Conflicting Thought Centers - STO and STS


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Psalehesost said:
bozadi said:
I have a profound difficulty in understanding what a thought center is, where and how it is located or being diffused through densities.

The Cassiopaea glossary page 'Being vs. Non-Being' might help.

Will certainly check it before posting further on the subject, Psalehesost, thank you.

Psalehesost said:
bozadi said:
And when you achieve 51% STO polarization, you are no longer a STO candidate but a STO being; this is how I understand it.

Except that, according to the C's, as long as we remain incarnated in an STS body, we are still STS. (limitations of 3D STS genetics and biology) So someone who is more than 50% STO would be ready to begin an STO existence in the next life (or, through the Wave, next mode of life).

Although I tend to think that 51% STO polarization would also mean the achievement of any necessary bodily transformation, I do think that what you say is also plausible, that is waiting for a disincarnation (with more than 50% STO polarization) after which one would incarnate into a STO realm, and serve for some purpose meanwhile.

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bozadi said:
To clarify/develop my view on “When one reaches 7th all do”:

Laura and Cassiopaeans – 31 May 1995 said:
Q: (L) The transition of seventh density to the density where the cycling begins is from seventh to sixth or from seventh to first?
A: Neither.

Q: (L) Does it go from seventh to all densities simultaneously?
A: Closer.

It seems that when one being arrives at 7th, they become one with all densities, all creation. As I see it, this is something like going supernova and feeding all existence.

So maybe all life including us is continuously being fed by the big-bang. And one day, when it is our desire, we would also be getting the honor of feeding all existence through an absolute radiation to all existence. Even the existence of strictly STS 4D beings is dependent on this, as I see it. [bngenoh: Desire isn't the correct concept, the lessons completed is osit.]

But the thought of ending of one’s individual existence in 7D, when thought in Terran 3D STS conditions (maybe even in higher STS) can be a source of fear or disgust because it can connotate the thought of “end of existence” or “ceasing to be”, which is not true, of course; exactly the opposite but this might not always be so easy to understand, appreciate and enjoy due to the STS nature of ours. [bngenoh: agreed]

Ending of existence is said to be STS (“Black holes are final destination of all STS energy”). This seems, I think, to be the basic natural function of STS energy in the universe; decreasings, contractions and endings of all kinds. [bngenoh: That is my understanding as well]

STS nature of beings might paradoxically suspect of a kind of absolute blackhole in the core of existence. Idea of leaving of specific individuality and absolute oneness with all existence might be very scary for STS nature of beings. [bngenoh: I can vouch for that, because it is what I felt when pondering on this when I was less developed]

The above brought these to mind:
Bringers Of The Dawn pgs 20 - 21 said:
There are many misconceptions about the idea of godhood. The universes are full of intelligent beings who have, over time, evolved and developed all sorts of capabilities and functions to serve their needs to express themselves creatively. The importance behind existence and consciousness is creativity, and creativity takes many forms.

Eons ago, Earth was but a thought in the minds of great beings who had set before themselves the task of creating new forms of existence. Many of these beings affected the creation of this universe, and you have termed them God. In actuality, they were extraterrestrial light-bearing energies far removed from Prime Creator. We rarely use the term God with a big G. If we were to use that term, we would be referring to the entity we know as Prime Creator. Prime Creator, in its own personal implosion through love, endowed all things with consciousness. All things are Prime Creator on Prime Creator's journey. We see ourselves as an extension of Prime Creator-always gathering information, going off on adventures, and doing whatever we need to do to make our lives more interesting and challenging so that we can feed Prime Creator. As we feed Prime Creator through our schemes and our endeavors, we endow Prime Creator with greater energy to give to new creations.

We have never gotten close to the entity Prime Creator. Even those of us who are beings of the grandest light vibration do not have the capacity at this stage of our evolution to be in proximity to Prime Creator. We are not prepared enough to handle the intensity of that emanation. It is our desire at some point in our evolution to get a glimpse of and perhaps merge with Prime Creator for a time. We know that this is possible, so it is something we strive for.

