confronting the present perplexing moment of decision. We would like if possible, to be underwritten not only for our monetary but for our psychic commitments; insured in advance against the usual contingencies. And the channeler proffers the prospect of just this excelsior potential.

The channeler in a sense, then, exchanges the personal power of verbalization born of limited perceptions for the transpersonal power of verbally portraying dimensions or aspects of being otherwise inaccessible. The myriad channeled voices to which we have been opened in recent years do indeed present an avalanche of prediction, of advice on principle and in particular, and a massive characterization of planes, states, levels and dimensions of reality which introduce whole other magnitudes to the ultimate questions of purpose and consequence. Through the innumerable contributions of channeled sources we have been, in a certain sense, asked to reappraise the whole matter of success in terms beyond the conventional, so that the horizon upon which the grail of accomplishment rests has been, as it were, elevated; the sights raised to the prospect of a more comprehensive and crucial, indeed sacred, focus.

On the "plus" side then, the phenomenon of channeling has supplied a verbal chorus of confirmation tending collectively to install our usual questions and concerns in a setting offset by distinct considerations of Soul. The "answers" to our most mundane queries as to future, choice and result have been furnished a whole additional dimension of meaning. The most casual skimmer of "channeled" material can't help but perceive, at least implicitly, the bearing which every conventional ego-choice has upon the larger destiny of soul-growth. Never mind for the time being that such emphatic intimations result from a cutting in, an abrupt verbal tunneling of the basic meditative stream which was ostensibly moving toward the unique value of personal (unmediated) cognition and direct perception of those very, spiritual and high-psychic modes now presented by descriptive approximation. Never mind that the whole phenomenon seems, in a certain light, to express the impatience of higher-dimensional intelligence long waiting for the sluggish personal development characteristic of this "material plane." And so, they simply intrude with the necessary packets of information at the minimal achievement of some meditative quietude.

To be fair, some "channeling" circumstances seem to promote the actual personal progress of the channeler in gaining direct access to the planes, states, phenomena and degrees of mind-body integration otherwise only described or verbally characterized by ventriloquist voice-transmission (cf. the Seth material, and the late Jane Roberts' occasional description of her personal development in "inner plane" understanding). But for the most part, the expressed Ryerson-attitude prevails. This amounts to a curious dissociation between the person of the channeler and the content of the communication resulting practically in an overall substitution of the description for the thing described.

More immediately, on the minus side of the phenomenon we end up (in this avalanche of description from various sources) with a collision rather than a smooth confluence of materials. At the "higher" levels of consciousness not limited to the spacetime framework of the blindered channeler, there still seems to be contention or discrepancy in the respective characterizations of Reality; there still seems to be division regarding that which is perceived or known even in these greater and more allegedly comprehensive Domains of Knowing. Any who've scanned more than one of these sources in print, or compared notes with "live" sessions attended, are bound to notice (if minimally conscious) that, beneath the general agreement as to the existence of higher states and planes, of different orders of knowledge and action from those assumed in the context of strictly physical expression there is a welter of large and small divergences ranging from minor variations to an embarrassment of glaring contradictions.

This is explained in one such source. Cosmic Revelation "channeled" by Virginia Essene and Ann Valentin, as the inevitable condition of confusion resulting from the urgent/unprecedented need of the higher dimensions to disseminate changing patterns of information belonging to "revamped educational programs", brought about by this critical epoch of transition through which we're hesitantly passing. Such confusion, according to this source results from the requirement of transmission along the spiritual hierarchy of inner plane beings through which such "information," formulated at the highest levels, must pass. Consistent with what may be gathered from other source-channels, the various levels along which the orders of intelligence transmit the flow of data "downward" formulate the patterns of information according to the understanding of their particular plane. Tinctured already by that qualification, the information may receive its most noticeable distortion at the level of the channeler where, according to the variable of the given "linkage" there may be greater or lesser reliance on the personal memory-record, conceptual matrix or vocabulary of the channeling agent. The resultant verbal product is, in any case, several dimensional steps removed from the originating Intention. Add to this the recognition that all such knowledge emanates in its highest form from levels of creative intelligence that are basically non-verbal and that conduct all processes of knowing in abstract spiritual terms not directly translatable into concepts congenial to a physically-focused framework, and we seem to have on the surface a convenient explanation as to why Seth and Hilarion don't agree, why Ramtha and the "Christ" material of The New Teachings apparently quarrel on the shelves.

However, does this layered meshwork of spiritual cheesecloth through which the channeled curds are continuously strained really account for some of the comparative anomalies that, independently, speak with such assured and specific Voice?

Let's take a page from the Essene-Valentin material of Cosmic Revelation; let's listen to the Voices of "the Rays" and, like good researchers honoring the strictly scientific method, take them seriously on their own terms for the duration of the experiment in order not to bias the results of testing their hypothesis.

According to "the Rays", there must be a massive effort on the part of incarnate teachers (i.e. those sharing the embodied condition and thus the communicative premises of the physical dimension) of the levels "4, 5, 6 and 7" to collate the welter of incoming data, organize it into a coherent corpus of principles, premises and usable esoteric knowledge. "The Rays", in other words, invoke the cooperation of initiated teachers functioning in and through the physical dimension, exhorting any or all such teachers to act as the topper of a cosmic loom coordinately combing separate strands of starry Material through the distaff.

When however such an Initiated individual does respond in the proper scientific manner to the call of this experimental hypothesis, something unexpected happens. (After all, the Rays' proposition being in fact an hypothesis, a premise to be proved in practice, we are not assured before the fact that one element of the resultant equation will go evenly into another without fuss or irrational byproduct.) It seems that, by taking Virginia and Ann's "Rays" up on their own proposal, it is they, along with various others, that tend to suffer in the ensuing Comparison.

If we're going to tackle a task which even a cursory survey will show is proportional to the Purifying of the Augean Stables, we'd be greatly aided with a fit standard of measurement. Given the premise, it would be bad form to pull out a yardstick that derived from other than the material in question, since that would be begging the question and would bring up the additional problem of an extraneous source-verification. If we're going to extract some sufficient standard from the gathered data itself, it should be identifiable at the highest level of initiated understanding; its explanation should pair well with the patterns cast by the most intensely integral and holistic light available to initiated consciousness; and, if possible, should indeed serve to illumine certain details of such patterns beyond that which is already known at the level of Awakened physical focus, by virtue of its origin in the field of some comparatively unfettered Perspective.


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Michael Topper as Marshall Telemachus said:
Probable Seth

There is always of course the Seth material, which is the granddaddy of such channeled information and which is often overlooked in the turbulent consumer-drive for the new, the novel and the "up-to-date". One would hope that metaphysical principles and deep philosophical points couldn't be so easily "scooped."

The Essene material seems to suggest that we're subject to an information turnover, as if spiritual truths and "eternal verities" showed the newshour brand of transience on their bovine flanks as they lumbered past us toward the stockyards of instant antiquation. This is indeed all-too-true of much channeled material which frankly seems designed by an otherworldly Madison Avenue only interested in fashioning the latest catchphrase.

What made the Seth material so noticeable, and what allows it to stand up well today, has much to do with the channeler Jane Roberts herself who-along with the channeled text-narrated a continuous chronicle of her own internal struggle with the whole phenomenon of channeling, as well as the content of the material. The uniform quality, consistency and integrity of the Seth teachings which spanned many years (compared to various one-shot sources today) was largely due to the strangeness and unfamiliarity of such a mode visited upon any consciousness at that "early" time meeting head on a rational and intelligent-if critical and initially quite skeptical-personality.

As Roberts herself states from the perspective of experience, it was indeed the initial deep reservations accompanying her reluctant participation in so extreme a phenomenon that kept the keel even, and helped therefore to keep the communication steadily aligned between the potential shoals of egoism on the one hand, and reductive rationalization on the other. There is, as anyone should be able to tell, a universe of difference between these carefully monitored, combed and curried sessions and the modern immoderate opus cavalierly compiled in the interval of time since the Summons of Seth, wherein the chief feature of the recent books seems to be the :channeler Herself," lavishly displayed on the pages of the photo insert, coyly captioned "from childhood to the mature adult present" (in which, having donned a pyramidal duncecap in a moment of pure caprice the subject became so suddenly Serendipitous Host to some materializing entity, quite helpfully clarifying things at the outset by announcing Its Enlightenment!)

