Чем занимался Путин, когда он исчез? What Putin did when he "disappeared"?


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I stumbled upon this small video in Russian, that talks about possible reasons for Putin's disappearance. But it's not another crazy theory, and the video actually mocks them. It proposes, that in order to understand what happened, we just need to look at what occurred on the Russian international economic front at that time. Here are some of the things that happened:

- China announced creation of its own SWIFT program at the end of 2015. This is the time when the economic war between US and the rest of the world will reach its active stage.

- Putin gave order to the Russian central bank and the Ministry of finances to organize and finance creation of power stations in Crimea. Apparently it's a revolutionary step, because central bank should remain independent, but if it receives orders from the president, it isn't exactly so. And apparently one other order that was given, is to sponsor/lower bank interests on mortgages and such.

- Also, central bank of Kazakhstan announced total "dedollarization" until year 2016.

- Putin also ordered the central bank to check validity and rational of the idea to create a union of common currency with Belarus and Kazakhstan. If it will be approved, new currency may appear already in 2016.

- Apparently Goldman Sachs recommend to start buying Russian bonds.

- Britain recommends to join Asian infrastructure investment bank - it's a structure that was created by China to replace the World Bank. It means that UK abandons US. Apparently US was furious over this.

So according to this video there is no mystery about what Putin did - he is busy "taming" the central bank, creates new international connections and makes everything to get Russia out of the crisis. And everything goes well so far.


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Yep, thanks for sharing, Keit.

As for SWIFT, there was also another news (at about the same time) that Russia entered its Board of Directors:

Indeed, he seems to have been very busy solving the major global balancing problems as of lately. And after reading this impressive list of achievements, today's article in The Times sounds especially ridiculous:

The article still insists that he was ill, but wouldn't confess about it to "avoid appearing weak". :deadhorse:

Meanwhile, Putin's rating has actually just hit another record today.


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No suprise there: Putin is as busy and productive as always. A role model as a politician and human being, Kudos!


Таких видео в интернете куча, зачем акцентировать внимание на бред от СМИ?
В.В. тоже человек, он мог просто отдыхать.....

Such a bunch of videos on the internet, why focus on nonsense from the media?
V.V. also a man, he could just relax .....


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Sure, I agree. But then, you probably missed the following by the C's:

Laura said:
Q: (L) Well, I guess that means we should ask some questions. Everybody is concerned about Vladimir Putin's health. That's Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin. So, I'm wondering is his health compromised?

A: No, not even close. He is working hard and steady.

Q: (L) What is he working on?

A: Solving major global imbalances.

Q: (L) So does that suggest that he has some surprises in store for the globalists?

A: Oh indeed! But they are too blinded by greed to anticipate his moves.
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