The evolution of consciousness and the ability to house information is what allows one to come into the proximity of Prime Creator. Many people on Earth have felt that they have merged with God. They may have merged with a portion of Prime Creator that best suited their vibration at the time. The total vibration of Prime Creator would destroy the physical vehicle in an instant, because it cannot house that much information. Those that represent "God" to you are but a minute portion of Prime Creator. Even Prime Creator is but a portion of something larger. Prime Creator is always discovering that it is a child of another creation and that it is in a constant process of self-discovery and awareness. Remember, consciousness is within all things, and consciousness was never invented, it simply was. Consciousness is knowing, and your knowing is your closest place to Prime Creator. When you trust what you know, you are activating the God within you.

Laura said:
Q: (L) Is there only one ultimate creator of the universe
A: All is one. And one is all.

Q: (L) From the one what was the first division?
A: Mass division and disbursement.

Q: (L) Was this simultaneous?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was this what we refer to as the "Big Bang?"
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is there any reference to this event in terms of time?
A: Always.

Q: (L) Can we say that all that exists in the material universe is, say, "x" number of years old?
A: No. It is the eternal now. Not only did happen, is happening and going to happen. The expanded presence.

Q: (L) What is the true source of the brotherhood of the snake in terms of human members?
A: Adam and Eve.

Q: (L) Were Adam and Eve real people?
A: No.

Q: (L) A group of people?
A: Thought pattern change not a giving into temptation.

Q: (L) What or who were these people? What country did they live in?
A: All people. Realm border crossing.

Q: (L) You mean this occurred at a time when realms crashed or crossed each other?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did this involve a war of some sort between one group of beings and another group?
A: Realm crossing has many manifestations.

Q: (L) So, in other words, if it hadn't been the Lizzies it would have been someone else?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was this just sort of destined to happen?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it just part of a great cosmic drama?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is the ultimate creator self-conscious and self-aware?
A: Yes and no.

Q: (L) These events that occur in our universe just sort of happen?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Are there other universes besides ours?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are these other universes also spun off from "our" ultimate creator?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are these universes countable?
A: Counting is artificially limiting concept.

Q: (L) Are the numbers of universes limitless?
A: In a sense.

Q: (L) Do universes ever crash into each other?
A: Too complex.
Laura said:
Q: ...Okay. Recently there was some information about a VERY distant and intense explosion seen with the Hubble telescope... I am interested in what this was.
A: Reflection of other universe's genesis.

Q: What other universe?
A: They all start, and end that way!

Q: (A) Other universe?
A: What is "big bang" Arkadiusz?

Q: (A) Well, it was a big bang, certainly, but it was in OUR universe and not some other universe...
A: But what was the origin? And from where? All is one and one is all.

Q: (A) What was the origin of what? Our universe? Or the origin of this explosion? Or the origin of everything?
A: Yes, yes, yes.

Q: (A) Okay. What was the origin of our universe. This I don't know. This I want to know. This is okay to use just words, but if you use mathematical models...
A: That is where you come in.

Q: (A) Well, goody!
A: Each colossal begets its light to where there was no light. And where once there was all light!
Laura said:
Q: Okay, I am not so much in a rush as I want to fit as much in as I can. First question: You say that EM is interwoven with gravity. Santilli says that EM and gravity are the same. But, then there is light. Light is EM radiation. If so, then how is it that gravity, which is interwoven with EM, travels faster than EM, that is: supercedes light speed?
A: Gravity does not "travel."

Q: Well, when you say that gravity 'supercedes' light speed, what exactly do you mean?
A: Gravity is equally located in all realms at once, in space/time.

Q: Now, the possible answer is that gravity travels as a phase, while light travels as a 'bunch' of waves. Is this the correct understanding?
A: The gravity wave is merely a "ripple" in the omnipresent fabric; the base energy facilitator.

Q: What is a fabric base facilitator?
A: Gravity is the fabric, and energy facilitator as well.

Q: If gravity is the fabric, base and facilitator, what is being facilitated?
A: You read it wrong. It is base, as in "basic" energy facilitator.

Q: How does gravity facilitate... (A) What does it facilitate?
A: We have told you before that gravity is the foundational force of absolutely everything!!! This means at all density levels, all dimensions... It is the "stuff" of all existence. Without it, nothing would exist. Your thoughts are based in gravity, too!!

Q: Okay, you said that light is the energy expression of gravity. How does light manifest at 7th density?
A: Light is seventh density.