In considering the Seth material as a whole, we can recommend it on the great virtue alone (taken for granted by now, but quite unique for its time), that it introduced the important key of probability to the field of psychological reality. Prior to this, the idea was exclusively an abstruse phenomenon of physics occurring only at the Heisenberg-indeterminacy level, describing "position and velocity of electrons." This concept, introduced by Seth, enabled humanity to strip the material mind from its fixation upon rigid causal conditioning and deterministic hypotheses of action. The Seth discussion of multidimensionality and the branching probable paths of conscious navigation through the wake-and-dreamstate, served to shift the fulcrum of power to the psychic present, thereby helping at once to loosen the mental clamps of a dominant behavioristic psychology and to perform a long-overdue correction to the religio-spiritual emphasis on karma or the irresistible pressure of past actions, mnemonic conditioning etc.

In this respect then the Seth material served its purpose admirably; and that purpose was to help consciousness take the next great step, the necessary step into a whole new Stage of spiritual progress and development.
But in order to have a perspective upon the very framework of implicit stages in which all such development takes place, it no longer suffices to remain with the Seth material; and although certain other "channelled" sources have subsequently touched upon the subject, only one source alone stands out as a comprehensive overview. Agreeing with Andrija Puharich's endorsement, we find proper standard and sufficient yardstick in the material known as The Law Of One, otherwise known as the Ra Channeling.

And why should such a designated source show particular superiority over any other? What makes it stand out?
Again, we'd have to account for its quality by noting the way in which the source was channeled (rather than simply consulting the proclaimed level from which any such source ostensibly emanates). Whereas Jane Roberts, for instance, functioned as a one-woman hawk of vigilance in a way which most modern band-wagon channelers manifestly don't, the Ra material was conscientiously culled from the cooperative, carefully coordinated interaction of a minimum of three participating personalities, i.e., Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, and James Allen McCarty. According to their own listed precautions and further communicated suggestions, the group used various ritual and formal meditative devices to ensure the purity of the process and ensure protection. For as they were to find out, contrary to much saccharine communication from the alleged "beyond" all is not necessarily well in the real Realm of the Higher Dimensions.

The Ra material,of all channeled sources (and as a fine-tuned," narrow-band" communication) presents a cosmic overview both in terms of the multidimensional stages or "densities" of conscious progress in the Soul's awakening to the spiritual holism of the Creator, and the developmental progression of galaxies and planets as evolving vehicles of those densities. Such an overview is enabled by virtue of Ra's status as a "social-memory-complex" of the "6th Density", a locus of functioning sufficiently congruent in alignment and integration with the Spiritual Whole characterized as "7th Density", to account for its unique power of perception.

Other realities OR the Octave of Ra

According to Ra, the units of consciousness that become the developing Soul-vehicle or mind/body/spirit complex, evolve through octaves of Creative Expression known as densities. There are seven densities and an infinite subdivision of seven-fold levels within each density, that compose a spiritual Octave. The planets and star systems exist, multidimensionally, within and as the vehicles of these densities, so that for example the sun is not just the physical source of nuclear fusion we know as a materially-focused subject; the sun exists in various states and forms through the densities and simply has the radiant appearance we know in our characteristic 3rd density field. just as Earth exists at least in potential through all the densities.

The movement of the lenticular systems as a multidimensional whole, accounts for the cyclical and coordinate passage of the various suns and stars through "local regions" of transformation in which a basic revision of the nuclear material occurs and the perceptual patterns are realigned so as to install the given "body" at a progressed density or level.

Our solar system, and therefore Earth, is passing through such a transitional space now, so that our 3rd density planet is in the process of transmuting to a 4th density body.

The friction that characterizes the maladaptation of 3rd density, materially-focused consciousness as a whole, in relation to the more spiritualized or subtle density of the oncoming 4th, accounts for the manifest difficulty of the transition with its attendant natural and manmade calamities. Obviously, such transitions don't have to be so difficult (the Ra entity, for example, describes its 3rd-to-4th density transition on the planet Venus millennia ago, as very smooth and harmonious); but the 3rd density consciousness we collectively embody does represent in the scheme of things a certain critical level. In order to understand the threshold character of that level, and therefore to appreciate the requirements we actually confront at this point, it's helpful to explain here the system of densities as a whole according to the Ra account.

"You Are My Density" (George McFly to Lorraine in Back to the Future)

First of all it's important to explain just what is meant by "density," since its use in this material is extremely helpful to our understanding. We must clearly distinguish it from the common usage that allies it with terms of inertia and opacity synonymous with strictly physical existence. Although nowhere in the material itself is the term "density" sufficiently explained so as to make that distinction, it seems that we must understand "density" in the sense of richness. Tthe density of a manifesting plane or space is not a calculation of its inertia in this context, but of its subtlety. It is easier to understand density as the degree of coherent activity. The mathematical discipline of sphere-packing is helpful as a concept in grasping this definition. (How many oranges can be packed in a crate?) Sphere-packing employs the "greedy algorithm" in calculating a pure economy of space and is therefore a very practical help in communications, though it may theoretically work with an infinite number of dimensions. "Density" is analogous then to a multidimensional sphere-packing; the greater the density the more information a given volume codes, the greater the energy-value and richer the potential as which the space is configured. Like the discipline of sphere-packing, the idea of density implies a "geometry of information".

For example, we well know the "law" of 3rd density, our present collective plane of focus: "No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time". It should be obvious that this is a function of perception. The operative coordinates of perception determine the outline of what's to stand as an object. In 3rd density focus, the descriptive units of "objecthood" are mutually exclusive and define one another by contrast. "This is this and NOT that." Perception of the essential coinherence of all as an inextricable unity of complementary values, is a function of a higher-density cognition. Thus when, in the course of spiritual discipline or occult practice performed through this plane, we presently perceive a luminous wholeness and basic simultaneity that shines through all apparently separate objects (even though in our normal stat of perception such objects may persist in remaining distinct), we are actually experiencing a momentary, harmonious coordination with energies belonging to other densities drawn into our frame of reference.

In this way we can understand the basic condition that comprises a given density. When the Ra material talks about" 1st density," it's talking about the developmental condition of a planetary sphere as it moves through space, the highest functional unit of which is capable (in itself) only of supporting the degree of "consciousness" and "light" known as mineral. It is, in other words, not yet of a sufficiently rich "intensity" or degree of complex energy-organization of its system to support the minimum values indicative of the threshold of self-conscious being.

When the Ra material talks about "2nd density", it's talking about a planetary condition, the highest functional unit of which is only able to support the degree of consciousness and light known as vegetable, and later animal. Such a density is not in itself of sufficiently rich and subtle composition through any given section of its system to suggest the viability of a self-reflectively conscious axis.

Only the 3rd density of planetary development is sufficiently rich to imply the patterning of perceptual and cognitive processes belonging to an axis of truly self-reflective consciousness.

The 3rd density degree of self-reflective consciousness is the "moment" when the Soul awakens to itself. This occurs first through the patterned mediation of symbolic or representations which are, in effect, the "reality" of our perceived world. It is therefore the "moment" when the unit of consciousness becomes aware of itself by a process of modeled approximations which "become" the "environment." Third density self-representation emphasizes mind as the mediator of consciousness through perceptions and cognitions; its chief vehicle is the verbalization or abstract-imagistic description of the interior monologue.

The great potential of 3rd density, however, is the pure awareness of consciousness in-itself, without the need for descriptive characterization or provisional modeling as reflected in the material world.

This is why the 3rd density of consciousness (i.e. the self-reflective capacity of Being) is a critical threshold stage. Its potential clarity with respect to its own existence is that it can be aligned with the complete, multidimensional axis of consciousness (this is symbolized in the vertical, bipedal posture of the cerebrospinal "trunk"); for the being of consciousness is no longer structurally hidden from itself. It is, at this stage, only masked by self-assumed patterns of symbolic modeling. Thus the Being of consciousness is only functionally masked from itself because, for the most part, it is only minimally harmonized along the potential mind-body axis. But that axis is itself the Line through which the Creative Intelligence of spiritual Consciousness generates and organizes the multidimensional patterns of all the worlds.

Raised up in essential congruence with that Line, the potential of 3rd stage self-reflective consciousness has theoretical access to all the powers, properties, vehicles and instrumentalities of the densities (lower or higher with respect to its chronic, 3rd-stage focal lock-in) according to the degree with which it can further integrate and harmonize its processing currents, efficiently modeling the perceptual vocabulary through habit-patterns of identity. In other words, Piercing the Veil of illusion - perceiving the MEANING of the symbols of reality rather than being deluded that they are what they seem to be.

