Climate Scam

I think they did that a few times in the past, I seem to recall them doing this once a few years ago in several countries, where they added purple and black to the scales to make it look like the planet was burning because of those evil cow farts.

I guess El Niño will give them tons of material this summer, let's see what happens when increased precipitation hits the northern hemisphere and everyone's covered in snow due to the same reason.
According to journalist Nicolas Berrod, the French are hot without knowing it.

Nicolas Berrod.jpg
"Have you had the impression that it's been cool in Paris, Lille or Strasbourg since the beginning of July? Well, the impression is deceptive: temperatures there have been (at least slightly) above "normal", as they have been almost everywhere else in France."

Never let a summer heatwave go to waste.

Vigilance canicule.jpg

France Heatwave: Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne activates an interministerial crisis unit

In response to the heatwave affecting part of France, the Prime Minister has decided to activate an interministerial crisis unit. The meeting will be held on Thursday 17 August at 5pm at the Ministry of the Interior, Place Beauvau, Paris. The unit will be chaired by the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, Jean-Denis Combrexelle. It will be attended by his counterparts from the main ministries concerned (Interior, Health, Solidarity, Agriculture, Transport), as well as the prefects and departments concerned.
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