Laura said:
A: You should reflect upon all that is in the reflection!

Q: (L) Everything. What is the reason for the use of the term "reflection?" (A) We never have left our source of origin...
A: "Alice through the looking glass."

Q: (L) When she went through the mirror, she was in an alternate reality. (IT) Are we in an alternate reality?
A: Yup. But then again, are not all realities "alternate?"

Q: (IT) True, because the source is the REAL reality, everything else is alternate.
A: Pretty close, IT. You earn a silver star!

Q: (IT) You guys are hilarious! I like stars and I like silver.
A: Cool, yes, but the gold ones are even better!

Q: (IT) I was writing something in my journal about supernovae being steps toward the Big Bang, in the sense that each supernova represents a reflection of ourselves...
A: In a more physiological sense, supernovae present cosmic energies which "up the ante" of awareness, when one is in close enough proximity.

Laura said:
Q: (A) Was there a big bang?
A: There are many of them!

Q: (Perceval) How many? (Laughter)
A: Got a few years to take down the number?


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Thanks Nienna Eluch and bngenoh! :)

Some ideas that come to my mind as I read the terrific entries, like many others, of the Cassiopedia for “Being vs Non-Being” and “Thought Center”:

There is a balance between STO and STS and they are basicly natural and necessary. Maybe we (or any other being) would not be able to exist as semi-autonomous beings without the existence (or the function) of STS since any separation (or Distortion, as Ra would say) from the absolute source (7D) involves a degree of STS. Thus, as I understand it currently, one could not achieve 100% STO polarization unless one reaches 7D. Absolute being of 7D is absolute STO. And this must be why “when one reaches 7th all do” because when one reaches 7th, one radiates to and feeds all existence just like sunlight feeds us.


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bozadi said:
Thus, as I understand it currently, one could not achieve 100% STO polarization unless one reaches 7D. Absolute being of 7D is absolute STO. And this must be why “when one reaches 7th all do” because when one reaches 7th, one radiates to and feeds all existence just like sunlight feeds us.

As I understand it, 7D is all and everything, including everything that is 'below', STO and STS.


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Data said:
bozadi said:
Thus, as I understand it currently, one could not achieve 100% STO polarization unless one reaches 7D. Absolute being of 7D is absolute STO. And this must be why “when one reaches 7th all do” because when one reaches 7th, one radiates to and feeds all existence just like sunlight feeds us.

As I understand it, 7D is all and everything, including everything that is 'below', STO and STS.

I think 7D is the absolute being (absolute STO) but it is not absolute non-being (absolute STS).
Thanks for starting this thread, Perceval. I actually was just in a facebook "conversation" with a friend who had a serious sleep paralysis alien abduction scenario last night. I shared with him that I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. It really is terrifying, although the event Laura describes sounds far more scary then what I experienced.

For me, the creature who was communicating with me was understood by me in my dream state as a non-human looking vampire. I only heard very dry and calm descriptions about what was to be done to me: namely, that I would be taken out of my body. A shadowy "agent," who was not the vampire, shot a weapon into the air in an arc which landed a bullet into the top of my head. From that moment, and for about 20 or so agonizing seconds I had no control over my body, which I could see gradually slipping from me. I felt fully awake at this point, and could see a sliver of light and the contour of my cheek out of the slit of my closed eyelid. The vampire kept up the dry commentary and I fought fought fought to regain any faculty of speech or movement as my fiance was sitting next to me. I tried to scream out to her and also to the vampire that I do not accept this process. Finally, I got a toe wiggle and a tiny groan out. The spell was broken and I shot awake, totally freaked out.

As I have been meditating on this experience, I have been trying to grasp the implications of the exact session you posted to begin this thread. For me, this was never a "real alien abduction" type of experience, but instead a very visceral interaction with my shadow. The experience demanded a choice from me, and it was to STOP BEING PASSIVE to the machinations of this force in me. I was reminded of Paul Levy's story in his book 'The Wetico Virus' in which he found himself in bed with a vampire, paralyzed, in a very similar situation. It seems very realistic to me that these battles represent the non-linear way in which our "STS-ness" attempts to exert control over multiple timelines when we engage The Work. This is an act of desperation from a "future" self that has very much manifested in a powerful STS fashion and is facing literal annihilation. We engage the work, and mirrors start to appear, and cracks of light begin to burn that "future" self-creature's skin. Expressing "NO" to this manipulation (self-manipulation?) is taking a step toward a self-awareness that isn't fractured and compartmentalized across multiple "little i's" be they in parallel lives or acting in one's psyche in this one "now."