Thus the 3rd density of conscious development represents a very decisive stage in the progress of Soul-realization. In a certain sense the destiny of such development has been shifted into the "hands" of self-reflective ego-consciousness.

What conditions such consciousness at this stage are the inbuilt patterns of ritual-survivalism, reproduction and power-acquisition developed during the periods of lower-density experience, retained in the basal-brain lobes of the R-complex and the correlative abdominal centers of the autonomic currents in the mind-body form. What beckons such consciousness of the 3rd stage level is the intimation of the higher densities of intelligence and life, received in varying degrees of strength and awareness through the unity of the cerebrospinal axis or multidimensional consciousness Trunk itself.

Most immediately, the 4th density (characterized by Ra as the density in which are learned the lessons of Love and Understanding) calls consciousness, (vaguely or urgently according to the quality of attentiveness), to the experience of its psychic dimension as the first overtly "spiritual" zone disclosed to awakening intelligence. From the clarified value of this density revealing certain secrets of Consciousness to itself, it is learned just why the 3rd level of self-reflection was patterned in such a way as to initially mask the character of Reality as a spiritual magnitude, substituting a representative alphabet of symbolically modeled "name and form".

From the parting of the Veil draped across the perceptual threshold of 4th density, a distilled sense may be obtained of how previous Logoic experience with worlds of soul-development found such process slow or positively stagnant, due to the absence of an adequate catalyst which might serve to move mind toward active search for a deeper Being ultimately commensurate with consciousness-in-itself. Thus according to Ra the device for the succeeding Logoic pattern was formulated, i.e. that of screening the value of spiritual inherence from the perceptual potential of 3rd density where consciousness first takes estimable stock of itself.

Cubing the Circle

Since dimensions are handily defined by "mutual perpendicularity," such a screening process can easily be conceptualized with the use of Rubik's Cube. If the perfect harmony, integration and mutual alignment of the dimensions belonging to the Octave of Densities may be visualized as the Cube rotated at its optimum coherence of color-matched sides, then the screening process (whereby coaxial currents of information-patterning are "skewed" so as to distort the view of existence away from direct cognition of deep reality) may be similarly understood by seeing what happens when we give the Cube an arbitrary twist.

By this analogy it may also be understood how there arises variable patterns and multidimensional, coordinate-alignments masking or disclosing the deeper realities through the given perceptual field. For, just as in reassembling the optimal alignment of the sides and colored units of the Cube, we may pass through stages of experimental combination, each turn of which has multiple repercussion across mutually perpendicular axes, so too in employing our endowment of overt and hidden faculties for purposes of plumbing the paradoxes we face in our normal reality-constructs, we may alos trigger electrochemical codes and dormant keys in our complex psychic/physiological circuits which magically power a differential repertoire of perception.

Rather than returning immediately to perfect coherence and symmetric cross-correlation of systems indicative of the pattern at perfect "rest" in its Ideal order, we may pass through any number of intermediate combinations and variations which, like the tumblers of the Cube occasionally mating one or two whole sides, may function through partial match-ups. Turns of more "direct" integration and alignment may still leave certain unseen phases in relative disorder and "incompletion."

Thus we have, at the 3rd density level and even beyond, the interesting circumstance that the spiritual common denominator of deep reality may be known through any number of disciplines or "slants" producing some reorganization of the mind-body circuits within the framework of the Whole. Yet all such disclosures require constant work in adjusting, shifting and realigning the operative coordinates in experimental feedback, generating an ongoing "adventure" in God-seeking, since the given illumination was produced in the first place by a fortuitous ratio of interaction among certain centers and magnetic circuits (dialing one of the "permissible" combinations that serves to draw perception across the minimum requisite threshold).

Thus we have the traditional testimony of mystic and sage, the magus, yogi and zen adept each describing a variation on deep reality sufficiently consistent and corroborative one with the other as to give rise to the idea of universalism in the match-ups of Comparative Religion. At the same time, each of these teachings describes the conditions, the indispensable requirements of that deep reality in terms sufficiently disparate and unique to the given combination of centers as to generate the classic contentions and "dharma-combats" indicative of the traditions.

We may understand the business of the densities, then, by analogy with old Rubik's damnable Cube. We may imagine that our minimal threshold level of self-consciousness in 3rd density is similar to being installed at the globally symmetric center of the cube, (thus our potential for self-reflection, since we're functionally established as a locus of cross-correlation and convergence through a system of Looking-glass planes inset for infinite, imagistic regress like a complex of dressingroom mirrors), at the same time, the units of each side of the cube are still at their maximum state of disorder, so that everything is functionally perceived through distorted patterns of mazelike indirection.

This condition gives rise to some interesting potential in the formally screened or "masked" patterns of 3rd-density reality. Keeping in mind that this calculated screening of the direct recognition of deep reality from 3rd density consciousness is for purposes of "producing catalyst", we see that the practical result of such disguise is the generation of a necessity for choice. Since the absolute coinherence, unity and ecstatic identity of everything with everything else on the ground of deep reality is not directly perceived and is therefore not a functional "given," the self-reflective ego consciousness of 3rd density is confronted with the requirement of assessing the implication of all interaction with other beings, and of choosing an orientation on the basis of that assessment. Given the full complement of rational and intuitive faculties with which 3rd-density consciousness is equipped, and which may on the basis of identification function either in congruence with or in antagonism toward the underlying principle of unity, that consciousness is empowered to determine just what the informing character of its reality is.

Thus, it can either determine by experimental reflection and analysis of consequence (of relative "cause and effect") the essential unity and empathetic identity of all beings one with the other; or it may reject the implication of empathetic extension of self to other-beings, preferring to compound the harmony, self-congruence and integral consistency associated with the principle of selfhood in a purely personal portfolio of ego-investment by encoiling the love-nature around a fictitious core of separate I-hood.. Both options are made available through screening of direct Unity-cognition. Thus 3rd-stage consciousness is always reflecting a potential polarization - a choice - between exclusive self-orientation, and an understanding of selfhood which follows the intuitive lines of the Unified Deep Reality in extending that love to all apparent "others."


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Michael Topper as Marshall Telemachus said:
Polarized Harvest, the PH Factor

This is very significant, for, according to the Ra material, the work of crystallizing this CHOICE is the real and underlying business of 3rd density existence. We have lived our myriad rounds of incarnation through this density ("preserved" between physical lives as a memory-record of patterns coded in subtle-dimensional media through the Soul matrix like a holographic "working-beam" locked in comparative integration with the "virgin beam"), strictly in order to produce this polarization, to one side of the "self" equation or the other. And, this choice must be formed in response to the "masking" catalyst of opaque physical existence. [There will be NO physical proof.]
The inference is, of course, that the "balancing" mechanisms of karma does not merely serve the simplistic idea of "cause and effect" as described by our traditional spiritual teachings. But rather, those balancing mechanisms, depending on the total tendency of the ego-soul over the greater span of its incarnative history, may serve to harmonize the self-complex in conciliatory service toward "others," or they may consolidate an insular harmony about the basically fictitiouse complex of ego in aggrandizing service toward itself .

This polarization - the choice - of "service-toward-self" or ,"service-toward-others", is then the object of 3rd density incarnation. Such polarization-alignment determines the "harvestability"of the soul-entity at the close of each Master cycle (a period which we are living right now, and which will end - in close correspondence to Mayan prophecies etc-around the year 2011).

"Harvestability" is the manifest ripeness of the soul-entity. That is, if it has achieved the minimal threshold intensity of its polarization-alignment in either negative or positive direction, it may proceed to the more subtle lessons of the higher densities beginning with 4th, which offer the benefit of being basically unscreened and thus openly congruent with qualities of bliss-love, integration and wholeness. And this "wholeness" is conceived in terms BOTH strictly private and transpersonal continuity) .

The implications of this teaching may come as a shock to many. For it clearly indicates that the separative and self-seeking "delusion" of negative egoity is capable itself of achieving a dedicated integration and overall alignment in one-pointed devotion to its own, absorptive aggrandizement which, through its polarity/choice, is as spiritually potentiated and ripe for "advance" as its positive counterpart! Uh oh. Does this mean that we are to bump into the negative ego-complex even in densities above the 3rd? Does this mean that, just at the point we thought we'd shed the shadow of that despoiling antagonist, it looms large once again only amplified by the additional potency belonging inherently to the unscreened higher dimensions?

