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I ran across an interesting site that deals with Coral Castle, including an accompanying video which goes through the math that is being explored on the site:


I did a search on Coral Castle here, and although a number of hits came up, I didn't see any reference to this particular information so I thought I would get the info out here on the forum.  I remember that this is mentioned in one of Laura's books, and I think that anyone who has an interest in math (I lack a math background myself) will hopefully find this exciting, or in the worst case scenario be able to discover why not to be excited about this. 
Hi PepperFritz --

Thanks for the specific references. I think the one which I had in mind particularly when I saw the video on this site is chapter 14 from Adventures with Cassiopaea, specifically the following:

Q: (L) Would a "spin" doctor be a Sufi master?
A: One example.
Q: (L) Yes. We are supposed to do several things involved with spinning.
A: Hilliard. Leedskalnin. Coral Castle.

The video makes quite a big deal out of this spinning wheel which held 24 magnets, only the casing of which is still extant inside the castle. Quite a bit of the mathematical discussion involves this construct -- I just wanted to make sure people were aware of this information, in case there was still interest in Coral Castle.
shijing said:
The video makes quite a big deal out of this spinning wheel which held 24 magnets, only the casing of which is still extant inside the castle. Quite a bit of the mathematical discussion involves this construct -- I just wanted to make sure people were aware of this information, in case there was still interest in Coral Castle.

I watched this video a few months ago and found it interesting. This was back when the chateau was having bandwidth problems. I burned a copy of it and got it to Ark. I don't know if he has had a chance to give it a look yet. I am curious to hear his take on the math used by the fellow who made the vid. He made some connections that are obviously correct, but are there deeper meanings than his conclusions? I have a feeling there are.

I think we need professional help here.

I hear that a lot;-)

Oh Arrrk?
i also watched this video a few days ago and thought of posting information about it here, since the mathematics in it far exceeded the comprehension-abilities of my un-mathematical brain.

it seemed not to be outright disinfo, since it was really boring :D and low-budget produced.
and the guy is giving it away for free on the website (always a trust-gainer).

would love to hear what more informed minds think about it.
dant said:
Reference or link to the video, please?

Hi Dant,

I think that the link you are looking for, was given on post #1 :
Thanks Namaste!

I feel like an idiot! :-[
It's early in the AM and not enough coffee!

To me it seems like there was a predetermined hypothesis and the clues were creatively researched to fit the hypothesis. It could certainly have been honest creativity and I could certainly be wrong about this. The hypothesis itself could also be related to real math/science. It seems related to some Rodin coil and great pyramid ideas:

The general idea would be that there's a particular geometric configuration of magnets/windings in the flywheel/Rodin coil that better approximates how gravity/electromagnetism fit with spacetime geometry (including the torsion/vacuum part that is conventionally ignored). The pyramid part I think would be a receiver/transducer/modulator for a signal from the flywheel/Rodin coil.
I think what is missing is the `other parts' that make the whole
and in that case, the devil is in the details ;) All we have is a
flywheel. What is intriguing is the crankshaft and the surrounding
housing, that is, if there was a "pyramid energy concentrator" surrounding
the flywheel or something like that? It's all speculation at this point,
or so I think.

I also read somewhere is the `fine tuning' devices (variable caps/inductors)
hanging on the wall is perhaps a clue, perhaps so that the flywheel, the housing,
and "fine tuning" devices taken together is what is required to make it all work?

The flip side is, did it work at all, was/are there any witnesses (Leedskallin
was known to be very secretive) that have seen it working?

thank you for reviving the topic,its been a while for me since i have looked into that subject.
i followed the links bluelamp has posted,i had read some of them ages ago,which lead me to a book i will definitely have to have in my collection.
it is 'The Land of Osiris' by Stephen S. Mehler.
In it Mehler mentions the work of Dr.Kinnamann , who claims to have worked with Petrie in Egypt and to have discovered the 'secret' of anti gravity with him,but swore to keep this secret
However, I do believe certain devices have been found,some on display in the Cairo Museum , that may be what Kinnaman was describing, A series of plates,made of the volcanic stone schist,may have been used to create a sound vibration to overcome gravity and enable the huge blocks of the pyramid to be placed so precisely
Mehler also met and collaborated with a native Egyptian Egyptology and tour guide by the name of Hakim, who revealed to him that he was a 'Keeper' of a much older oral tradition
Hakim has also consistently stated that sound played an important role in both cutting the hard stone and overcoming gravity to lift the stones in place
sound wave focusing anyone???
on page 101 he shows a picture of alabaster 'basins' with gear-like knobs around the rim ,which remind me of Leedskallin's device
and on page 56 he writes
...the word 'sufi',which means literally in Arabic "man of wool", is normally defined as relating to a group of Islamic mystics still very active today.Sufi is derived from the Khemitian word 'suf'.The indigenous tradition teaches that 'SUF' means 'the written language of Khemit' and is the original,proper word for the written script the Greeks labeled 'Hieroglyphica(sacred symbols)The term 'sufi' may refer to those adepts who originated the symbols and passed their esoteric meaning down in secret from master to disciple for many thousands of years. They later became assimilated into Islam , but have maintained a system of a secret ,oral tradition that may be the basis of Sufism today. The 'wool' of the Sufi is the fiber of the cocoon of the butterfly chrysalis,a 'birth' fiber, the suf language being the birth of all written symbolic scripts
hmmm butterfly wool? silk anyone?
did the ancient sufis wear silk robes and headgear like our forum members of late? :D
i just love it when all the threads(pun intended) run together like this
maybe our geologist members can get their hands on some schist and try and make some of these devices??? anart???
great book a must read

Hmm, the idea of a pyramid to go along with the configuration reminds me of this article.
article said:
A professional puzzle inventor has solved what he considers the oldest riddle of them all - Stonehenge.
Bruce Bedlam, 56, has built a scale model of the ancient stone circle as he believes it was originally constructed - as a round building.
The inventor, whose Bedlam Cube was featured on TV's Dragon's Den, came up with his theory some years ago but has now built a replica.
He believes that the Wiltshire monument was created with a large, domed roof made from wood and covered in wooden tiles.
Bruce believes the siting was significant and the sun would enter the interior at every solstace through one of the ten doors.
The enormous interior would have been illuminated at various times of the day and every part of the building was correlated around the number three.
The theory suggests that beams were used to create a roof that came to a point above the monument.
They were held together in place by gravity and the shape would have been accousticaly perfect, according to Bruce.

check this link for photos:

The shape of Leedskalnin's generator reminds me of the shape of stonehenge. Speculating (perhaps a stretch), maybe a pyramid shape that was "accousticaly perfect" could have been utilized with his device to focus sound waves?
Hi there.

I think that you guys are talking about Jon and his experiments.
Here is a link to his website.


Personally i dont know what to think about it but its definitely very interesting.
There is a video section there , and there should be a matrix of constantly rotating magnets that I think you guys discuss.
Some validation and thoughts

I would like to post this video and site that I found, some may find it to be of some interest, some may think it a useless waste of time ( I myself find it interesting), I do not know if anyone has ever seen this site or had seen the _ video this guy has made but , due to the high volume of highly intelligent people on this site, I would like to pose this question and perhaps some of you could work out what this guy is trying to deliberate, and convey to the population for yourselves and to the rest of us not so intelligent people, relay it's perhaps validity and possibility of being accurate back to us. I just wonder if he may be on the right track or if he is just another nut case on the net. I have not really had time to explore or even work out half of what he is trying to explain , but I figured if I threw out the information here some other people could jump on the wagon to help clarify and investigate it along side, or help determine if it is even plausible or worthy to pursue.

Thanks, D
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