Chemical Plant explosions and fires


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Explosion and fire at a fuel depot of #Pertamina power company, north of #Jakarta, leaves at least 15 dead and 50 injured. More than 30 emergency crews worked at the scene.

At least 13 dead following fire at Pertamina's Plumpang fuel storage depot
INDONESIA JAKARTA At least 13 dead following fire at Pertamina's Plumpang fuel storage depot
At least 13 people were killed after a fire broke out on Friday at a fuel storage depot operated by state energy company Pertamina in Plumpang, North Jakarta, a tally displayed at the scene by the city's main fire station showed, Kompas reported.
The fire, which started after 8 p.m., sent nearby residents in the densely populated areas into a panic, some of whom fled with their belongings, footage from broadcasters showed.
The call center of Jakarta's main fire station said it had dispatched 51 units to the Plumpang area, adding that the blaze was huge, Reuters reported Satriadi Gunawan, an official at the North Jakarta fire station, told news channel Kompas TV that the fire had started to spread to surrounding houses.
Eko Kristiawan, a Pertamina communications officer, confirmed the incident. “A fire has broken out at a reception pipe at the Integrated Terminal BBM Jakarta, Plumpang,” Eko said in a statement quoted by Tempo. “Efforts to mitigate [the incident] and evacuate workers as well as residents around the location are being made in coordination with all relevant parties,” he said. The fuel depot has a capacity of over 300,000 kiloliters, according to the energy ministry.

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In the middle of the urban zone, bad combination. Usually, governments allow it.

It reminded me of San Juanico disaster (Mexico, 1984). The explosions destroyed the facility and devastated the town of San Juan Ixhuatepec, part of Greater Mexico City, with 500–600 victims killed, and 5000–7000 suffering severe burns.[2] The disaster was one of the deadliest industrial disasters in world history.[3]
Hope this time there are not so many victims.



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Nigeria Oil Pipeline Explosion Leaves 12 Dead in Nigeria
Vehicles and tricycles, which were to be used by local people to siphon fuel from the pipeline, were burned to ashes at the explosion site.

On early Friday, at least 12 people were killed following an explosion from an oil pipeline in Nigeria's southern state of Rivers
The explosion in the Rumuekpe community in the Emuoha government area of Rivers occurred as local residents were scooping oil from an oil pipeline passing the community, said Grace Iringe-Koko, the spokesperson for the Rivers police.
Oil pipeline vandalism and oil theft are frequently reported in Nigeria. Illegal oil refineries operate by tapping crude oil from pipelines and distilling it into products in improvised tanks.

“All those who were at the exact tapping point in the ‘pit’ got killed while some of those who had loaded the crude and waiting to load including women have been killed by the explosion,” said the Youths and Environmental AdvocCentre (YEAC), a non-governmental organization, as reported by Al Arabiya.


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Again in Ohio!

Officials: Fire contained after explosion at Emery Oleochemicals
Personnel from five fire departments responded Monday evening to a chemical plant explosion in Winton Hills.

St. Bernard Assistant Fire Chief Brodie Cianciolo said at 7:17 p.m., crews were called to 4900 Este Ave. for an explosion at Emery Oleochemicals.

A small fire followed the explosion. It was contained.
Fire officials did not say if there were any injuries but dispatchers said no one was taken to the hospital.

The explosion was isolated, and there is no hazard to the public or surrounding businesses, Cianciolo said.

Emery Oleochemicals is a chemical manufacturer headquartered in Cincinnati. It operates globally and distributes chemical products in 50 countries.
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