Yes it does. Indeed, such a negative ego-complex must be high in the achievement of such integrated negative intensity in order to merit such harvestability. At that requisite degree of harvestable negative polarization, the being must have achieved a certain value of purity of its type Such purity in the traditions goes by the name of "demonic."

Negative Greeting (Hell-O Harvest)

Just as positively-polarized beings are advanced after Harvest to the unitive level of social-memory-complex compatible with the unity of that greater density, so the negatively-polarized beings are advanced after Harvest,"waking up" to the hierarchy of positions (sorted and settled through preliminary battle) comprising a parallel Negative "social-memory-complex." In the polarizing field of 3rd density, the relatively "positive" and relatively "negative" consciousness units were mingled together so as to intensify the confrontational power of catalyst, in the 4th and higher densities the clearly polarized positive and negative beings are distinctly separated into different psychic spheres of patterning. These distinct loci pertain to values of the higher densities differently polarized, either positively or negatively. In this way, catalyst for further intensification and resolving harmonization continues to exist even in the higher,"clear" densities where the unitive value of deep reality is direct and immanently functional .

The relative "delusion" of self-recoiled ego is able to persist and operate even through such a unitive deep reality, and strictly on its own terms, since its choices were enabled in the more opaque incarnational atmosphere of 3rd density where it was not bathed in a choiceless Unity and harmonization of polarities from the beginning. Now that, by virtue of its harvestability in orientation about its own shadowy axis it is able to function through the overt deep reality -planes of being, it may be characterized as a true spiritual evil for, at that level, it chooses its orientation quite freely without the functional restraints and cognitive masks that formerly had forced its association due to a pattern lock-in resulting from the fragmentary left-brain fixation of dualistic material focus. As the Ra material states it, a harvestable negative Being demonstrates a conscious preference for Negativity, regardless the incarnational conditioning that served as point-of-departure for that polarization .

Such a distinctively spiritual (because chosen, conscious) evil functioning from higher, psychic and subtle planes, gives objective justification to the traditional insistence of the religions both East and West as to the reality of conscious negativity, intelligent malevolence and thus - real demonism.

The Ra material explains that this higher-dimensional "clinging" to separative egoity creates a military-like hierarchy of negative beings who, as previously harvestable entities, had shown a clear preference for manipulation and enslavement of "other-selves," for the control involved in the inducing of fear and pain etc even when able to see the resultant magnitude of Creative potential made indifferently available to any degree in the threshold integration of intent. Due to their negative polarization through the higher densities they exist along a current which nourishes itself on the psychic energy-exudate of emotional distress, sadness and terror etc .
Their purpose is "the same" as that of the positive beings. Existing, as they do, in a reality informed directly by the unitive reality of ultimate spiritual holism, they seek a degree of intensification and alignment commensurate with the value of that reality. The difference is that the negative beings seek to "stuff that infinite magnitude into the dimensions of the illusory ego-nucleus, the retractile self-center of furtive, unapproachable "subjectivity." The means of their further polarization toward progressively higher densities is the diabolical pattern of "conscripting" an expanding number of uncommitted or as-yet-insufficiently-polanzed souls (necessarily recruited from the schoolyards of 3rd density worlds) to the ranks of negative polarity, thus earning merit by stocking and replenishing the Negative waters with a proliferating spawn of self-serving subjects lured into "obeying" the propaganda of the Negative hypothesis .

Because they constitute a spiritual Negativity their tactic is an interpretation of divine law regarding the conservation of free will in all instances, so that success is measured by the cleverness with which obedience to the principle of self-serving is elicited as a conscious option. In this way the negative beings of the higher dimensions promote the attractiveness of enslavement of others. Enslavement per se is a coercion of free will so that, by itself, it does not aid in further polarization and thus advance of the negative being. The negative being is interested in conquest and dominion through persuading the formation of a "power elite," the members of which will have chosen the path of self-service. Those who are enslaved, in turn, are subjected to the well-known stress of self-protective psychological identification with one's tormentors (cf studies of the victims in Nazi concentration camps) so that they will ideally seek a similar power as the "winning hand", thus arrogating the "virtues" of self serving to themselves. [A chief example of this tactic is the monotheistic religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Their "principle" is enslavement, by choice, to an "other" who is depicted as an "attractive" god, saviour, or prophet. Converts typically feel "special and chosen, thus "elite." One cannot overstress the importance of the key element here: that the evil must be presented as "good" in the most clever manner, so that it will be freely chosen. The fact that the chooser is choosing a lie is immaterial.]

Fourth density discloses deep reality in the form of a subtle, perspectival anisometry so that the it takes practical shape as a reticulation of psychic tunnels, hollows of conducting passage formulating a cosmic webwork or energy-net of interlaced holes and cognitive tubes. Here the "transdimensional ducts of hyper-space" comprise a living psychic reality, drawing a starry network of spatial corridors for the continued, collective Seeking of the Creator .

The positively polarized social-memory-complexes of 4th density roam the known galaxies in "spacecraft" that are actually biomechanical extensions of the members' electric current-envelopes or auric fields, energizing a living psychic technology for purposes of patrolling the available dimensions-regulating the allowable comings and goings of positive and negative influence with respect to developing systems, and in general seeking modes of service which will enable their expansion in pure Understanding so as to polarize more efficiently toward congruence with the higher densities, and ultimately with the Creator.

The negatively polarized social-memory-complexes, similarly roam the galactic corridors in its biomechanical "spacecraft," its members scouting with predatory eye for likely worlds of "light" (i e , self-reflective consciousness) upon which to poach, seeking always to create a power elite under the negative entities' control which will in turn prosecute the pattern of controlling others. Thus the "highest" in the Negative hierarchy stands at the summit of a cosmic and planetary chain of control, a chain always looking to bind increasing numbers in the promotional links of negative Empire ("Empire" is Ra's terminology, a Star Wars analogy Elkins did not fail to note).

In the case of both positive and negative beings of 4th density polarization, the negotiable currency of their transactions is a bio-psychic energy; the mode of both is accumulation, in the sense of storing and putting such biopsychic energy-capital to work in powering or transforming the centers toward deeper integration and functional unity .


The world of 4th density is an astral webbing through which etheric and physical components organize as the sensate-olfactory extremity of the total, incarnative Vehicle or body-complex, it is therefore similar to what's experienced through the "inner planes" when 3rd density consciousness dissociates in its astral body. It is a medium surcharged with the symbolizing "numen" of what we usually associate with the dream state. Yet to the quickened spark of self-reflective awareness struck in that continuum it is a world of perceptual properties as consistent in the laws of their behaviors as the perceptions of the material dimension are consistent with respect to their own. Whereas however the "astral" is commonly experienced by 3rd-density consciousness through nocturnal dissociation of the nested inner vehicles as a disembodied state, 4th density represents the coaxial extension of a focalized and locked-in, incarnative consciousness sweeping the span of available conscious states from the psycho-symbolic to the electron circuit of the condensed tactile value we identify as "physical" .

Thus 4th density beings are astral psychic entities in their optimum degree of awareness, with a physical complex (electronic) component organized and extended through the patterning alignments of astro-etheric cohesion. The biopsychic energy which constitutes the "negotiable currency" of 4th density beings, is their natural nutriment. It is not Just the "fleshy leaf" upon which they sup, but the specific value or psychic charge of its enveloping astro-etheric atmosphere. Positive 4th density beings achieve greater polarization through aiding the maintenance and peaceful, harmonious furtherance of energy-rich spheres such as that of earth where biopsychic entity of a less advanced stage nonetheless generates tremendous "loosh" (in the terminology of Robert Monroe) through the surcharged atmospheres of a self-reflective-and therefore abundantly productive-degree of consciousness and light. The peaceful promotion of a unitive continuity and energy-intensive "advance" of such globes, planes and worlds as the physical we know, serves 4th density positive polarization creating as it does a general spread of the integral "net" of available, adequately coherent nodes in the universal medium functionally coextensive with social/memory/complex "bodies".

