Cinnamon chocolate chip (or raisin chopped nut) cookies (GF)


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Cinnamon chocolate chip (or raisin chopped nut) cookies (GF)

Bowl 1
2C (300g) Gluten free flour mix*
2tsp baking powder
1/2tsp baking soda
1/2tsp salt
1 1/2tsp cinnamon

3/4C cane sugar
Bowl 2
1/4C maple syrup

1/2C (125g) melted butter (use a ban-marie to melt the butter, using a low heat)
1/4C grapeseed oil

1Tbsp vanilla essence
1/2C (100g) chopped chocolate (or, 50g raisins and 50g chopped nuts (pecan or walnut))

Method: (makes about 20-22 cookies)
Preheat oven to180C
Mix dry ingredients thoroughly (Bowl 1)
Mix wet ingredients, when melted butter has cooled (Bowl 2)
Add dry ingredients (Bowl 1) slowly to wet ingredients (Bowl 2) and mix together to form a dough – using a dessert spoon if you do it by hand
Cover two baking trays with parchment paper
Form dough balls (small – from a heaped dessert spoon)
Place dough balls (5cm apart) on the baking trays, and flatten each one slightly with the palm of the hand (=2cm thickness)
Place trays in the oven and bake for 11mins
Take the baking trays out of oven, and cool the cookies in the trays for 5mins, or until firm enough to move with a spatula
Transfer cookies to wire racks to completely cool (10-15 mins)
Store in airtight container, in a fridge.

*Gluten-free flour mix

Brown rice flour 440g (approx. 3C + 2 Tbsp)
Potato starch 210g (approx. 1 3/4C)
Tapioca starch 75g (approx. 1/2C)
Arrowroot powder 35g (approx. 1/4C)
Total 760g


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I made some chocolate chip cookies today and it was an interesting experiment. I had already made some batches at the house of some friends which turned out tasty or so I was told. But a beloved family member at home bought these fancy scales and I used the wrong unit, so instead of measuring grammes I chose another unit, which resulted in my using too much maple syrup. :-D The family member who tasted the dough still thought it wasn't bad, bless him, so I put the stuff in the oven and now they remind me of these 'chatting heads' as we call them in Dutch (kletskoppen). The cookies (more crumbles than cookies) still taste good, believe it or not, but the chocolate chips are nowhere to be found!

I will make another batch very soon, because if they turn out well I can give them to family and friends, or as a friend said in times such as these it's nice to make people happy with one's cookies.

Chocolate chips turned 'chatting heads' (kletskoppen):


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I made my third batch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday and my kids seem to like them. They even had some of my second batch, though they were not that good. Also, a few friends sampled the second batch and thought they were tasty.

Being European, I am still struggling with cups, so I used a converter site, but ended up using too much maple syrup in the second batch.

For the third batch I used too little (about 56 grammes), so kids suggested adding just a tiny bit more. Also, I used ordinary chocolate as I couldn't find 'baking chocolate' as we used to call it, special bars of chocolate that don't melt so quickly?

Onwards and upwards!
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