Complex PTSD - from surviving to thriving


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In light of my own psychological issues and aims to learn, research and hopefully recover, I came across this vid which was very helpful in formulating some starting points. Reading a bunch of psych books was helpful; I just couldn't get it to click in my own mind. Having potential blueprint of the problem is one thing but knowing what tools and how to effectively use them is another. This was one source that helped me with that.
"Recent studies have shown that three-quarters of the Australian population have experienced at least one potentially traumatic event (such as a car accident, natural disaster, exposure to crime, loss of a loved one, or the violence of war) over their lifetime. Trauma affects people in different ways and, for some, the effects are so great that they develop the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which interferes with their ability to cope in daily life. For some people these symptoms, and others, may reduce -without professional help, especially if they have supportive people around them. However, recent research indicated that 86% of men and 76% of women with PTSD struggle with other mental health issues as time goes on - such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse issues- as they begin to use drugs and alcohol as a way of coping. In this webinar Steve Stokes, Clinical Practice Consultant, shared insights and practical guidance around surviving and thriving with complex PTSD."

My initial 'professional' diagnosis of severe depression didn't even begin to scratch the surface. Medication, (which I refuse to take BTW because after one dose made me violently sick for 3 days) and pointless sessions for a year with a psychiatrist and a psychologist really frustrated me even more. When I asked them about CPTSD they pretty much brushed it off saying it is not a much studied topic and is not in their manual. IOW they don't know anything about it and are satisfied that their diagnosis of my case is correct. Pffft. I stopped seeing both.Hence my deeper and continued searching for answers and help. It may be helpful to someone else.
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