The "saucers" of 4th density, being biomechanical vehicles, serve the group entity in energy-intensification and enrichment by virtue of their means of propulsion through the "nutritive menstruum" of astro-ethenc atmospheres, in operative continuity with group-biological configuration. The "saucer" is not then an independent "tin can" hardware vehicle of the type we know, but is rather more like a pattern-crystallization of the group psyche or auric field of its "pilots". Similarly, the negative beings of 4th density are accelerated in their particular polarization through the sowing of stress and disintegration in energy-rich fields, thereby breaking down and converting the nutritive substance of biopsychic life indicative of a given zone into material suited to their psychically styled "digestive" needs.

Taking the Fifth

The current-intensification and coordinate alignment of 5th density is accelerated to a power sufficiently comprehensive as to change the character of "spiritual seeking" for both positive and negative beings, and establish it on a different basis. Whereas 4th density was involved in the intensive effort of energy-acquisition and consequent "boost" (as if realization were an asymptote curving toward the focus of a Horizon subtly displaced by the margin of Planck's constant from perfect resolution), 5th density comprises a kind of discontinuity that suggests a true crossing of the Abyss.

In 5th density the basis of spiritual realization changes, with an abrupt jump as if recognizing the psychic energy-lanes of 4th density "travel" as a simple cul-de-sac. Here one should do a double-take, and consult the Castaneda book The Eagle's Gift, those who believe Castaneda to be a pseudo shamanic storyteller should soberly compare the description given by Don Juan of the path taken by the early sorcerers of his tradition, of how at the critical threshold of the Eagle's spiritual Aerie they suddenly realized that all the strategy of their energy-acquisition came to naught-that they'd been barking up the wrong metaphorical tree so that a discontinuous transformation of Being was called for, independent of any of their feed-in paths of identification .
Though here the Ra material has progressively less to say, initiated thought would have you understand that a minimal threshold level of coherence has been accomplished up to this point to stabilize the currents, universalize and integrate the subconscious energy-complexes in congruence with the conscious axis so as to allow the basic force of identity to be fixed between the coordinates of Balance. The value of identity itself henceforth, from 5th density onward, becomes the key and all Creative patterns are understood in its whole and moveless light .

At the level of mind-body integral coherence and threshold intensification required for the basic transference of operative Principles at 5th density, the factor of attention is less significantly subject to variable "openings" through the inviting void-potential of ducts and psychic wormholes (proffering deep dimensions of energy-nutriment in exchange for caretakership and cultivation-or, in the case of the negative being, exploitation and plunder). The instrument of attention (which functions largely as the "periscope" of awareness) has settled into close correspondence with the basic, quickened force of whole-value identity established as the universal locus or common denominator in the convergence of compositional coordinates distinctly resolved as a powerfully intensified and stable Void-point .

In the form of the universal, convergent void point, the value of Identity constitutes a kind of equivalency-by-identification with the axial model of "vehicularized" life or bodily-being altogether. Identity has not been lifted gently from between the coordinates of Balance as it is in 6th density (or in the 6th stage of realization belonging to the higher adepts incarnate in 3rd density); it is fixed as the radial locus of all polarized terms, harmonized in a global resolution of self-adjusting Equilibration. Identity functions then at 5th-density level as the apotheosis of Limit; as such it is identified with and as the creative principle Itself, for all the teeming universes of creativity spring in the first place from the prototypal power of the Illimitable to accommodate the apparent "antithesis" of limitation .

Therefore, 5th density is the spiritual-light zone of learning for "embodied" beings who work directly with and through the creative patterns of Mind, the whole-point value of void Identity serving as the unerring, always-conscious resolving Principle of each formulated pattern furnishing the optimum axis of Balance .
The positively-polarized being of 5th density acknow ledges the constituted character of the resultant, equilibrated void-point of Identity deposited as the central spiritual "residue" of self-cancelling coordinate extremes, thereby assuming the orientation of service toward the constituting Whole without center or delimiting circumference; the negative being of 5th density accepts that universal convergence in self-cancelling centrism as indication of the way in which all things are constituted to serve its Identity, upsurging as the common "product" of all cross-correlation and synthesis .

Thus both positive and negative beings of 5th density tend to "remain in place", and from that point of rest in Identity through the creative light zones emanate archetypal patterns as a kind of co-creative function to be adapted according to the interpretive terms of the lower densities and planes, as causative Influence. The positive beings project patterns of the creative archetypes that tend to promote harmony and peace, the negative beings project patterns that serve to tailor the astral and physical forms of conflict, disease and discordance .
Thus the soul-complex does not "travel" any longer as it did in 4th density, nor does it seek in that sense ever again, but only practices the alignment of all creative patterns in congruence with the self-evident, standout Value of Identity clearly furnishing the common term of all dimensional coordinates .

The 5th density is indeed the density corresponding (in "embodied" or soul-concentrate form) to the Macrocosmic Heaven-realm of the Creative Itself. Here all the cosmic patterns of expression in their potential dimensionality and variable, compound focal-alignments shimmer like a great crystal, an illimitable metacosmic Jewel. It is from this level, reflected into the spiritualized Mind of 3rd-density being through the consciousness of a 5th-stage master (the realized stages of 3rd density "embodied spiritual masters" correspond, by resonant harmonics, to the like-numbered densities), that we receive the lustrous descriptions of the Buddha realms, the Taoist Mountains and myriad Transformation Bodies, the infinite creative scapes of "jeweled pavilions" and "strung pearl nets" multiplied endlessly in mirrored reflection through each of their incomparable facets etc .

Cosmic Smerfs: Here Come the Space-Dorks

Note: it is the vision of this great, Creative Crystal, as well as the concomitant vision of the Eagle, to which the little gray space beings introduce Betty Andreasson in The Andreasson Affair. The distressing "strangeness" of Andreasson's interdimensional experience at this point of the narrative that so tended to put off her credentialed colleagues,precisely specifies the nature of the ordeal as that of having been taken to the very threshold of 4th density "astral" or cosmic-plane reality, abutting the Archetypal force-forms projected from the ledge of Fifth Density. It is unexplained in the book (indeed it is simply too perplexing for all those involved) but the purpose of the beings having exposed Andreasson to such an unbearably crushing intensity-see Castaneda's very similar accounts of intolerable pressure in the attempt to physically cross such threshold zones-was that of satisfying their collective, social-memory complex curiosity as to how much of the Creator-Presence a heart-being of the earth plane could take after the several light-adjustments and technical alignments received in their craft .

Although these little bug-eyed beings involved in the Andreasson event are of the "positive" polarization-alignment despite their similarity to the negative grays, they exhibit the typical development of systems which deemphasize the median heart -center or dimension of psychic Love, so that in practical fact they are aligned with Cosmic Law but restricted in their Search for the Creator by just that comparative lack of heart-embrace; it is for this reason that they took Andreasson on several occasions to the "locale" (in terms of Astral 4th-density coordinates) of the Macrocosmic or Creative God-power, where that Presence seems to specifically concentrate and open out the psychic density as a great Door, or push through as a nodal eminence in the form of a glowing Dome etc. Whereas they themselves, in the limits of their interminable 4th density seeking, will not "walk" directly into the Locus of that Presence, they have no compunction about pushing Andreasson into it as far as she can go.
This apparent deficiency in the development of the heart center with respect to "space beings" of the 4th density has been noted in several sources, we may even find in Meher Baba's God Speaks a reference to the fact that "earth" is uniquely a locus or spiritual training ground for the full development of that center, and that beings of other systems and galaxies lacking such opportunity covet the experience to be gained from the lessons of earth-consciousness. From this we may interpret the nature of what the Andreasson-beings meant to observe through her ordeals with the burning Eagle or Hawk and the breathtaking Crystal etc.


FOTCM Member
Michael Topper as Marshall Telemachus said:
Due to the character of our traditional spiritual and esoteric teachings, we may have a conceptual difficulty understanding how a being of a higher density (especially one which is represented as involving the value of Love itself in its basic lessons) manages to acquire its status without benefit of any basic heart-development. Such beings (of a positive character) have achieved the necessary intensity and developmental alignment adequate to 4th density polarization, through conscious decisions based on recognition of the abstract propriety and promotional advisability of peaceful values, cooperative characteristics and strict adherence to identifiable divine law. Thus beings such as are encountered in the Andreasson Affair, display a recognizably "scientific" approach to spiritual considerations, they openly regard Divine Light as a mensurable magnitude, actually quantifying the presence of "religious merit" so that for example when in a moment of fear Andreasson protests that she is "full of the Light", they show her "X-ray slides" of the precise ways in which she is not (they also subject her to certain gentle processes of light-balancing to amend the "breaks"). Their apparent "coldness" or objectivity in even the warmest, most "psychically alive" of astral-like circumstances does not prevent them from registering any inadvertent distress they might be causing their "captive", and modifying their approach accordingly .

