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Saturday I had my dear dog Colette euthanized. After many adventures we went to the veterinary hospital of the city and after an analysis and especially an X-ray they found that she had lungs with metastasis. For two days she had difficulty breathing.

And that's it. It's not easy to say goodbye to such a good dog that I had when she was two months old. Now she was around 14 years old. I always said that she was a saint, so kind and good with everybody. Patient, she showed me my impatience. And what is the unconditional love of dogs. We humans don't get to the tip of our toes when it comes to this love.

I think dogs are the most beautiful and amazing animals on earth. They are here to teach us to be human beings on all levels. They are our guides, our masters, real little Buddhas. And they are the best friend of man.

This is Colette when I lived in the country. She weighed 40 kilos. When we tried to put her in the car, I stretched my back and now I have a lumbago. I call it my lumbacolet..

Now she is with my other two stars, Laika and Blacky. When I die I want them to be there, at the other end of the tunnel, at the other end of the light. My three musketeers.

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The Living Force
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I am sorry to hear about your loss, loreta. It must be very hard, especially when you had her for so many years. I am sure she will watch out for you together with the other dogs now, until you meet them again. Many hugs :hug2:


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I'm sorry for your loss, Loreta. If we could love even half as much as our dogs do, we'd be doing ok. Will Rogers said "If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went". Indeed. I'm sure you will see your loves again.
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