Don't know if I made myself very clear, but this discussion has given me much food for thought regarding this issue. Ever since that dream experience, my life has felt different somehow. The dread is hanging a bit thicker, and I am experiencing physical ailments that I haven't had trouble with in a while (inflammation, nausea). My fiance is having similar experiences. We feel "psychic attack" but are trying to remain objective and map out all of the probabilities we can discover. For one, my diet can absolutely improve. Another factor I certainly connect to this experience is that I have finally worked through all of the Narcissism Big 5 and I am starting to recover childhood memories that are connecting the dots. My family's narcissism was very very covert, and I'm finally breaking though with the chisel. Didn't quite expect that it could literally bring a monster into my bed!


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Data said:
bozadi said:
Thus, as I understand it currently, one could not achieve 100% STO polarization unless one reaches 7D. Absolute being of 7D is absolute STO. And this must be why “when one reaches 7th all do” because when one reaches 7th, one radiates to and feeds all existence just like sunlight feeds us.

As I understand it, 7D is all and everything, including everything that is 'below', STO and STS.

I believe "absolute STS" is the same thing as "total non-existence" as mentioned in the following sessions:

Session dated Dec. 10 said:
(L) In terms of major STS, this may or may not be related, could you tell us the nature of a Black Hole?]
A: Grand Scale STS.

Q: (L) Is it like a being that has achieved such a level of STS that it has literally imploded in on itself in some way?
A: Close analogy.
Q: (L) Where does the energy go that gets sucked into a black hole?
A: Inward to total nonexistance.

Q: (L) Well, if a black hole continues to suck stuff in, is it possible that it would eventually suck in the entire creation?
A: No.

Q: (L) Why is that?
A: Universe is all encompassing. Black holes are final destination of all STS energy.

Q: (F) So, does this mean that we, or anyone else who is classified as STS, remains on said path, that we will eventually end up in a Black Hole?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Well, that is pleasant. And what happens to energy that is "total non-existence"?
A: Total non-existance balances total existence. Guess what is total existence?

Q: (L) Well, is it kind of like a balancing force?
A: "God."
Q: (L) Now, this stuff that goes into Black Holes, that goes into non- existence, is that, then, not part of the Prime Creator?
A: Correct.

Also interesting:
Session dated May 7 said:
Q: ... (L) Is a Black Hole a level one phenomenon or a level seven phenomenon?
A: One through four only.

Based on the natural relation between "STO and being" and between "STS and non-being" in the material, the following also seems like a natural formulation: God as total existence (or absolute STO) is balanced by Anti-God as total non-existence (or absolute STS).

"STO = being" "STS = non-being" relationship seems to be a very objective definition. Our more subjective (ethical-based) common definitions are like "STO = Goodness" and "STS = Badness", which are not necessarily wrong but I think remembering the more objective definitions helps one align oneself to the truth of the matter and make a more conscious choice.

Understanding the basic principle (intense STS polarization) behind or inside the adversaries who try to dupe and suck up humanity and seeing that STS polarization is also their (and our) greatest disadvantage is so significant. Growing more able to perceive our reality on this planet and counteracting in increasing cooperation despite many hardships is blissful. I feel endlessly and happily indebted to this community.


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If Laura or another has experienced this, then there I think is one beneficial thing to learn from the experience. The two conflicting thought centers may be STO/STS related and the friction between the two revealed a possible future reality. It's hard to imagine the huge, myriad possibilities of future realities, and the awareness that she had gave her a glimpse into one possible reality. The ickiness and shear graphicness of the situation may prove to be a reminder of how one's free will to choose between STO and STS can lead to realities like this or various others. In one way, it could be a wake up call!

It's interesting to note that there's zero exchange and transference in between and through conflicting thought centers. Perhaps this is one way in which knowledge and awareness protects in that being truly STO will stave off any type of negativity, harm, or energy exchange/drainage.
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