If this seems minimally gratifying in light of the fact that the incident is, after all, one of those increasingly common accounts of UFO abduction, the "victim" seeming to be forced to endure such non-ordinary experience through no decision of her own, one need only compare the behavior of truly negative beings in superficially similar circumstances in order to appreciate the difference. In the famous accounts of Whitley Strieber regarding his ongoing history of bizarre abduction we have an adequate example with which to contrast the Andreasson description .

Smerfs-Up: Here Come the Gremmies

The Strieber entities make no bones about the pleasure they derive in causing him stress; juxtaposed against the Andreasson grays, the latter are nearly innocuous. Rather than the apologetic withdrawal and prompt provision of liquid "balms" (that induce a kind of overriding bliss) as with the Andreasson entities, the Strieber marauders furnish graphic illustration of what the Ra material describes (according to abstract principles) with respect to the higher-density Negative Being .

What then of the seemingly execrable, indeed unthinkable fact that both accounts revolve around abduction scenarios which with equal, peremptory efficiency seem to deprive the subject of precisely that free will factor so central to the preservation of spiritual integrity as outlined in the Ra material?

Even that material suggests that, very rarely, members of the Confederation (the higher-density Good Guys) are involved by Permission in such abductions, or Close Encounters of the fourth kind. However, Ra suggests without specifying that these apparent psycho-physical "kidnappings" do not at their deepest level violate the free-will factor, and are occasionally though not often considered to be serviceable in the direction of positive polarization. How can this be? All one really need do is conscientiously compare the respective texts, i e Andreasson's and Strieber's, initiated understanding will furnish the conceptual characterization of what's inevitably intuited or vaguely felt when weighing these accounts against one another.

In the Andreasson case, we are always given the impression that, despite her overt fear and often terror at the sheer strangeness of the situation the beings are always doing something of a telepathic or quasi-physical nature to put her at ease; there is even the sense, reported by Andreasson herself, that at some deep level this is taking place in conformance with her will and not against it, as if in some way it had been prearranged. In contrast, discomfort of a deliberate kind almost consistently characterizes Strieber's account, and he is made to feel very overtly like a specimen humiliatingly observed and manipulated. He is even laughed at. There is in Strieber's case no underlying sense of complicity, of a prearranged concordance between dimensions of the deeper volitional being perhaps belonging to the planning-boards of Dream and the intensified volitional level of the entities themselves; rather, there is something much more distressing. And that distressing note develops in the course of Strieber's writing his accounts .

Rather than any a priori sense of soul-compliance, there is evidenced a progressive, after-the-fact-rationalization as if the negative intensity of the experience were too much to bear, and the implications too stressful to contemplate. In Strieber's account we witness the astonishing (but, under the circumstances, understandable) effort to transmute those horrific experiences into an ego-positive outline. Thus Strieber with almost excruciating transparency invokes the standard "humanistic" saw to the effect that dichotomies of good-and-evil are too simplistic and medieval, truth always being some "gray" blend of opposites, in this way he shields from himself the obvious implications of his ongoing ordeal. But more importantly, he demonstrates to perfection how one procedurally "falls into the hands" of the Negative Beings and, by the self-protective mechanisms of 3rd-density psychology engineers a reversal of assurance to the effect that "good" things, developmental things positively proceed from such ordeals-thereby underwriting a posteriori through the work of his own will the things which can't be "taken back" from the memory-banks and so seem to require some cover sufficiently assuaging of any ego-damage done through that quality of helplessness dripping, like absinthe, from the bitter cup of his plain victimization .

But other messages echo through Strieber's lines, much more powerful and persistent messages. "Why do you hate me?" was the first expression to which he gave rise in the recovery of his initial "abduction memory-print"; he reiterates over and over, in both Communion and Transformation, that despite everything he can't overcome the feeling that "they" are totally negative, just plain evil and monstrous. Yet his conclusions, his occasional distillates of what so far he's learned insist almost schizophrenically that these entities must in some way have the "good of mankind" at heart, that through the apparent terrorism of their utterly unworldly appearance and vile behavior they function something on the order of "cosmic zen masters" (as one commentator inferred from Strieber's account) taking a hard stick to our stubborn skulls so as to crack them of their crippling insularity. As "proof" of the actually liberative work they're performing, Strieber invokes the fact that owing to his jarring experiences he's "come loose" and is able to sample in waking consciousness the phenomenon of astral travel. This shouldn't be so heartening, if properly understood.

Strieber's inventory of "positive side effects" on the whole describe a definitive list of what would be characterized in the Ra material as distinct inroads in the Negative program of conquest and ultimate Soul-capture. Like diabolical chessmen, Strieber inadvertently shows that the "spacebeings" have maneuvered and bullied his thoroughly beleaguered psyche into actively choosing the hypothesis with which they've implicitly enveloped him. He has accepted fear, for example, as a legitimate "tool" of deliberate spiritual "teaching" (which is very curious, since Strieber's hearty endorsement is prominently displayed on the dustjacket of Kenneth X. Carey's Return of the Bird Tribes, a "channeled" book which has as its most distinct and repeated message that Love must become the accepted educational mode of consciousness and not fear-do we detect Whitley's furtive effort to humble himself before a principle opposite of that which he openly espouses? or is there something more deliberately subversive here-one tactic of the Negative Beings, after all, is to find a means of subtly allying their Message with that of the truly Positive so as to generate confusion in untrained minds which would tend on surface evidence to accept these actually contrary messages as equivalent) .

In further "defending" his tormentors and interpreting their tactics as a strict but ultimately benevolent discipline(!), Strieber helpfully displays for us one of the common vulnerabilities on which the Negative tactic counts, as a kind of hook upon which the Soul is sure to be snagged save by the unlikely event of a real egoic "repentance", for indeed there is not just the sorrowful, cringing form of victimization to be found in the Strieber profile cast as a shadow on the psychic wall of his verbal edifice. There is also the distinct, burning ember of ego, the persistent glow of an intellectual pride which refuses to be counseled when the counsel seems to touch too close to truth, for any suggestion that his entities are plain evil seems to cause him to clutch his experiences the more covetously, and guard their interpretation jealously from any who might have a revealing word (which would in effect displace their proprietorship onto the overlapping circle of another ego). He proclaims over and again, all too often to remain marginal, that no one can explain his experiences to him since they're uniquely his, that anyone with an interpretation ipso facto has an axe to grind or approaches from the Procrustean perspective of preformulated concept, doctrine or theory, and that finally, his intellectual superiority makes him uniquely qualified to pioneer this field which he acknowledges sharing with other "abductees" (inferentially, not so well qualified).

It is this type of rationalization and self-protective recoil upon which the Negative design counts, for it is these internal properties of 3rd stage consciousness which serve all too predictably to convert scenarios of real coercion, flagrant violation of free will and worse, into occasions of egoic appropriation magically transforming the imprisonment of will into a full volitional acceptance. So Strieber seems to accept on principle the methodology and meaning with which he was harrowed, the Weltanschauung through which he was seized, defending it in full Will like a snapping terrier coveting its terrible bone against all comers, and that is too bad, because by his own account and according to his public history he is a man of gentle instinct and kind, overtly benevolent traits. He has written of his concern for nuclear disarmament, and thus of his concern for humanity, and he has given every indication of being a conscientious father (whose son, nonetheless, has become deeply involved in this unsavory business according to what was recounted in Transformation) .

Planetary Quarantine and the Divine Dice

The natural question to ask, then, is how is it (considering factors of "karma" and psychic "laws" of like attracting like etc ) that an apparently positively inclined personality such as Strieber should be so confoundingly caught up in the net of Negativity which he details? Isn't his tendency toward "goodness" enough? Is there some unknown clement involved in all this, which accounts for the seeming collapse of protection that ought to surround a "good man"?

In fact, though this saga spans dimensions and takes place principally on a spiritual level, we may suggest that the same factors apply which govern those grim circumstances wherein very good and innocent people went to the ovens in Nazi Germany-and indeed which presided at all such similar outrages recorded in our mystifying planetary history.

The answer to this question is going to be disturbing, particularly for all those who believe that their day-to-day "niceness" is enough, a kind of talisman like the universal sign of the cross that automatically "repels" negativity and sends it to the door of the less deserving.

