Confessions of an exiled vet


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Thank you for sharing. Very important and sad testimonial. Unfortunately it is no different in Russia, and veterinarians that choose a more natural approach are being ridiculed and ostracized. Some head veterinarians in leading veterinary clinics in Russia make it their special project to bad mouth anyone, who dares to do anything outside the norms of "evidence-based veterinary science".

Something similar also happens at my workplace as well. One of my colleagues is a very skilled internist. She has a vast experience and knowledge, and she usually prefers a more natural approach. She also saved a lot of animals that other doctors deemed as hopeless. And there is this ridiculous situation when other doctors refer these difficult cases to her, knowing that "only she can save them", but afterwards bad mouth her methods, saying that her treatment plans are so involved, something probably worked. As if she just shoots in the dark and has no idea what she is doing!

Well, I do make sure to use the opportunity and ask her a lot of questions. We even joke that we should do it quietly and whisper, because if our bosses would hear our conversations, we would be burned at the stake. :lol:
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