Initiated understanding knows of principles besides those of "karma", which govern the cycling of events (as if "karma" were some heartening explanation that kept the wolf from one's door, owing to the likelihood of one's unblemished reincarnational past!) There is also a random factor, something very much akin to the revolution of a roulette wheel or the occasional synchronization of-arbitrarily calibrated-stroboscopic pulses. The random factor in the lives of beings is very much like a cosmic manifestation of the principle of free will, it is in fact an expression of the underlying conscious indeterminacy which in forms, and indeed permits, the variable coordination of complex lines of tendency and preconditioning we take to be fixed or fated patterns .

The random factor flickers over our lives as a particular kind of catalytic agent; its existence, through the principle of indeterminacy, furnishes an unpredictable variety and therefore multiplies by an exponent the numbers and types of experience through which we're given the opportunity of soul growth, freeing such possibility from an otherwise strict limitation to "causal input", or those wheels which are already set in motion by our will.

Such a random factor is described in the Ra material in the discussion regarding planetary quarantine, or the means established by the Confederation to block out of the vulnerable matrix of enforced, 3rd density limitations any undue influence that would infringe on the factor of free will. An undue influence would of course be that of the Orions (the name Ra gives collectively to the Negative Beings of the higher densities, though not all negative beings are from the etheric locus of Orion), for the Orion Crusaders as they're called proceed precisely by plunder, and do not observe the positive proprieties of, for example, waiting until there is a distinct call put out for their "services" .

Their method is, by tendency, to coerce the capitulation of "free will" thus in effect adhering to the letter of the Law while violating its spirit (through those means and in the manner previously described). Thus a compromise balance is struck by the positive "law enforcement officials" of the Confederation, honoring the spiritual requirement to allow for the Orions' negative interpretation of the "first distortion of the Law of One" as Ra puts it, i e the Law of Confusion or free will. The free will of the Orion Crusaders to plunder and impose their influence wherever possible is furnished a minimal aperture through which to vent its impulse, the random and ideally infrequent "holes" in the kaleidoscopic webwork of Quarantine thrown about the 3rd density earth-sphere. This random factor is also conceived to supply an indeterminate term in the supplemen tation of "catalyst" which is otherwise largely laid out upon the well-worn tracks of "karma" or previous conditioning .

The ideal minimizing of this opportunity afforded the Orion Empire-having to time its predacious leaps through the in finitesimal calculations of light-wave synchronism whereby the void-channels opening earthward irregularly "pucker"-establishes under ordinary conditions a satisfactory ratio of balance between the free will "needs" of the Negative Beings, and the free will requirements of 3rd density incarnate consciousness (inordinately vulnerable due to the deliberate, encoded blindness accompanying the critical choice of a "test-dimension" specifically shielded from direct perception of void-nature as a unitive and intelligent continuum).

Cattle Call

Indeed, the only means of nailing the light-strictures of Quarantine revolves around the requirement of honoring the integrity of free will, thus when there is a specific calling from the dimension of 3rd density consciousness (i e a coherent and sustained psychic request either pointed or implicit for certain types of information, "positive" or "negative" depending on the type of knowledge or the character of those making the request) either positive or negative forces of the higher densities may respond according to kind coming straight through the Quarantine envelope.

A "pointed" request would be that of a magical ritual specifically invoking powers and intelligences, whether "white" or "black"; an "implicit" request would be that of, for example, a prolonged brooding either personally or collectively over certain dilemmas of existence that loan themselves to central issues of value, meaning, purpose, the nature and destiny of Being etc. From this it may be inferred that there is one way of breaking the primary balance in the cover of Quarantine. That balance can't be violated from without by either positive or negative forces, but the collective character, over a prolonged span of time, of the net aggregate calling rising up from 3rd density consciousness, whether on balance predominantly positive or negative, can modify that initial formulaic ratio of equity. The quality, integrity, persistence and numerical composition of the "call" are the variable factors that determine the net value of all calling positive or negative.

The "physical" disturbances that may be said to contribute to a disruption of the Shield such as underground nuclear testing or atmospheric detonation of nuclear devices, the negative employment of certain "secret" superweapons of a scalar or etheric-energy type, the devastation of the ecology through petrochemical mismanagement etc may actually be understood as perceivable manifestations or concrete "symbols" of a psychic orientation toward great negativity, with a concomitant "calling" requesting the most powerful means or knowledge of exploitation, dominion and enslavement. To this call, the Negative most obligingly comes.

This distressing situation accounts for the alarming increase in the incidence of nonordinary or invasive negativity of a conscious type (an increase of which we are just becoming aware, as if it's steadily percolating to the surface of mass apprehension from the subconscious shadows and hypnagogic half lights where for many decades of sinister incubation it has lurked-cf Budd Hopkins' The Intruder's, Whitley Strieber's Communion and Transformation etc.). It seems in fact that we can date the evidence of an accelerated Negative calling from approximately 1945, or the year of the fateful decimation of a human populace by atomic weaponry.

Couple this knowledge with our previous explanation of the densities and we have a prospect pushing so hard upon the general threshold of awareness that it seems even now to send many off whistling in the dark of a nervous denial .

After all, we've received knowledge enough of both physical and metaphysical types to understand the basic principle of the "densities", i e that all dimensions, planes and states may coexist through a given point, that any such point is geometrically "saturated", a focal expression of creative vitality alive with the potential coordinates of force and form that essentially overlap, interpenetrate and coinhere-and which may be artificially separated into the "discrete" dimensions and planes of experience by specific, axial polarizations comprising the perceptual grid-network of a given system aligned through the informing pattern of the ideotype (logos or sub-logos). This shows that there is basically nothing standing "between" beings of any given plane and any other except the filtrate screen of perceptual coordinates through which the "perceiver" operates. Considering that the 3rd density with which earth-consciousness is collectively identified is uniquely "screened" from direct perception of the informing dimensions of energy, pattern and light functioning overtly through the spiritual value of Void-being, it becomes apparent that physically focused life is lived through the one-way permeability of a veritable cosmic fishbowl. We inferentially exist as an aquarium variety that can be viewed, unobtrusively scanned at leisure by all forms of self-reflective consciousness existing through the higher densities and dimensions either "positive" or "negative", and we in turn see nothing, even to the degree that we can (and must) ask the question "Is there anything out there?''

The very idea of this makes many people squeamish. As if it weren't bad enough to be transparent to eyes of a benign character operating through the higher planes, now we have to be told that the greater dimensions of spiritual existence beyond the physical do not just host the law-keeping legions of positive beatitude. It's one thing to accept that some Santa Claus-countcnance might be beaming down upon our blindered peccadillos with a disapproving cluck of the all-forgiving Tongue that, after all, resonates to the Divine Word, it's quite another to have to confront the prospect of some basically malevolent intelligence, of a purely conscious and calculated, predatory wisdom far more than just a match for any homegrown 3rd density mentality, moving freely with catspaw quietude through the porous fog of the dimensional interstices, gliding surreptitiously around and through the concrete objects that so peremptorily outline our limits, sliding next to us-invisible shoulder to quite vulnerably-solid shoulder-and whispering hemlock sweet overtures into our defenseless car (overtures that ooze with subliminal ease into the ongoing complex of our motivations, passed right by the crude monitor of our physically-oriented focus without registering a blink).

So unacceptable is this prospect to the 3rd stage ego (scarcely integrated to a degree where anything but anxiety can be its counselor), that it plunges for the veto button, foaming denial with a frenzy able to reach-in indiscriminate recall-for every churchly word of whatever denomination or faith that ever intimated only the "good" pass on to the afterworld.

Indeed, part of the 'confusion" of these comparative channeled accounts is that such reaction finds certain comfort in passages taken even from the better sources, so that for example, against the excellence of the Ra account the word of the Bird-tribe council may be juxtaposed to the effect that negative values and thoughts of warfare can't be brought along into the higher realms. Such sources would specifically have us believe that the basic identity of things as disclosed in the common denominator of the Void-light, compel a conscious conformance to the values implied in such unmistakably unitive modes .

Sticking to Your Guns

Just a little reflection, however, should wobble any such presumption, for no 3rd density scientist (for example) seems automatically constrained to "good works" by his own evidence that the elements operate through a mutually defining network of closely integrated properties and unitive principles. The objection to this, of course, is that the comparative perceptual "samadhi" of a 4th density magnitude would tend to subvert the dualistic underpinnings of the psychological structure-characteristic of 3rd density-that permits a persistent behavioral conformance to its divisive claims while allowing free rational admission of an underlying unity of Being.

However, self-recoiled ego-identification is at bottom a conscious preference rather than a provisional mechanical constraint, and this is proven precisely in the higher densities where there is no longer a polarized lock-in enforcing a linear and abstractly distancing-or thetically "dividing"-left brain emphasis; at these accelerated levels, the adherence to divisive egoism in the face of the unitive Void-field is a manifest expression of will, and can only be the resort of a very conscious intent (i e it can no longer be "excused" as the subconscious habit-pattern of the enculturated nervous system). The clear decision to lurk and prey behind the overt holism and ecstatic oneness of reality, using that spiritual love-continuity in fact as a camouflage through which to install oneself by stealth, becomes self-evidently the option of a conscious being only (for the beings of 3rd density, no matter how "negative" they may be behaviorally, are not conscious- as 3rd stage beings-of the unitive holism of Void-nature and so do not have that value as an option to include in their calculations).

This accounts, for example, for the confusion Strieber feels in confrontation with his tormenting entities, as merciless as they re toward him, he feels the presence of love rather strongly when around them. This in conjunction with the compensatory mechanisms of psychological fear-reaction help lead him to conclude that they must be at bottom or in some way "good", and have mankind's welfare at heart. What Strieber feels in their presence is the informing quality of the density through which they characteristically function, i e the Love-density of the 4th stage. However, he fails to realize the manner in which this Love-unity-feeling is the pervasive property of that density (to which he is temporarily exposed in his abduction), not the personal expression of the beings-except insofar as they consciously invert the love-value of that density upon the shadowy, nucleated outlines of their intentionally preserved, egoic brand of selfhood. However, the beings rely on the general Love-feeling of that density to confuse the issue, to befool the bedeviled mind into taking psychological refuge in a self-protective premise that will further encourage the acceptance of their most coercive behaviors as reverse-twist exemplifications of the general rule of "love".

Why then do even otherwise "good" sources in the general category of channeled material sometimes speak to the effect that nothing negative can move on to the higher planes or stages of development?

What You Don't Know...

First of all, of course, the character of the channeler himself has to be taken into account along with all his preconditioning and personal limitation. The channeled source often transcends those limits, if it is a good and strongly aligned source, but it may also make use of those limits. In the case for example of the Bird-tribe source which Ken Carey channeled, we find illustration of a certain benign "contention" or division in methodology belonging to the higher 4th-density plane, for it should be understood that 4th density sources (of which Caret's is one) function through a variety of concepts as to which "approach" would be most practical and productive in raising 3rd-densily consciousness. There is no absolute agreement in the 4th density even amongst positive groups of intelligent service Carey's source is simply demonstrating, in its explanations, the decision to address a certain type of 3rd-density consciousness through his particular style of ideological limitation, by focusing only on the principles of "positive" polarization and in effect denying or bypassing the "negative".

This conforms to a certain belief-pattern prevalent in NewAge circles and "used" or supplemented by occasional 4th-density sources disposed to take the "see-no-evil" approach, such doctrine runs to the effect that where there is no knowledge of negativity, negativity does not exist This in turn links to a rather bumptious corollary in the theorems of certain New Age schools and "astral" fields of inquiry, i e that of "you create your own reality" (see next month's T-Bird Chronicle for the article that addresses this issue).

The defect in such reasoning would be clear even to those who subscribe to it, if it wasn't put in terms of "spirituality" (which makes it still too nebulous and unreal, frankly, for those even who purport to subscribe to all sorts of "spiritual" New Age principles) but in simple, easily identifiable terms of physical existence.Thus, if it were a matter of warning against something like the formation of Hitler's Nazi Germany as a quite real stormcloud looming over the horizon, very few today would take the Chamberlain approach and imitate the proverbial ostrich. However, when it comes to negativity of a spiritual character many (including beings of the 4th density) assume some special attitude from the physical perspective, the assumption is that "spiritual" and "physical" have different roots, from the astral perspective the assumption proceeds out of a kind of intoxication that "forgets", or never knew, the difficult ambiguity and admixture of physical life.

Now, if karma were really a simplistic matter of the type popularly professed and only "negatively disposed" beings or those with blemished records were vulnerable to any potential incursion by negative forces, perhaps we could see some minor virtue in not troubling all those "good" heads over such contretemps. But this is still not the same as denying the existence of such evil outright, and in any case one could never know in the depths of one's "personal karmic record" whether there weren't some lingering mark that might compromise one's perfect dissociation from such business. But "karma" is not that simplistic, the global slate of the breath-soul upon which karmic marks are recorded, requires that blank spaces be filled in as well as existent entries balanced. Thus, vacuums of experience (especially those experiences or potentials deliberately avoided) possess a magnetic urgency to be filled, and where avoidance indeed accounts for the vacuum, there the random factor which we've previously discussed becomes an ever-more-likely catalytic agent as opposed to any head-on initiative of personal will (which would, of course, create proportionately more "governable" circumstances).

It is for this reason that the education of 3rd density consciousness to the existence of real negativity, to the ways of such negativity even to the characterization of its existence as far as the degree of true spiritual (because conscious) evil, is considered appropriate and even necessary by the alternative viewpoint of higher-density consciousness. Such Consciousness looks at the ostrich approach as a disservice, and as very short-sighted even where clothed in the apparent sanction of an "astral" or 4th density communication. (Even Pollyanna acknowledged the existence of negativity, she never denied it, just emphasized the positive. That's hardly the same thing as dismissing the negative in neo-Augustinian manner as a "non-entity", as a fugitive shadow definable only in the "absence of the good"- which falls to the standard liberal sop of educating all beings out of their "contrary ways" since the negative can only be sustained in the presence of ignorance. Such doctrine has no idea what to do with an evil that isn't simply "relative to cultural context" or comparative definition, and which functions not through ignorance but-to the contrary-on very conscious intent, by highly intelligent preference) .


I would just comment a bit on this if I may.

Were we to realize that we are ourselves unconscious channelers, constantly, we might not request from channelers answers to questions for which we already have the answer since with the question, the parameters of the answer are already factored in. This of course means the ego is a channel and not a deliberate consciousness as it wishes to believe.

The problem with 'popular channeling' is that the ego surrenders its psychic territory to whatever has the inclination and purpose to use it. The ego is not a factor that dictates for itself the right to regulate its space and neither does it recognize its right to establish the rules of its own mental energy. It does not know its right, eventually, to question the source of the 'message' and to drill it about its reality versus its statements.

This is as saying that the channeler and the advice seeker both fall prey to the same illusion; that of the ego who cedes its psychic space to subjective thoughts by association or personification. In one case (channeling), the will of the individual is ceded to a 'superior entity' while in the other (subjective thinking), it is subjected to directed and emotionally tied pulsions under the guise of a personal interpretation of rationality given a form acceptable by the program.

The ego can take the measure of the 'entity' and the relative reality of its 'message' if it deals with it as an equal. Otherwise it renders itself submissive and automatically becomes the object of manipulations, which will never be for its benefit but for that of a 'higher plan'.

I would go as far as proposing that the discussed sudden rush to inundate the human psychic area with those 'needed and urgent messages in this time of turmoil' is part and results from the trouble felt in other realities regarding upcoming changes that will alter their ability to preside over human consciousness by use of the occult channels and mechanism that define its colors.

On the other hand, the ego that realizes that it is a channel function that is filled with energies to which it identifies, which are as a whole its impression of himself, may start losing its spiritual impressions to allow his own light to fill the void of reality that is his consciousness.

This replacement of astral consciousness with reality within his psychic space, the 'channel', representing the authority of his consciousness over his life in contradistinction to his total lack of authority over the conditions of his existence, being the actuation of his 'verb' against his reflex to 'chat' about things that have been withheld from him for the benefit of the creation of his intellect.

Having been thrown in a pool, disconnected from our reality, and required to swim without knowing why, we are now faced with the prospect of becoming instant Olympic champions to bypass the incoming waves of disinformation/conditioning that we have disregarded for what they are for times immemorial because we like to believe that we chose what we believe.

So long as man grovels in the face of forces he acknowledges without knowing their reality, he exposes himself to more and more subtle conditions that are always layers upon layers of traps posing under the guise of understanding and enlightenment.



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